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Squier Chris Aiken Signature Precision Bass - Olympic White Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Revilo April 6, 2016

    Best Bang for the Buck..Squire Kicks ***

    I was blown away by this guitar right out of the box! tuned it and plugged it in my amp, which had the same settings as my last time using it and the sound was so much fatter and had a growl I could NEVER get out of my BB signature Carvin. The guys kept saying over and over all night what a difference this bass made.Im sure it will get even better when i actually have a chance to adjust my amp :). I have to give Nicholas and the crew at Sweetwater their due as well. It means alot to me for someone to actually put their hands on my guitar and check it out before they ship it. They had it in my hands in 2 days just in time for a gig. I know there are some out there like me who cant sit still waiting on a new guitar only to have something wrong that ANYONE could have found had they looked at it. The other guys will replace it, but id rather use SW and not worry about it! BUY IT ...you WILL LIKE IT!!!!!!!

  • from April 21, 2015Music Background:

    awesome bass!!!!!

    This is an amazingly awesome bass. I'm super impressed with the quality, tone and value. So there's no tone knob, who cares. It can always be added if a player really requires it.

    Playability of this bass is spectacular! Seriously. Sweetwater does a great job of set up and quality inspection prior to sending your product. I couldn't be happier with this bass! I'm usually not into signature products but this one is certainly worth it. Although I'm a huge strung out Chris aiken fan, you don't need to be to enjoy this bass. So call randy at sweetwater today and get yours ASAP before the price goes up. Just as good as any American fender model at a fraction of the price.

  • from Louisiana December 22, 2014Music Background:
    Extreme Bass Enthusiast 20 Plus years

    Amazing Bass At any Price

    I initially purchased this bass for the neck for another project plus spare parts. After playing it,checking the intonation and plugging in there was no way I could dismantle this baby No bulls**t. This is a keeper. The neck and body resonate as one. I own many basses 66jazz 72 tele numerous G&L's Stingrays and Laklands. This rates with any of them. Probably gonna add a stacked tone/ volume pot but that is my personal preference. This thing can be gigged as is. Try one. You can't go wrong.

  • from Farmingdale L.i September 18, 2013Music Background:
    Recording artist/pro musician/songwriter/joe smo!


    I cannot say enough about this bass....The Squier name has stepped it up a lot of notches on this one......The neck is the most playable one in playing bass since 1985.....I have gone thru 100 basses over the years...high end name brands...and my beloved Fender......This is in here to stay......I cannot believe its a Squier !!!! You want to get Crazy....add the tone knob......The neck is worth 300$$ I don't even know who the guys name is that's on it...doesn't matter.....Spend you hard earned money wisely......Buy 1 time.....and you will have a quality bass that will last you!

  • from October 1, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyst noise generator


    I fell in love for the gloss neck and block inlays. Bought the bass online, without a test. Awesome axe! Feels to me absolutely good. And sounds good. Buy one with no esitation if you like the look. Pickguard is fragile, mine arrived cracked and Fender does not have a spare, I was told (this signature production will not last very long, I guess).
    Replaced the pickguard with an anodized gold and the bass now looks superb!!
    I'm pretty happy of my Precision. Probably this axe will remain with me for veeeeery long, even with some minor personalization maybe. Don't know what the price could be with another decal on the headstock... Thanks Fender/Squier.

  • from Northern Virginia, USA June 6, 2013Music Background:

    Awesome bass, great value

    I purchased this after being so impressed by the Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass I bought. Both are outstanding quality, and since they are so affordable they are an amazing value. This bass looks amazing, plays very well, and sounds great...all I could want in a bass. The absence of a tone knob was initially a challenge, but I've easily adapted my playing to use more palm muting when wanting a darker sound. The features of this bass are better than many that cost much more. If you want a great unique bass this might be the ticket for you.

  • from NJ March 21, 2014Music Background:

    Incredible Value - A Must Buy

    I saw this bass and the super neck and thought to myself, for another $125 I could make this thing look even better and sound better. Added a tone pot and trashed the pickguard for a Fender 3-ply pearl pickguard. Put on a Fender pickup cover and a Fender "Jazz" Bass bridge cover and changed the strings to flats. Its suddenly one of my favorite basses to play and looks better than basses costing thousands. The bass sounds great and the stock pickups and clear and bright...better sounding than I expected. Only gave it 4 starts due to no tone pot and cheap pickguard. Other than that, its a 5.

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