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Shure PG42USB Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from California January 12, 2015Music Background:

    Love it!

    Very good sound. Easy set up - just make sure your Apple operating system has been updated first. We had a terrible beeping sound on all recordings until we updated the OS.

  • from New Orleans, LA USA September 22, 2014Music Background:

    Possibly the best USB mic you can buy for podcasts or voiceovers

    Great reproduction of voice. Enough controls to get the gain and headphone volume balance perfect. Excellent proximity effect if you don't mind having the mic 4" from the side of your mouth. Works well with a Blue pop filter. Comes with a shock mount. Buy a boom for it. Perfect setup for a podcaster or screencaster.

    I prefer it over the Rode Podcaster, Blue Yeti, and Audio-Technica 2500 USB mics, and over ANY headsets.

  • from Watertown, WI July 23, 2014Music Background:
    Radio Producer

    A pro-quality usb vocal microphone

    I did a lot of research before purchasing this microphone. Several reviews regarding its quality for vocal recording were excellent. I agree with them almost completely.

    I use the mic exclusively for recording voiceovers. It has a natural sound that accurately represents the vocal input.

    The proximity effect is fairly bold and the low-end performance is great based on my experience with other USB options.

    Sensitivity may be an issue for those who can't record in a well-controlled environment. Even distant ambient sound is particularly evident with this model.

    If you want to record voice and have a good, quiet place to do it, I think the PG42USB could work really well for you. It has enough character and tonal quality to satisfy even a harsh USB mic critic.

    I think it's great.

  • from July 11, 2013


    I had the snowball but wasn't satisfied with the quality so I wanted to step up the quality of my vocals(I'm a rapper). I was on a budget and I found this and decided to go with it. It is absolutely amazing. I love it. And I can take it when I go to college.

  • from Ada, Michigan June 9, 2013Music Background:
    singer, bass player

    Versatile, powerful mic

    From singing demos to VOs, this mic has all it needs to give you rich, accurate recordings with a wide range of vocal capabilities. Such a huge step up from what I had been using in my office. I use it on my MAC with two different recording software set-ups, one Garage Band and one Record Pad/Wave Pad. Good stuff.

  • from Riverside, CA USA June 18, 2012Music Background:

    Feels, looks and sounds very professional

    Although I haven't had to much of an opportunity to completely test it. I am completely happy with the results and the product and the staff at Sweetwater who assisted me. The staff was very helpful in finding and meeting my wants and needs. I especially like the package deal of the microphone, shock-mount and case. Everything I needed in one shot! Thank you very much Sweetwater and Chris Leonard for your time and patience, I would highly recommend you to anyone looking of such products.

  • from Greenville, SC May 30, 2012Music Background:
    Classical Pianist, Live Audio Specialist

    Great for recording & podcasting

    I purchased 2 of these for my youtube recordings and podcasts. I do mostly gameplay commentary and the like. (youtube.com/thegreatsims)
    My friend and I use these mics for all of our videos and love them. I have alot of background white noise from other PCs in the studio, but once this mic is set up properly, you wont be able to hear it. Be sure to READ the instructions for set up. You need to turn the mic sensitivity up and PC input volume down or else risk constant noise. Also, It is quite heavy, so be sure to have a good counterweight for a boom setup.

  • from Salt Lake Area, UT December 10, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Hobbyist

    Built for real work, sounds great

    I use this for recording trainings and it is fantastic. It brings out a great deal of clarity, detail, and nuance from my voice, making it great to listen to, and very engaging. Harsh? No. Smooth? No. Just right? Yes. This microphone is very ruggedly built. I feal like I could hammer nails with it.

    The features it has are excellent, all the right parts: gain dial, monitor mix dial, heapdhone amp volume, headphone port, pad switch, bass rolloff switch. It also comes in a cool flight case that fits everything nicely.

    Know that this is very "attack" sensitive, so if you dare use it for something unintended, like piano, then you will hear lots of "clacking" from its mechanical parts and initial hammer strike. Guitar is also weird on this thing. 5 stars because it's a vocal mic, and a dang good one.

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