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Kurzweil PC3LE7 76-key Synthesizer Workstation Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • Doc
    from TN August 15, 2012Music Background:
    Part-time pro.

    Very impressive!

    After the first unit I received being DOA and Sweetwater quickly replacing it, this keyboard is great. Locating the sound you want is easy, and the sounds are excellent. The feel of the keyboard is very nice.

  • Tom Z
    from Cleveland, Ohio USA February 21, 2012Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    Fantastic sounds! Flexible and easy to use.

    This is my first Kurzweil keyboard purchase ever. Was looking for a workstation that had very good sounds and good editing.
    The Piano sound is nice IMO. E. Pianos, Strings, Pads, Brass, Choirs, Guitars, Bass, Synth, (many other sounds) are all good!
    The KB3 Organ Simulator is excellent! The Leslie Simulator is pretty good too. Organ distortion and overdrive are good.
    It would have been nice if they would have put in 9 front-panel knobs instead of 5. This way you would have 9 knobs for the KB3 drawbars to use in real time instead of having to use the shift button to cycle through the other 4 knob functions.

    The new VAST editing is great to have. I have used it a lot.
    It would be nice to have full editing of the effects also. The FX has some basic settings you can adjust though.
    The category buttons make it easy to access the sounds. Category buttons also make is quick and easy to edit names, save files, etc.
    Quick Access mode allows you put your favorite sounds in your custom ten patch bank.
    Creating splits or layers is very simple.
    The semi-weighted action keyboard is pretty good. Good for playing Piano too.
    The keyboard feels like it is well built. All metal case instead of plastic.

    The Display is small and outdated IMO but I have no problem getting through the menus pretty quick to edit.

    Kurzweil did a great job on this keyboard. The sounds are great! The Strings, Orchestral, and Brass are some of the very best I have heard on any keyboard or sampler!
    I bought the Korg M3 Xpanded 73 key and didn't like the sounds so I sold it and bought the PC3LE7.
    Also have the Yamaha Motif XS8 and some other keyboards. The PC3LE7 is a great addition to my setup.

  • Daniel Marsalone
    from Santa Fe, NM October 31, 2011Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    Great sounding and Easy to Use (as deep as you want it to be)

    This keyboard has really blown me away. When it comes to keyboards, I like simple which is why in the past I've always just used a clonewheel or digital piano and an analog synth.

    I wanted one board that was versatile so I wouldn't have to lug around both the digital piano and organ plus I wanted the extra sounds, orchestral, strings, and synth pads etc. This board does is it.

    First off, the rep on Kurzweils has been that they are complicated, but this one can be dead simple if you want it to be. You can easily just use it as a preset machine and be happy. At first the 1000+ patches seems overwhelming but a great feature on the board is the Quick Access mode which allows to put your most used and favorite sounds in your own 10 patch bank (you can setup multiple banks) which shows all patches and setups on the screen and just use the cursor of number pad to choose a sound. Really nice to have everything laid out on the screen at once. Also it is dead simple to create splits and layers, which you can also put in the bank.

    Second, I wasn't sure how the keys would feel. I want a piano to feel like a piano and an organ to feel like an organ. The keys are buttery smooth and feel great works great for organ and synth and is surprisingly good for pianos. I love the key feel.

    Now onto the sounds. The acoustic pianos are really good and sound great in a group. On solo piano gigs I go with my Kawai digital piano as I feel it is more expressive and the hammer action keys help in that type of setting. Hammond sounds. Excellent. The leslie sim is good but up the the sim in my Nord C1 clonewheel. But the pure organ sound is spot on and the distortion and overdrive effects are nice and warm (the Nord's distortion sounds harsh and digital). I don't use the leslie too much but if it were make or break maybe the Neo Ventilator would be the Rx. The Synth leads, pads, and basses are very good, the orchestral and strings are jaw droppingly good and the brass is pretty good as are the drums.

    I just pretty much play the thing so I haven't fooled with the sequencer or tried making patches using the Virtual Analog part of the board so can't really comment there.

    As I said it is really easy to use but super flexible, if you can think of setting up something a certain way in a setup (split/layer) or want to assign the knobs and pedals to different tasks, you can. Two or three times so far I wanted to do a certain thing and just looked in the manually and customized the controls to what I wanted. There is a lot of flexibility in the sounds, output levels, controls etc. If you try to read the manual, it all seems complicated and overwhelming but I basically only consult the manual when I want to figure out how to do a specific thing and try to keep things as simple as possible.

  • James Guest
    from Waco TX July 20, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Kurzweil PC3LE7

    Really Good from a standpoint of maneuvering, editing presets etc. Even better with great sounds! Problem is the mother board has went out twice. Crapping out is not a good thing and only costs me time and money! Kurzweil needs to step it up!

  • Rado Lesay
    from United States July 24, 2012Music Background:
    Professional singer, Hobbyist Recording Engineer

    Great sounds, great keyboard but build quality is bad

    This is really smart all in one portable gig keyboard with beautiful sounds mainly pianos, organs but also other instruments are very nice. However since I got it at the very beginning I had to exchange it because headaphone output didn't work. Then I got another one and that didn't make any sound. It turned out that it had been some contact on the board. After that was fixed it worked for about a yer with no problem. No one of the keys stopped playing. The reliability is really bad which is unfortunate as it would be great. But this makes me think that I will not buy Kurzweil again although I had been happy owner of the previous 88 versions, but this is not as good build. I don't recommend it if you need reliable keyboard. Get Roland or Yamaha and it will last

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