Monster Performer 500 Microphone Cable - 10' No Longer Available

Audio Cable, XLR Male-XLR Female, 10' Long
Item ID: P500M10

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Monster Performer 500 Microphone Cable - 10\' image 1
Monster Performer 500 Microphone Cable - 10\' image 1

Sorry, the Monster Performer 500 Microphone Cable - 10' is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Monster Performer 500 Microphone Cable - 10'
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Monster Cables - Hear What You've Been Missing!

Monster Performer 500 Series cables' legendary performance has earned them the title as one of the top choices for engineers, producers, and musicians alike. In fact, the Monster Performer 500 cable is regularly acknowledged as the reference standard for some of today's hottest artists. These professionals recognize that the quality and sound of their cables play a crucial role in delivering the very best possible sound reproduction. To get a leg up today in the highly competitive world of music production, try a Monster Performer 500 Series cable!

Monster Cables Performer 500 Series Cables at a Glance:
  • Designed Specifically for Musicians
  • Engineered for Better Sound
  • Increased Dynamic Range and Frequency Response
  • Ultra-dense Shielding Reduces Hum, Interference, and Noise

Designed with the Musician in Mind
The Monster Cables Performer 500 Series of instrument cables are specifically engineered for the style of music you play. Style-specific cable designs unlock the full potential of your instrument's tonality and feel, and add a signature-quality to your personal sound. For example, Monster Rock brings out the bite in your guitar, while Monster Jazz enhances deep, full bodied tones. Whether you play rock, jazz, bass, or keyboards, Monster has a cable designed to enhance your sonic signature.

Engineered for Better Sound
While other cables can smother sound, increase distortion and flatten bass, Monster cables utilize unique patented technologies such as multi-gauge Bandwidth Balanced wire networks and Time Correct windings to transfer complex music signals between components with greater accuracy and better phase alignment.

Increased Dynamic Range and Frequency Response
Monster's MicroFiber dielectric employs an intricate process of winding an air-core fiber around each individual conductor to reduce dielectric losses and electromagnetic distortions. MicroFiber increases dynamic range, extending high frequencies and reducing background noise.

Ultra-dense Shielding Reduces Hum, Interference, and Noise
In addition, Monster's MultiTwist construction, ultra-dense shielding, and conductive polymer dielectrics are used to eliminate hum, interference and handling noise. Wider frequency response and more natural reduction of harmonics are just some of the improvements musicians discover with Monster Cable link microphone and studio interconnect cables.

Monster Cables P500M10 Features:
  • 10' balanced mic cable, XLR to XLR
  • Specifically designed for musical instrument use
  • Bandwidth Balanced wire network
  • Time Correct windings for better phase alignment
  • Air-core fiber winding reduces dielectric losses and EMI distortion
  • MultiTwist construction and ultra-dense shielding guard against hum and noise
A cable is the vital link from your instrument - make it a Monster Cable!

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Manufacturer Part Number 600223

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