Tannoy Precision 8 No Longer Available

2-Way Passive Monitor with 8" Dual Concentric Driver and SuperTweeter for Extended High-Frequency Response (pr)
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Tannoy Precision 8 image 1
Tannoy Precision 8 image 1

Sorry, the Tannoy Precision 8 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Tannoy Precision 8
Special Order
$949.00 (pair)

Tannoy Quality Passive Monitor!

Tannoy has long been famous for their quality high-end studio monitors. The new Precision 8 passive monitors offer a combination of outstanding sound, compact footprint and value for your studio. With 160-watt RMS power capacity, the Precision 8 sounds bigger than it looks!

Tannoy Precision 8 Passive Monitor at a Glance:
  • Clean, natural sound thanks to Dual Concentric driver
  • Accurate high frequencies from Tannoy's exclusive SuperTweeter
  • Stiff, heavy enclosure with special baffle design

Clean, natural sound thanks to Dual Concentric driver
The Precision 8 gets much of its clarity from a cast-chassis Tannoy Dual Concentric driver. It's really two drivers merged into one, with the high-frequency mounted on the back of the low-frequency unit so that both drivers are on the same axis. As a result sound energy is propagated from the same point and delivered through the center of the low-frequency cone, providing a true point source. The Precision 8's integrated approach provides a constant time delay over the frequency spectrum, offering better transient performance and sound quality with better harmonic alignment. The crucial benefit at the mix position is the delivery of a more natural and cleaner sound with greatly enhanced intelligibility. Another key benefit of the Precision 8's dual design is a very wide "sweet spot" with an exceptionally even response throughout the listening area and extraordinary transient response.

Accurate high frequencies from Tannoy's exclusive SuperTweeter
The Tannoy SuperTweeter extends the Precision 8's amplitude response beyond 20kHz to 51kHz! This corrects the phase response from 8kHz to 20kHz within the audible band. That preserves the harmonic structure of sounds and the stability of the stereo image. The smooth tweeter face plate contours prevent diffraction and cavity effects, making the Precision 8 an exceptionally accurate monitor.

Stiff, heavy enclosure with special baffle design
Tannoy monitors have always excelled at resonance-free reproduction, and the Precision 8 is no exception. Its 18mm MDF enclosure provides structural stiffness and minimizes coloration. Internally, braces on the sides and rear of the cabinet against the rear of the bass driver provide a rigid reactive mass for the moving cone assembly. That ensures fast, tight bass response and clear midrange. Plus, the 40mm thick front baffle is specially sculpted to keep diffraction to a minimum. The Precision 8 serves up high-end sound quality at a price you don't expect from Tannoy!

Tannoy Precision 8 Passive Monitor Features:
  • Two-way passive system with 8" Dual Concentric driver and SuperTweeter
  • Tannoy-exclusive Dual Concentric driver delivers clear, accurate lows, mids and highs
  • SuperTweeter extends high-frequency range to 51kHz for accurate phase response
  • Power capacity 160 watts RMS
  • Recommended amplifier power 80 to 160 watts
  • Frequency range 56Hz-51kHz
  • Optimized bass reflex enclosure
The Precision 8 is an outstanding monitor value!

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