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Shure PGDMK6-XLR Reviews

4.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • Allen Atkinson
    from Weed, CA USA June 21, 2012Music Background:

    Great Product can't go wrong with Shure

    These mics sound great on drums, having a complete kit like this also has multiple advantages. The pencil mikes also work great as a stereo pair or in XY. The kick drum mic also works very well on bass amps, and the tom mics are excellent for guitar amps. With the included cables and tom mounts what is not to like?

  • 804jazz
    from Richmond Va October 14, 2014Music Background:
    44 years in music industry

    Great package

    Great package works as expected based on Hurr quality. Needed to in Clyde SM-57 for snare

  • Anthony
    from NY April 2, 2015

    Great Kit

    This is a great kit to get started. I've used this for a few weeks now and I'm very happy with the mics. The drums I'm micing have 3 toms so I added an additional SM57 for the snare top. The tom mic mounts, though plastic, seem to be pretty good. Although after using the mounts designed for the SM57 (A56D) I'd say those are much better. The PG81 overheads are really good too. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase. and Oh yea.. the included cables come in very handy. I do keep a stage snake close to the kick and run everything into that but the cables are certainly long enough to go further than that.

  • mike
    from East coast summers Nation wide winters August 22, 2014Music Background:
    Stage audio lighting rental company

    Drum Mic

    Value great buy for the money. We do outdoor stages, wind, rain at times, dust storms. setting up stages outdoors is really tough on gear. Our sound techs have 12 setups two per sound system, I would recommend for value, reliability, and a good replication of sound. Mike

  • Jordan Logue
    from March 20, 2012


    This set of mics is great for someone just starting out recording or looking to add some good mice to their collection without breaking the bank. All the mica in this set are versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications. The overheads work great on acoustic guitar. You may want to pick up something else for the snare if you want to mic a kit with three toms...overall I'm VERY pleased with this solid set of mics for a great price, with cables mounts and a good case too, it can't be beat!

  • Harrison Andrews
    from New Jersey USA October 10, 2008Music Background:
    Student, Engineer.

    Very good to have

    This is an excellent mic kit to have if you're into recording drum kits. The clips work very well on the toms and snare, and are pretty durable for their size. The three PG56s do a very good job picking up snare and tom sounds without much bleed from other parts. The PG52 does a great job picking up lower end punch, and can be used in vocal and instrumental situations, which is always good to be able to do. The PG81s do a pretty good job with the overhead work, i just wish shure put in something with some bass roll-off. On the other hand, it does a great job micing acoustic and electric guitars. The case is also a good buy.

  • Donny Wilkin
    from Chicago, Illinois July 23, 2011Music Background:

    Product Review

    The Mike clips provided in this kit are too flimsy. Any hard playing drummer would be frustrated by the wobble, and in some situations I have hit the mike with my stick as a result of the wobble. The mike are great though.

  • Phil Gould
    from Central Iowa December 3, 2010Music Background:
    Gigging Musician, Live Sound & Recording Tech

    Wish it was a 7 mic package.

    I've only used this package to record drums one time and that was because I was recording on location. It did a nice enough job and the band liked the way it turned out, but I prefer to use digital drums in the studio. I suppose the mounts had to made of material that flexed so they would snap over the rims, but that means they do flop a little when the drums are played because these mics are durable (heavy). Shure calls it a complete package and while I'm glad they included XLR cables, most kits have 1 snare and 3 toms, so a seventh mic would have been nice. Instead, I had to special order a PG56XLR to make it a complete package by my standards.


  • Matt Milner

    I have to start out by admitting that I love drums. My favorite part of any recording session I'm involved in is putting mics on a drum set and getting sounds. I guess it's because on so many records the drums provide the foundation upon which songs are built and they can deliver a tremendous amount of power and drive unlike any other instrument. Did I mention that I love drums? Well it's clear that the people over at Shure love drums as well because they've put out an
    amazing package with the PG Drum Mic Kit 6, also known as the PGDMK6. This kit includes pretty much everything you need to get your drums mic'ed up and sounding great, whether it's in the studio or playing live.

    When most of us think about Shure microphones we think: great sound, excellent quality and bulletproof reliability. Well the PGDMK6 lives up to all of these expectations and even offers a few neat unexpected treats.

    When you open up the package the first thing that you notice is the heavy duty case for storing your new mics or protecting them while in transit. The second thing you'll notice is six 15 foot XLR cables to get you patched in right away. Nice touch! Inside the protective case you've got the real goodies: one PG52 bass drum mic, three PG56 snare/tom mics, two PG81 overhead mics and three A50D mic mounts. Shure even goes so far as to include two AA batteries for the PG81 condenser mics to get you going if your mixer can't provide phantom power. All of the mics have cardioid pickup patterns, meaning they only pick up sound that is directly in front of them. This is
    important both live and in the studio because you only want the mic to pick up the sound source it's aiming at.

    Getting the mics on the drums was a breeze, especially with the A50D mic mounts. The A50D is unlike any other mic clamp I've used on drums, and let me tell you I've tried them all. First off, the body of the clamp is a single piece of extremely hard yet slightly flexible plastic which helps in isolating the mic from the drum's direct vibrations. Integrated within that is a single threaded knob for screwing down the mic. This design means there are no parts to lose, which is an added bonus. Attaching the A50D to the rims on my drums was no problem, as they're designed to fit
    basically any production drum rim. Since the clamps are plastic you don't have to worry about the finish on your drums getting scratched or marred during install or removal. The PG56 snare/tom mics have integrated clips - they thread right onto the A50D mount and can be placed and angled exactly where you want them.

    All of the other mics set up in a matter of minutes: the PG52 on a short mic stand and the PG81s on a pair of tripod boom stands. I placed the PG52 about 5 inches from the resonant head of my bass drum aimed at beater. The PG81s were arranged as a spaced pair: one above my crash and high hat cymbals and the other over the ride cymbal.

    Well now that you know how easy it was to set these mics up I bet you're wondering how they sound. In a word: Excellent. After patching these in I had great sounds in a matter of minutes with very little tweaking placement wise and no equalization. The PG52 was able to capture both the attack and body of my 18" x 22" kick drum. It was easy to go from a warmer, more vintage tone to a very focused, modern tone with a sharp attack simply by moving the PG52 from the outside of the drum to the inside. The PG56s were a perfect complement to my two toms and snare. My kit
    features coated heads all around and the PG56s captured all of their warmth, openness and tone. The snare had a wonderful crack to it, and I was actually able to take off some of the dampening I had applied when using other mics because of too much ring in the recording. Bringing the whole kit together was an easy task for the PG81s. Placed about six feet apart and four feet above the kit they captured a wonderful, glassy sound from the cymbals and never got overly bright or harsh. The PG81s also did a great job at adding some attack and room ambience to the kick, snare and toms.

    Shure really has put together an excellent package with the PG Drum Mic Kit 6 that would appeal to a huge range of users: live bands, home/project studio owners, club owners, PA companies and house of worship bands. It also has a price tag that puts it in the budget range of anyone who wants to get some mics on their drums and have them sound great.

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