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Ampeg PF-115LF 1x15" 400-Watt Portaflex Bass Cabinet Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Ampeg PF-115LF 1x15" 400-Watt Portaflex Bass Cabinet?

Questions about the Ampeg PF-115LF 1x15" 400-Watt Portaflex Bass Cabinet?

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  • from Texas April 20, 2016

    Love the lows from this cabinet

    This gives some great lows and you can feel and hear the bass. I needed something that would give lows without running through the main system for worship. We lack subs currently and we had some speaker problems that were distorting the system when I was running from my Ampeg DI box. Nice warm tone, can go muddy if you boost the lows too much though. This cabinet is not suited for styles of music that require a lot of mid range. For that the non-ported designed with the driver might be better suited. The porting on this amp helps the "feel" in the room where bass is concerned. I prefer a more old school deep bass, so this cabinet works well for me with the PF-500 head. Very lightweight, I am glad I purchased this amp and cabinet from Sweetwater. Along with the Fender American Standard Jazz bass and Ampeg SCR-DI box(all Sweetwater purchases with Kevin Spunde), the tones are great for me.

  • from January 26, 2016Music Background:
    Bass player over 40yrs.

    Big Bottom

    Got this to pair with the PF-115HE and PF 500 amp. I needed to retire my SVT because I was leaving a band with a trailer to a situation where I was going to have to transport my own rig. This rig is easy to transport and sounds fantastic. Together in a stack the 115-LF delivers a huge low-end and the 115-HE gives me the definition when stacked. Added bonus is that the HE w.fliptop is great for rehearsals and the LF alone will do small gigs no problem. That said, they sound best together . . . really nice, solid, Ampeg tone. I haven't moved it around or "abused" it enough yet to give an opinion as to how well these PF cabs will hold up but they seem to be solid and well built . . . oh, and they look fantastic.

  • from Acworth, GA. 30101 October 8, 2014Music Background:
    Worship musician.


    First, I only do business with Matt Kreager because he's good at what he does and he never tries to sell me what I don't need. Okay, I connected my PF500 head and plugged up one of my 3 Custom built J Style basses and I couldn't believe what I was hearing coming from such a small enclosure. Punch, bottom, growl, mids, highs virtually every thing I have always wanted to get but hadn't up to that point. Now I am considering buying another one. Wow!

  • from Clarence NY October 3, 2012Music Background:
    Part Time Pro Musician

    Great Ampeg Rumble

    I ordered two of these cabs, and, received them in two days. Great job, Sweetwater. I have an SVT 3 Pro Amp head tha is 450 watts into 4 ohms. Hence the need for two cabs. (8 ohms each) I hooked them up, and plugged my American Fender Jazz 5 string bass and, Wow!!! I can blow the roof off, with the amp at less than half volume. I also hooked up a Carvin 450 watt head, and had the same result. I took them on a gig, a week later, and, the guys in the band loved the deep growl that I was getting. It was amazing. I would recommend these cabinets to anyone. Also, they are very easy to move around with the removable casters. They are far lighter than I would have imagined. I had no trouble lifting them in and out of my Dodge Caliber, mini van. So if you want a deep, full, sound from your bass. Get em!!!

  • from NC June 2, 2016


    Good cabinet- nice companion to the 115 with horn

  • from Texas May 2, 2016

    Nice cab for a 2X10 and 1X15 combo

    The Ampeg Portaflex line has worked great for me, and the Portaflex 2X10 and 1X15 combo has been a sound winner for me also. The 15 adds a nice warm low tone to the mix. I wish that Ampeg would have put caster cups on the top of this cab. The tolex on these cabs is pretty slick which is a little worrisome with either another cab stacked on top, or an amp head on top. Not hard to fix, but caster cups would have been nice. Speakon connection options would be nice also. A nice cab for the price.

  • from Texas January 23, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar/Bass Professional

    Ampeg PF-115LF 1x15

    This is a fantastic cab for very little investment!
    Great low-end in a light package... it adds bottom for days.
    It's a perfect addition to the PF500/PF-115HE flip-top combo.
    Nice mids & punchy highs on top with smooth, tasty lows and subs beneath. Very pleased with this stack... turning heads and getting a lot of compliments at every performance!
    Thanks Sweetwater!

Questions about the Ampeg PF-115LF 1x15" 400-Watt Portaflex Bass Cabinet?

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