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Parker PDF70 w/Radial Neck Joint - Pearl Red Reviews

4.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from Elkhart, IN March 5, 2013Music Background:
    Very active player... 1-2 gigs a week with 2 rehearsals... 50 years playing.

    Great Service... thanks Keith S ! Great Guitar!

    Great sounding guitar, very playable and light....and the salesperson Keith S was great! He was so interested in my being totally happy with the instrument. I felt no pressure... but what a great buy and what a great instrument.

  • from Long Island NY January 22, 2014Music Background:
    played in various rock bands for almost 20 yrs.

    Lightweight guitar-heavy sounds.

    I've only had the guitar a week but have played about 5 hours on it after tweaking the setup-which was 95% there already.Guitar arrived in tune and in perfect condition(it was packed and shipped by people who obviously know what they're doing)so I plugged it into a tube amp and fired her up.The USM(alnico)pickups are much better then I expected,and I'm still deciding if I want to replace them-they certainly don't need to be replaced,and the coil tap has very little volume drop-also surprising to me.The guitar is very light-6lbs 5 oz.-and the neck is great.I usually like necks a little fatter as I'm not really a shredder,but this one plays so nice I don't really care.The tremolo works better than any non-floyd rose trem out there.You have to really abuse the whammy bar to get it to noticeably go out of tune-and if you want the F.R. I think Parker has one with that option too.I was really concerned about Q.C. as the guitar is an import,and that's part of the reason I went with Sweetwater on this purchase-they go over everything first,and if it's not good they don't ship it.That's called customer service.I got a great guitar and I love it-and so does my back.Thanks Kurt!

  • from Pittsburgh January 25, 2013Music Background:
    Former pro, now basement warrior!

    Parker PDF70 - Fantastic Guitar!

    This guitar is a keeper for sure. It has solid construction, great hardware, and is super, super light. (Almost to the point of being ridiculous!)

    The neck is think and very fast. The pick-ups are very good, but not great. The trick, as is the case with most guitars, is using the tone knob in conjunction with your amp settings to get the tone you want. Having said that, I play all styles of music and this guitar handles all of them. Obviously, if you are a strict blues guy, the looks of this guitar might not be for you. Trust me though, you can get those sounds out it. (with the right amp)

    The hardware is top notch and the tremelo is solid and very functional. I have the red one and it is nice to look at.....but I prefer playing it!

  • from March 6, 2012Music Background:
    Active/Studio Musician playing classic rock and blues

    Parker Continues To Shine

    Where to start! This guitar is unmistakably Parker. It is super lightweight and easy to play. The neck feels fantastic and is very fast, and you can access the upper frets with no problems. The carved mahogany body provides a warmth to the tone and the Duncan USM pick-ups more than get the job done with a nice sound for a variety of musical styles, and can be upgraded, if desired, with no problems thanks to improved pick-up mounting. The guitar features Parkers exclusive radial Neck Joint to prevent slippage of the neck, locking tuners, Parkers Vibrato system, 3 way pickup selector, Ebony fingerboard and a 25.5 inch scale length. The guitar is visually stunning to look at with a beautifully done gloss finish (I have the red).
    Overall at this price point, this guitar is, in my opinion, amongst the leading candidates. It is serviceable on stage, in the studio, or just for enjoying at home. I use it for all 3. Try it, you'll be glad you did.

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