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Miktek PM9 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Miktek PM9?

Questions about the Miktek PM9?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Tyler Berggren

    I personally own four Miktek PM9 mics. Everyone has used the "standard" dynamic mic at some point. The PM9 sounds like that... except AFTER an engineer has spent 20 minutes dialing in the EQ settings! These have a super-smooth midrange, big girthy bottom end, and a very articulate top end. They're perfect for any vocal application, especially live sound situations where the hypercardiod pattern helps reduce feedback. But mine see PLENTY of use in the studio too - guitar cab, bass cab, snare, toms, horns, backing vocals, etc.

  • from Ypsilanti, MI February 3, 2016

    Great alternative to Heil PR-35

    Was hoping to get some HEIL Pr-35s, as I had great experiences with them. Sweetwater doesn't carry HEIL and recommended the PM9 as an alternative and I couldn't be happier. It's not quite as flat as the PR-35, but not nearly as hyped as a Beta 58. It is an incredibly natural sounding mic that is somehow warm and bright all at once. Clarity and power. So pleased.

  • from Kentucky December 3, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Singer and Musician for over 50 years.

    The Sound Of Quality

    As a Professional singer and knowing over the past 50+ years what gets the job done right, this is the right choice.
    This is my 2nd Miktek-PM-9 and I knew what to expect. I was not disappointed. This microphone rival or exceeds the performance of microphones selling for twice the price. If you want excellent noise rejection, mellow , but strong frequency response ( I sing in a wide range ) then you will love this piece of equipment. A splendid choice . I highly recommend this Microphone.
    A special Thank you as well to my rep. at Sweetwater for his help in making the selection of this mic the first time I bought it. Thank you Nathan.

  • from Corrales, NM August 14, 2015Music Background:
    Live & Recording Pro

    Great mic!

    I bought this mic to not only use live but in the studio as well. Having been a vocalist for many years using many different mics in a broad range of applications, I have developed a picky ear for personal equipment: I haven't used a 57/58 since the 80's... I actually became aware of Miktek watching a weekly music program that often uses this mic. I noticed how some of the better vocalists worked the mic, the overall sound, and was intrigued. I took a gamble after investigating finding nothing but good reviews and bought one. I agree with them. One of the earlier reviews here discussed how this mic might be a challenge for some vocalists who may not be attentive to their technique. I wholeheartedly agree. This is likely due to the high feedback rejection this mic offers as your 'sweet spot' around the front of the mic is tighter meaning closer to the center of the capsule. The presence effect occurs in a narrow range compared to most other popular live mics. It only took about 10 minutes on the mic to make the necessary adjustments to how one works this mic. It then became instinctive. I find using it much like playing a fine instrument. If you are in a loud environment prone to feedback, one just needs to stay tighter on the mic than usual. If you are working quieter sections or softer music, you can really work this to your advantage.

    A super warm mic with just the right amount of presence, bass enhancement depending on your plosive/consonant habits, and a sheen on the top that adds up to requiring little if any EQ live. In recording, it has a bit of a warmer sound than most in this range of super cardioids to my ear and requires little if any compression for my uses, something I discovered in hindsight. It is heavy but I rarely handhold mics anyway. I don't think the majority of singers or recording techs would be the least bit disappointed with this mic. Good stuff and worth more than what you pay for it!

  • from United States April 10, 2014Music Background:


    I have been a professional vocalist for 25 years. Gigs ranging from bar bands to stadium bands. I have always relied on Beta 58s or reg 58s. Let's just say that I won't be using 58s anymore. Best bang for your buck you are going to find. Period. Just buy it. Now. No really... buy it, right now. Miktek has a winner.

  • from Kingsport, TN July 24, 2013Music Background:
    Vocalist, Bass Player

    Amazing clarity and Solid build!!!!!

    This is my first time using the Miktek brand, and we have been throughly impressed with our choice. My Sweetwater rep assisted me in finding the right mic for our two female vocalist, and our ladies have loved these mics. This mic has a well balanced tone, but super good in the low end registers of their voices. It's crisp enough to cut through, but not to crisp. I would definitely buy these again let me just say!

  • from Texas, USA April 12, 2013Music Background:
    vocalist, guitarist, performing live for over 40 years

    Miktek PM9 vocal mic

    for the last fourteen years I have been singing through Electro Voice mics. before that of course I used Shure mics. after reading about the PM9 I took a chance and bought one and I am amazed at the difference. as a baritone I am able to work the mic to bring total clarity to the lower regeisters of my voice. I highly recommend the PM 9.

  • from Colorado May 25, 2015Music Background:

    Great price-performance ratio

    I've been a professional engineer, studio and live sound, for over forty years. In that time I've used most if not all of the "usual suspects" when it comes to vocal mics. Usually, when it comes to mics, you "get what you paid for", but in this case, I think you get a lot more than what you pay for (at the current price anyway). I'll admit, I was already of fan of Miktek, for whatever reason their "sound" suits my ear and tastes very well. So I was willing to take a chance on this mic, and man, I am glad I did. Miktek have obviously learned and possibly "borrowed" ideas from some of the great mics of yesteryear, and have applied those concepts very well in this one. Smooth, rich, and "big" sounding. My only caveat is that perhaps it might be best suited to singers with good technique, as it is very responsive to distance, direction, plosives, sibilance, etc. Not overly so, it won't create any problems that aren't there to begin with, but it is not your grandfather's 58 in terms of "forgiveness". But, in the hands of a capable singer, this mic truly sounds great, and punches well above its weight. (It is somewhat heavy, BTW, very solid feeling). At this price, a tremendous bang for buck bargain, IMHO. Thank you Sweetwater for a great price, fast free shipping, and excellent customer support!

  • from New York April 9, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    So Clear!

    We've been using SM58's for our worship team at church for years with no problem, but recently brought in a coach to advise us of improvements we could make. He recommended some better mics for the worship leaders because the words were not clear enough in the mix.

    After reading reviews I felt to try the PM9's and they have made a huge difference. They are so clear and clean. You can hear every syllable. They even make me sing better because I can really hear it if I get a little pitchy. The highs are detailed but not at all harsh. The lows and mids are equally clear and present.

    There have been absolutely no problems with feedback, and I haven't noticed any problems with singers getting outside of the tight super-cardioid pattern either. The mics are also very solid and well buil, a little heftier than a 58.

    Out of curiosity I tried one in my home studio where I use an old Rode NT1 with a Focusrite ISA preamp. I thought the NT1 had a little more warmth and hype, but I'm sure the PM9 would work fine for lots of home studio needs. If you could only buy one mic for both stage and studio in this price range, I think you would be very happy with the PM 9.

    The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that for some reason I haven't yet found an XLR cable that will really click into place securely on this mic like I'm used to with the SM58. It doesn't really matter in our situation, where the mics are kept on their stands, but if you are a rocker who wants to hold the mic and move around a lot you might find yourself needing some duct tape.

  • from July 8, 2012

    Beat many others in a shoot-out...

    PA system vocal shootout: PM9 vs Heil PR35, Shure Beta 58, Senn e935, Audix OM5. For male baritone and a female alto, PM9 provided the best sound. Transparent highs (not strident) and a detailed mid range made the PM9 stand out. Also, for the vocalist who knows how to work a mic (using proximity) the low end has more substance than any of the other mics we tested. If the vocalist hasn't learned good mic technique, then be sure to cut the lows on this mic's channel. Maybe the terrific texture of the lows is the mojo of the custom transformer that Miktek sources for this mic. Off axis response is very smooth yet well attenuated. The mic is well constructed. Plosives happen, so P's, B's, and F's should be sung a bit off axis. Again, this is a mic for a vocalist who is willing to learn good technique. A individualized freq response plot graph is included with each P9 - for my three, the graphs document condenser-like linear responses with extended high frequencies that are not unnaturally hyped, as is often the case. This is a terrific mic -- assembled in Nashville, to boot.

  • from Temecula, CA April 3, 2014Music Background:

    Very solid mic all around

    A few years back, I had an extensive mic shootout involving both dynamic and condenser mics, A/B about 20 mics in all from many different brands. The winner of that shootout, ( irregardless of price ) was the Heil PR 35. This past month, my sister wanted a PA system for her home, with musical tastes leaning towards softer ballads, and gave me the liberty to buy whatever mics I see fit to compare and contrast and she would decide on the winner(s) to keep. We bought and blind tested the Neuman KMS 105( $700) Beyer Dynamic TG V96C (about $700 ) , the new Heil PR 35 ( $274 ) , and this Miktek ( $199 ) which came highly recommended from Tyler at Sweetwater. Let me just say that all four are great mics. What stands out about the Miktek is the feedback rejection, there's just basically none .. probably the best of all the mic I have tested in the past. It's powerful, yet articulate. Very crisp and stands out in the mix. The proximity effect is there but is just about right, not overwhelming. Plosives are there but not as much as the Heil. Midrange is clear and not muddy and the highs fairly smooth, not overly hyped. Very low handling noise to boot. It's very well built and feels extremely nice in one's hands. While it's not as airy as the Beyers and Neuman, nor is it has articulate and powerful as the Heil, it really did not have any real flaws.
    At the end of the blind test, 2 singers picked the Neuman as the go to mic, two singers picked the Heil but at $199, the Miktek was pretty close to the above mics in sound, but is significantly better in feedback rejection and better in handling noise. We ended up keeping 1 Neuman, 1 Heil PR35, and this Miktek. However, if you are in a rock band or any loud band, this Miktek is a no brainer.

  • from Sandy, UT February 3, 2014Music Background:

    A good tool for less than perfect stages

    If I could do it, I wouldn’t use ANY amplification. Barring that, give me a condenser mic… PLEASE, and EQ the room as flat as possible. I’m the guy who detests nasal honk and that “FM sound” of scooped mids with emphasized bass and trebles.

    But I’m playing more at venues where the stage monitor isn’t just nice, it’s a necessity - bars and parties where I’m just a competitor.

    So I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a super-cardioid dynamic mic whose proximity effect wasn’t too pronounced, and sounded more open than an SM58. After watching several YouTube videos I took a chance on the Miktek PM9.

    I used it last night at a loud indoor party and can report that the mic is relatively easy to get “right”. Its proximity effect exists but is less pronounced and sounds “truer” in some sense. It’ll pop P’s but not terribly. Off axis fades quickly, nearly completely and fairly accurately (there is some tonal change). It doesn’t need as much gain as some, and handling sounds are almost nonexistent. Plus the build quality looks and feels high.

  • from Mancos CO USA December 23, 2011Music Background:

    Worth the Extra Money

    For the money, this is a great live sound mic. I've been using a Beta 87 for years, and this is a step up to my ears. It isn't a Neumann 105 but this is a fantastic little mic. If you want to kick up the quality of your vocals a notch, buy this mic. I don' think you can go wrong with MikTek. I use the CV4 in my studio and love it too.

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