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Wechter Guitars Pathmaker Elite - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from Dallas, Texas June 9, 2012Music Background:

    Over a year now...starting to "open up"!!!

    This is a follow up post to my original review... Most acoustic guitarists would agree that it takes 2-3 years for a new guitar to age for optimum tone.
    Well... After a year this guitar is already starting to sing!!!
    In my original post I praised the sound of this Pathmaker, but as she ages the tonal balance is better than ever!!!
    This is definitely a lifetime guitar...and as she matures, she is a fine wine!!!

  • from Newark, NJ USA May 11, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The most comfortable guitar I've ever played!

    If you ever play one, you'll buy it on the spot! Yes, it's that good!
    The action is perfect. Every professional musician should have one
    of these gems! You can use it for R&B, jazz, blues, rock, or whatever.
    A lot of love went into the making of this guitar.

  • from Kingston, Jamaica January 7, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician.

    The Best Acoustic Guitar I own.

    This guitar blew me away the minute I opened the case. The built quality is top of the line. I would easily pay more this guitar. Acoustically it sounds amazing not to mention plugged into an amp or mixer. I got this guitar as a surprise gift from my wife so I am not sure about the Sweetwater service for this product. All I can say is wow. Thank Abraham Wechter for a beautiful, well made guitar and thank you Tracy(Wife). I am headed out on a two week tour, so this guitar have come the perfect time.

  • from September 1, 2011Music Background:
    pro guitarist, composer, sound designer, conductor, and bon vivant

    Wechter Pathmaker Is Truly "Elite"

    Ok, so I've resisted reviewing this guitar so I could put it through its paces and live with it for a while. That way, at least some of the systems of Novelty Syndrome would have worn off. In the meantime, I've played it almost every day since receiving it (I've primarily played electrics for the last 20+ years), I've recorded with it, and played live (plugged and unplugged) with it. The funny thing is that I'm still in shock over how much I love this guitar!
    Right out of the box (and of course the case), it sounded beautiful. It ships with D'addario 0.12-0.53 coated strings, which I planned to switch out for J16s eventually, but these strings have sounded so good and worn so well (if allowed to, they might just retain their brightness until the proverbial cows come home), that I've since continued to use the same kind of strings.
    As far as feel, I can tell you that my main concern when I ordered this instrument was that my own adjustment to playing it would be difficult. I even thought about ordering it with super light strings (or even rubber bands). However, my fears were completely unfounded; right out of the box--er, I mean case--I was able to play this baby for hours without any undue fatigue. After about 3 days of that, it felt as though I'd been playing it all my life.
    As far as sound quality, this guitar has an incredibly full and well-balanced range, and while it's got some great brightness, I'd guess that the mahogany back and sides do much to add some real warmth to the sound. Hence, the sonic balance. So that's the unplugged part.
    Plugged in, I have to say I'm really impressed with how good (and how adjustable) the Fishman pickup is! I think it likely that my dog could dial in a decent sound on this instrument--even before she became deaf.
    Seriously, I've now used this instrument to play in folky, rocky, quasiclassically, and bluegrassy settings, and the Pathmaker Elite handles any or all of it extremely beuatifully. It's easy to tune (using the built0in tuner) and holds its intonation amazingly well. For you fellow electroids, its neck width, radius, and string spacing feel very much like some of my fave electrics (e.g., PRS Custom 22, Godin LGXT, Carvin TL60T), and while it's full size, it doesn't feel as though the QE2 suddenly ran aground in your lap. So if you're even just thinking about getting this instrument, stop thinking about it and just do it! All the stuff I'd heard about it sounding as good and playing as well as instruments three times its price is really true.
    A Huge Thank You to Abe Wechter for making such a fine and affordable instrument, to Dan, my sales rep at Sweetwater (x1253) for accommodating all my strange requests and always recommending the coolest, best, and not necessarily most-expensive gear, and to Sweetwater for carrying this guitar.
    Finally, I should mention that the standard case the Pathmaker Elite ships with is incredibly durable and well constructed. I've flown with it (as a carry-on that I check at the gate) several times already, and both the guitar and the case have remained in perfect shape. And it's very comfortable to carry, due to its soft, padded, leather handle and its good balance.
    Bravo, Wechter and Sweetwater!

  • from Philadelphia, PA March 7, 2011Music Background:


    Just received this guitar last week. I was blown away at the first chord. This Wechter Pathmaker Elite is really, really a work of guitar art. The neck and fret board are a dream and very fast action, and the acoustics out of this guitar are downright amazing. The PLEK setup is fantastic and not a buzz anywhere on the neck. The sweetest tone from every single fret. Very similar to my G&L ASAT BluesBoy PLEK'd guitar. PLEK is the only way to go!

    The action on the Pathmaker is like playing one of my electrics. The amazing double cutaway design lets you play this like an electric. The electronics on this guitar are awesome. No feed back whatsoever and you can get acoustic or electric sounds out of this truly delicious gem. The sound is amazing when plugged into my Fender Blues Junior amp with some spring reverb added.

    You can purchase a lot more expensive acoustic guitar ... but you are NOT going to get anything sweeter sounding than this Wechter. I really need to tip my hat to Abe Wechter. What an amazingly perfect playing and sounding guitar for the money. You could pay double the Sweetwater price and still be happy with this masterpiece!

    PS ... Ordered the guitar from Sweetwater on a Monday evening and had this gem in my hands on Wednesday! Great Service!!!!!

  • from Dallas Texas February 20, 2011Music Background:

    A Soul Enhanceing Guitar!

    Do you remember that first kiss as a child? The way your body was suffused with electricity?
    This guitar did this to my mind, right out of the box!
    This is my second Wechter guitar from Sweetwater, and I cannot find any flaws with it. The tone is awesome...the ability for expressive play is incredible...the fluid fretboard makes it easy to master those nasty finger "twangs".
    This is probably the heaviest acoustic guitar that I have ever held, due to the unique way the fretboard and body are joined. It may be slightly top heavy, due to the 19 frets clear of the body, so it may need a strap...
    When you capo this guitar...the intonation is spot on...
    I looked at the video of Abe Wechter on his computer CAD, and was impressed with the science behind the pathmaker design.
    Will I buy another Wechter in the near future?
    That grand auditorium looks cool...

  • from Montrose, CO January 2, 2011Music Background:
    Rock Radio Station Owner


    I bought one of the last left handed versions of the Wechter Pathmaker models with 3PU in black. It was love at first sight for me! Upon inspection of this guitar I was completely blown away, 3 pickups, hi z guitar out and lo z balanced out, low mid high eq, blend, microphone mix, outstanding electronics! Tone, I mean TONE, is perfect on this guitar! It plays like my Les Paul but with the SG double cutaway, the action is so low, and the plek set up is flawless with absolutely no fret buzz! I play through a Marshal AS50D and love it!

  • from Cincinnati October 14, 2011Music Background:
    Active musician

    A new playing experience

    Just like other reviewers, I was really blown away by this guitar! In this price range I probably could have gotten into a lower-end Taylor and would've been very satisfied with it, but I would never have known what I was missing. I have to say that I did have a few concerns. First, the acoustic volume was, well, adequate. I had hoped for a little more from a full-size instrument, but it is, at this point still brand new. Second, the electronics package is great for functionality, but I would have liked to have heard greater volume from the treble strings without having to dial it in. All that aside, the playability is what puts this guitar over the top! The action, and intonation are consistent all the way up the neck which gives you, as stated, 19 frets clear of the body! Capoing is no problem either! Wonderful! In this price range you're usually confined, design wise, to a knock off. This instrument is truly unique!

  • from Everett, WA USA October 3, 2011Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Solid, lively guitar

    I am quite pleased with my Wechter Pathmaker Elite. It was a recommendation from my sales associate. I also own the Wechter Nashville tuned guitar, and was super impressed with it.

    The Pathmaker arrived in great shape. Kudos to Sweetwater on their prep and packing!

    The guitar? It's well built, easy to play and has a lively sound. By that I mean you can feel the top vibrating as you play. Nice resonance -- not something I expected from a brand new guitar.

    The electronics are good. Running it through a Fishman Aura pedal turns the direct (electric) sound from good to great. This is my first guitar with a built in tuner -- great feature!

    Excellent playability, excellent sound, excellent price. Wechter is giving you more for your money!

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