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Pearl Demon Drive P-3002D Double Kick-drum Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Pearl Demon Drive P-3002D Double Kick-drum Pedal?

Questions about the Pearl Demon Drive P-3002D Double Kick-drum Pedal?

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  • from April 24, 2017

    Sick Smooth.

    Absolutely amazing product. I expect nothing less from Pearl.

  • from April 3, 2017Music Background:

    Love these pedals

    Best pedals ever!!!

  • from Roanoke, TX February 18, 2017

    Instant improvement to my double bass playing

    WOW! Blown Away is right. I have been drumming off and on for about 22 years and have been suffering on the same chain-driven, low-end knockoff double kick pedal for almost all of them. I have always thought these good pedals are way too expensive. Well, 22 years of endless tweaks and practice and trying to improve have not yielded great results, so I decided to pull the trigger.

    The only regret I had after installing and setting up and testing these was "Why did I wait so long to do this for myself?"

    I can only compare to my rickety Pacific pedals from 2001, but everything about these is a solid upgrade and I don't see a need to ever purchase another set of pedals. The build quality is amazing - nice, smooth, dense metal. Great touches like the anodized friction bumps. They come out of the box set to the "SPEED" preset and I didn't change anything. They bounce back so nicely and your feet stay glued to them - the transference is so much more natural.

    Note for Electronic players: I attached these to the kick of an Alesis DM10X mesh kit. I'm glad I read the review that said the pad was coming off on the electronic kit, because I investigated, and it turns out the attachment clamp on the pedal is reversible and fits _exactly_ behind the ridge on the electronic plate. Pearl thought of everything with this one.

    The balance on these pedals is great. My left pedal doesn't have any kind of block behind it, and it's on a rug. The left pedal on the Demon Drive hardly drifts at all, even unsupported, whereas I would have to track in sections before and move the pedal back to me.

    They are convertible to longboards as well, and come in a gorgeous hard zippered case.

    This is perfect out of the box, but customizable enough to help you figure out what style and settings work the best. Highly recommended - I'm excited about practicing again.

  • from Idaho November 24, 2015Music Background:
    drummer of 27 years with over 18 in extreme metal

    Demon Drive double pedal

    This is a fantastic pedal. The Demon Drive is unbelievably smooth and adjustable. I have owned many sets of pedals in my 27 years of playing drums and these are by far the nicest set I have ever played. They respond perfectly to whatever your feet are capable of. I only have one minor issue, and that is with the small rubber pads on the upper part of the bass drum clamp. Both pads fell off soon after purchase, but this may be from using them on an electronic kick pad with a metal lip, which is different from a bass drum hoop. Aside from that, I would recommend these to any drummer, especially those playing a lot of double bass parts.

  • from Houston,TX January 20, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer and semi pro drummer.

    Verry Happy

    Been using DW5000's since dirt and always kept saying that "I'll get around to getting new pedals". It came down to the usual...DW9000 or these. In the store i liked the feel of the demons better but to be honest the 9000's do seem to have more adjustability. So after a few weeks of debating ,i pulled the trigger on these due to the fact that they felt better in the store. After they arrived it took about an hour and a half to dial them in. Now they feel like an extension of my feet.Super smooth and incredibly light feeling BUT even due to the lightness(like the spring is very loose) i never lose control.The pedal is always at my foot. I always had trouble doing double strokes and triplets and thought it was me or my genetics,come to find out it was the pedal. 2 hours after setup it was like i hve been a pro at it for years..

  • from Charleston WV October 18, 2012Music Background:
    9 Year Drummer

    Amazing Hardware

    Demon Drives set the standard in what a double pedal should do. Right out of the case amazing, Expensive but well worth the price in the end.

  • from Carlsbad, CA April 21, 2017

    Really good pedals, but....

    Very versatile pedals, clear and detailed instructions to adjust them to your needs, however the beaters will wear out quickly and the construction of the drive shaft couplers which connect the drive shaft to the pedals suck. Noticed right out of the box all 4 set screws to tighten the couplers would not tighten or loosen without a struggle. I play on various kits so I have to disassemble my pedals often. Eventually the threads on one set screw completely stripped. I contacted Sweetwater and although it might have taken a bit longer than I was hoping to fix the problem, they took care of me and went above and beyond what I was expecting. I eventually received new couplers AND a backup drive shaft with couplers as well. NICE!!!! Thanks to Sweetwater and Justin D.!!!!! Other than the coupler defect and the beaters, for the price these pedals are well worth it.

Questions about the Pearl Demon Drive P-3002D Double Kick-drum Pedal?

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