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PDP Concept Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 1 customer review
Questions about the PDP Concept Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal?

Questions about the PDP Concept Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal?

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  • from Charleston SC August 4, 2013Music Background:
    Bar band drummer for many years

    My new favorite pedal

    FYI, I'm not a pedal expert, I'm a bar-band drummer. I've played several pedals over the years but have always returned to the Ludwig Speed King because I am a John Bonham freak, and because the SK is simple and fast.

    PDP Concept pedal - I had one problem right out of the box - this pedal "clicked" slightly every time the beater reached the top of its forward progress. Turns out the set-screw on the bottom of the beater assembly was loose. Problem solved.

    The beater on this pedal is heavy - 128 grams compared to 80 grams for a Ludwig Speed King beater and 82 for a Pearl P120 beater. A good part of this weight (26 grams) is the slide-lock that secures the beater to the beater assembly. I tried the pedal with both other standard-weight beaters but it seems to work best with the one that came with it. I had to crank up the spring tension a little (more on that later) to compensate for the beater weight but then I noticed that it takes less effort to get volume out of this pedal, so it seems like an even trade-off. The beater face is hard rubber (plastic on the other side). I like it - less b-b-b-b-bounce off the head than felt, and a nice deep thump.

    The longboard pedal is brushed aluminum so it has some grip to it. Length comparison - Concept pedal footboard including heelplate is 13 1/4", Pearl P120 is 12 1/2" (feels like the average size footboard to me), and Speed King 12". I love the Speed King but I have size 14 feet, so even in bare feet the SK seems a little small. The Concept pedal feels plenty big for me even with shoes on.

    The clamp that secures the pedal to your bass drum is GREAT. It sticks out the side (under the pedal) so you don't have to crawl around trying to tighten it, and it has a lever action so it only takes 1/4 the amount of turns to tighten. It also clamps down on ANY size bass hoop, including the thin steel hoop on my cheaper bass drum.

    The action - I don't know how to describe it except to say IN MY OPINION this pedal seems as fast as my Speed King. Also this Concept pedal is easier to play because of the long footboard. Different, because of the heavier beater and concurrent increased spring tension, but ultimately as fast and no more fatiguing than the SK. IN MY OPINION. Try it before you buy it. In a nutshell, this pedal doesn't slow me down, but that is a totally subjective opinion.

    When I first got the pedal I marked where the tension spring was set, then started messing around with different tensions. Interestingly, when I found the tension that worked best I checked and it was exactly back at the factory setting.

    The base plate on this pedal is HEAVY and SOLID. Combine that with the excellent hoop clamp system and you have a rock-solid pedal that isn't going anywhere.

    I really REALLY like this pedal. It feels like a lot of thought went into its design. There is nothing about it I don't like.

Questions about the PDP Concept Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal?

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