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Sony PCM-M10 - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
  • from Florida July 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great unit!

    I purchased this unit as a replacement for a similar Tascam recorder. What a difference in quality! The Tascam was difficult to navigate, and the record quality was terrible. ALWAYS clipped when recording live music no matter what the input source. But this Sony . . . easy to use, easy to understand, and SUPERB record quality. No clipping, EVER even when I forget to lower the manual input levels as the source gets louder... Highly recommended

  • from Australia June 19, 2011Music Background:

    Recording with the pcm-m10

    I have been very happy with it and it would come in handy with a video camera when edited on a computer. I recorded with it at a bird park and the sound was amazing and i recorded a concert with my fathers singing teachers concert at her house in a wav recording and i copyed it to my mac and burned it to a cd for her and her students and they were amazed of the sound quality for its size and it is great when you go bush walking to get the sounds from around you and would highly recamend it and it would be great for recording a wedding in a church to get the accusits. I brought mine here in oz

  • from Race Course Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan November 6, 2010Music Background:
    Classical Musician


    Compared to the Zoom H4n, which I also own and like a lot, the PCM M10 has better built-in mics (handle sibilance very well) and quieter pres, start up time is much faster and battery life is very long. Separate line in and mic inputs are also very useful. Omnidirectional mics are a very good idea for such portable recorders as the sound captured is very balanced and placement is not a big problem. The proximity effect is still there so it does record sources closeup very well. Comes with a wired remote. I'm really happy with this purchase.

  • from Ashland, Oregon July 25, 2010Music Background:
    Musician, Composer, Media

    Sony does it. again

    I'll keep this short. This recorder is outstanding. For field work I use Rode NT4 stereo mics or even the AT822 (older model). What I wanted to emphasize is with significant internal memory and easily added micro sd cards one can record music at obviously high resolution. The line in records surprisingly with high fidelity stability and very low noise.

    Since mp3s are the rage now I wanted to share this. When you acutally record at an mp3 rate directly rather than dither it down from a cd or higher resolution captured source file, you will be amazed at the difference. For instance on a Masterlink if your final master effort is recorded at 16/44 rather than at 24/96 and then dithered down (compressed) to 16/44 when burning a cd you get no perceptible loss of fidelity. Yes the original recording sessions should be at the highest possible (or practical) resolution but when making a final disk try it at its final destination resolution. Ditering down even with exceptional equipment like the Masterlink and its outstanding dithering algorithms can and does often produce artifacts. The same thing holds true for the Sony unit.

    If mp3 files are what you want. don't capture cd quality files and have a computer program dither it down to 128 or even 320kbs. Record the source (cd player, even final studio audio recordingetc) directly into the line in at you final desired resolution. I use 320kbs usually but even at 128k you will get recordings that are superior to any downloaded 128 kbs file you get from Itunes or other sources. Don't take my word for it - give it a try. This recorder is absolutely superb both in the field and at making music files you can easily share on the net. For best performance get a good stereo mic. This unit has a mic boost so even most headworn or lav mics work great for certain endeavors. Stereo head worn binaural mics sound incredible as well for b roll/ environmental background sound. Unbelievable in such a small package and as mentioned by nearly everyone I've heard from, or has sritten about this device, the two AA batteriew last longer (much, much longer) than any other device of this type. 24 hours is an understatement.

    Home run! - Doug - Fingerpick Magazine

  • from Buffalo NY December 5, 2009Music Background:
    Classical and Electroacoustic music

    Awesome recorder!

    Very good portable recorder. If you consider what you get for the price, the Sony PCM-M10 is way ahead of any other brand/model. I recorded with several types of instruments (flute, nylon guitar, percussion...) and the quality is impressive. Exactly what I wanted. The mic. preamp is also very good. I plugged a stereo Audio Technica Pro 24 (which actually sounds like crap on any mixer) and it turned out to be really good! Very intuitive, light and portable, solid construction, remote included as well as DC power. You won't be disappointed, you can't go wrong you this little guy.

  • from St. Louis, MO November 18, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Composer

    High Quality Within a Budget

    This is my first experience owning a portable recording device, but having worked in professional studios and within my own pro-tools project studio, I've had experience with minidisc recorders and the Edirol R-09hr. I can say that I am very pleased with the results.

    I love the small size (almost no handling noise), and the internal hard drive. The buttons are all easy and intuitive, and the manual record level knob is a plus. The display is large and easy to read, with clear clipping indicators. Built to last.

    The built-in mics are very sensitive, omni-directional and are at their best when recording in close proximity. The noise floor is low - definitely what you'd expect from Sony.

    One big plus: The battery life is insane! I recorded a 2-hour concert and the gauge still reads "max".

    Not so cool: The accessories are expensive, but almost necessary. Getting a case ($30 list), windscreen ($50 list) and tripod ($70 list) can run you deeper than you may have intended to go.

    This is a great alternative to the Edirol R-09hr, which I almost bought before doing some extensive research. For $300, you just can't beat it.

  • from August 2, 2014



  • from Seatle October 27, 2011Music Background:

    PCM -M10

    I have had this unit for a few weeks. It is really a nice recorder, good sound, easy to operate. I use it when I am practicing with my banjo. The screen is easy to read and it is small enough to sit on the music stand. I like this recorder alot.

  • from Covington, GA USA November 3, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician, Educator

    BIG FAN of the PCM-M10

    Amazing product for its intended use. If it had omni AND directional mics, it'd be 5 stars. Sounds fantastic recording voices in a conference, voice and guitar played together, and more. Sensitive to placement (more than I thought). For the current asking price, it's AWESOME. I bought it to record my music classes' performances and my elementary choir in our music room. Perfect fit for these applications.

    Wishlist (without boosting the price - I know...) would include XLR inputs, directional mic elements as well, built-in compression, eq, reverb. Basically, the zoom h4n in this form factor. Not gonna happen, and not with this level of style, portability, and sound quality for THIS price :) Best recorder I've ever used!

  • from Portland Oregon July 25, 2010Music Background:
    Done it all

    Good recorder, great price

    Well made and well designed. Easy to get good results from. How does it sound? Really good. Not as good as the $500 portables, but then you aren't paying $500 - are you?

    The onboard mics are amazingly quiet, far better than I expected. Essentially CD quality. The tone of the onboard mics would be described as "natural". Not punchy and not sparkly, but natural. If you're an old geezer like me, you remember the Yamaha "natural sound" stereo equipment - that's the sound these internal mics have.

    Plugging in a Rode Stereo Video Mic yields even better results and adds that sparkle that is missing on the internal mics. The AT822 mic is more musical sounding and the Sony ECM-MS957 mic is so wimpy that I wouldn't use it for anything other than "in the field interviews".

    Automatic record level (auto mode) works great when trying to grab ideas while you're playing. Although it seems to default at around -20dB as the median rec level when in auto mode. Manual rec level with limiter is even better. Set the rec level at about -12dB and the limiter kicks in at around -8dB.

    AA batteries last forever and you can use NiMH if you want. The display is easy to see and all the buttons and knobs are easy to access. That's important when you're playing and trying to record yourself at the same time.

    On the down side - The internal speaker is simply pathetic. I realize this is a portable, but this speaker is like the ones in a $30 "micro-cassette dictation recorder". No one-touch-record. MicroSDHC cards are really tiny and easy to drop \ lose. You could use MemorySticks - but your old MemoryStick DUO's won't fit, you have to buy the new MemoryStick "micro" version. None of those issues are dealbreakers - just thought I would mention them, after all this is a review.

    No, it’s not “totally awesome” and no, it doesn’t “completely blow away the competition” but for snagging rehearsals, recording your live performance or just capturing your ideas with a recorder that fits in your pocket but it isn't so small that it is fiddley, and actually sounds really good - this is just the ticket in the sub $250 range.

  • from Joseph Or. April 3, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    nice unit

    as expected.

  • from Idaho September 12, 2013Music Background:
    recording and live performances

    Great sound but user interface almost unusable

    I had such high hopes when I got this unit. But when I started experimenting with it I could not believe how clumsy and non-intuitive the user interface is. This unit is definitely not for someone who is used to a iPhone/Pad, e.g., just to find out how to turn it off I had to search through the pdf document online to find that info somewhere buried in the documentation. Technically this unit is great, i.e., great sound quality, but if one of my students would deliver me such a user interface and screen layout as part of a project I would give a C grade.

  • from Idaho October 22, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and computer scientist professional

    technically good but user interface less than ideal

    Technically this unit is great. The sound is good, the weight, just about everything and other reviews praising the unit prompted me to buy it. They were not wrong in their suggestions. If it were up to this I would give it a high rating. My critique is about the user interface. Perhaps I am too much used to Apple products and expect other devices to have at least some intuitive touch as well. For example, the real estate of the display is opposite of what I would have expected, e.g., the things I care to see (like name of the recording) is so small that I have to put the readers on, whereas other things (like date) is 4 times the size. The buttons are similarly non-intuitive, e.g., moving the curser. Yes, once could say: just read the manual (and you have to look at it to realize how silly a suggestion that is). But seriously, if one can make recordings with Apple's Garageband without a manual, why would I have to consult the Sony manual just to find out how to turn this unit off. Sorry, great unit but I do not understand some of the comments that praise how intuitive this unit is. I would still buy the unit again, since I would fear that the other product will suffer from similar issues :-)

  • from VA November 17, 2010Music Background:

    Hear are my Grades!!!!!!!!

    I bought this to record my lessons. practice sessions, recitals, and concerts and worksshops. I have found it too hard to use. I still have to too use my old mini disk player for the job. It need not be so hard to use for Hobbyist,/ Studdents groups. Of couse its easy for the professional slound engineer and pro musicians.

    Hear are my grades!!!!!!!!
    Recording Settings A++++
    Device buttons (Record, Stop, Pause, Play, Track Mark ) A++++++
    Screw Mount on Back A+++++++++
    AA Battery's A++++++++++
    Batery Life A+++++++++++++
    Recording A+++++++

    Playback (Too Hard to Find ) F---------------
    Recorded numbeing system( way too many humbers F--------------
    Menu (like a crossword puzzule with the clues missing) F--------
    Oweners Manual Too hard (ex. try to set the clock with it) F-----------------
    Speaker (Too soft for others to listen with you) F-----------------
    Remote(not wireless) F------------------------
    SOFTWARE (instructions too hard for non sound engineers) F------

    So hear is the grade results-------

    It got 6 one hundred's 6 X 100 = 600
    It got 7 nothings 7 X 0 = 0

    TOTAL SCORE 600 + 0 = 600

    Grade 600/13(Features) = 46.15 which is a F

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