Shure P9TRA - K1 Band, 596 - 632 MHz No Longer Available

Wireless In-ear Monitoring System with Rackmountable P9T Transmitter and P9RA Rechargeable Bodypack Receiver - K1
Item ID: P9TRA-K1

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Shure P9TRA - K1 Band, 596 - 632 MHz image 1
Shure P9TRA - K1 Band, 596 - 632 MHz image 1

Sorry, the Shure P9TRA - K1 Band, 596 - 632 MHz is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Shure P9TRA - K1 Band, 596 - 632 MHz
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Both Performers and Mix Engineers Will Dig This!

The Shure P9TRA rechargeable wireless in-ear monitoring system keeps both performers and engineers happy! The P9TRA's innovative CueMode lets the mix engineer monitor and store up to 20 separate channels on one bodypack - and make changes to the performers' monitor mix mid-performance. That's cool. Another cool feature is that the P9RA receiver is now rechargeable - no more battery hassles. The system literally configures itself, analyzing frequencies and automatically choosing the clearest, strongest one. This system also includes the P9T transmitter. If you need in-ear monitoring, you'll dig the power and flexibility of Shure's P9TRA Rechargeable.

Shure P9TRA Rechargeable Wireless In-ear Monitoring System Features at a Glance:
  • Midshow monitor mix tweaking
  • Quick and painless configuration
  • What's in the package
Midshow monitor mix tweaking

With the P9TRA rechargeable, Shure managed to fix one of the big problems with in-ear wireless systems - the fact that after the in-ear mix has been dialed in for the performer, the mix engineer has no way to check the mix midperformance. What if one of the musicians onstage accidentally turned up too loud? Before the Shure P9TRA system, everyone had to cross their fingers and hope the first in-ear mix held "good enough" throughout the show. With the P9TRA - thankfully - those days are over.

Quick and painless configuration

While monitoring engineers will love how the The Shure P9TRA lets them keep the show running, check levels, and balance everything, they'll also love how easy it is to configure these in-ear systems. Thanks to Scan and Sync technology, setup is fast and simple. Group Scan automatically analyzes the RF environment, determining where there could be possible interference, then identifying the group with the highest number of available, compatible frequencies. The Sync automatically communicates the scan results to the transmitter of its IR link and assigns the group and channel. Then you can do the channel scan again to find the next clear channel to use, which will sync right to the next transmitter in your setup. Easy. It only takes a few seconds - and you're promised the clearest channels to use for your monitoring rig.

What's in the package

The Shure P9TRA rechargeable includes one P9T wireless transmitter - it's a half-rackspace transmitter, complete with balanced 1/4" and XLR connections,loop out, and headphone out. A rackmount kit is included, as well as front- or rear-mountable antennas. On the bodypack side of things, the Shure P9TRA system includes the compact, rechargeable P9RA. It features an enhanced digital stereo encoder, so performers can monitor with excellent audio quality and detail. It features Automatic Gain control that greatly prevents dropouts from RF overload - and lets you use more channels at the same time. And, of course, it syncs to a P9T transmitter really quickly and easily via Scan and Sync. There are also separate audio and RF indicator LEDs. A selectable high-frequency boost lets you add in some of that top end for added speech clarity, when you want it.

Shure P9TRA Rechargeable Wireless In-ear Monitoring System Features at a Glance:
  • Wireless in-ear monitoring system - Frequency Band: K1
  • Includes P9T transmitter and P9RA rechargeable bodypack receiver
  • Scan and Sync technology saves time during setup
  • CueMode lets the monitor engineer listen in on up to 20 mixes
  • MixMode technology lets you create a custom mix of two separate channels
  • Audio Reference Companding (ARC) for more natural wireless sound quality
  • Active RF Gain Control to prevent RF distortion
  • Separate level and clip indicators, so you can identify the problem
  • Handy L/R outputs on the back panel can be used to daisy-chain units
  • Optional Earphones available separately
  • Does not include batteries or charger
You'll love the Shure PSM900 rechargeable wireless in-ear monitoring system!

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