Pearl P-3000D Demon Drive Single Kick Pedal

Kick Drum Pedal with Convertible Footboard and Ninja Bearings for Ultra-smooth Action
Pearl P-3000D Demon Drive Single Kick Pedal image 1
Pearl P-3000D Demon Drive Single Kick Pedal image 1
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Pearl P-3000D Demon Drive Single Kick Pedal
In Stock!

Add power and speed to your low end with the Demon Drive!

Pearl's P3000D Demon Drive single kick pedal is a favorite with drummers thanks to its unparalleled smoothness. Using Ninja bearings designed for skateboards, the Demon Drive's amazingly low friction, making this one of the fastest pedals around. You can tailor the feel of the Demon Drive to match your playing style. You can convert this pedal from a shortboard to a longboard via four screws under the footplate, letting you choose between finesse or power. To help you transport your kick pedal to and from gigs, the P3000D Demon Drive comes with a carry case.

Pearl P3000D Demon Drive at a Glance:
  • Pearl Hardware
  • Smooth feel
  • Choose finesse or power

Pearl Hardware
Pearl knows that your gear takes a lot of abuse — onstage, in the studio, or during jams. That's why they've built a range of hardware to meet every need — and to take that punishment, day after day, night after night. When it's stability you're calling for, you — and your gear — can depend on Pearl hardware.

Smooth feel
Play a Demon Drive and the first thing you'll notice is its unparalleled smoothness The Demon Drive gets its incredible smoothness and speed through the use of ultra-precise components. Designed for skateboarding these bearings feature micro-polished steel balls for amazing low friction.

Choose finesse or power
The most unique feature of the Demon Drive pedal is Pearl's exclusive Duo-Deck, the world's first convertible footboard. Through a simple adjustment, the Demon Drive pedal can be adjusted from a traditional shortboard to a longboard pedal in seconds, offering a slightly lighter, quicker feel that is the preferred setup when speed is a necessity. The rear position provides greater power. Loosen the key bolt and move to the front position for more finesse.

Additional features of this pedal include the world's first two-position Beater Stroke Adjustment and two-position Direct Link Adjustment. Both adjustable features allow the player to create a slightly lighter or heavier feel of the pedal depending on their preferred setting. Adjusting the Duo-Deck in combination with the Beater Holder and Direct Link Adjustments yields 8 possible Pedal Configurations, allowing the player to truly create their ideal pedal configuration.

Pearl P3000D Demon Drive Features:
  • Single kick pedal
  • Ninja skateboard bearings for ultrasmooth feel
  • Converts quickly from shortboard to long board for your choice of feel
  • 2 beater positions for a light or heavy feel
  • Fully adjustable Aluminum Traction Dots to vary the amount of slip or grip
  • Control Core Felt beater with anti-vibration elastomer core
  • Comes standard with a carry case
Custom-tailor your kick pedal to how you play with Pearl's P3000D Demon Drive!

Tech Specs

Single/Double Single
Drive System Direct Drive
Manufacturer Part Number P3000D

Customer Reviews

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My Demon drive Single Kick Pedals

I bought these pedals after thinking for about 3 months. Everyone I have ever known used chain drive pedals and honestly I didn't see much difference between any brands. Other than each pedal has its own feel. I was working to learn "heel toe" double bass using stock Pearl single pedals. Even after trying more expensive double bass chain drive pedals friends owned, it still Felt the same in general. I'm not one that believes gear makes anyone a better drummer and I've always said otherwise. Once I got the pedals I was initially disappointed and let down. Every time I hit the bass it just felt "off". Like just a single note wasn't what it use to be and I didn't like that at all. Once I got the feel for the pedal after a few hours it still felt impossible for "heel toe" even after adjusting spring tension. Almost as bad as when I first ever tried to start learning it. I thought about sending them back that night. Then I read reviews. I became determined I was gonna find the greatness others had found in it. I went out on a limb and ordered them blindly so I owed it to myself to give it another go. I spent the next day trying every setting adjustment systematically until I found what works. Let me tell you, my view hasn't changed exactly as far as gear making good drummers. But these pedals weren't working against me. In hind sight the chain drive pedals I had used were most definitely were holding me back with this method it appeared. I can say that because I had been practicing the method well beyond 500 hours trying to perfect it. I was getting close to really having it. When I got the Demon Drive Single Pedals for each bass drum adjusted and fine tuned everything just came together and felt natural. I can't really explain what felt "off" initially. The best I can describe it is I think it was the responsiveness of the direct drive as opposed to chain drive. What you play is what you get might be what I'm trying to say? The box says "Heavenly feel" and "Wickedly fast". Those discriptions of this pedal are tremendously understated in my opinion. These pedals didn't and don't make me a better drummer. They did increase the limit of how well I could do things. The old saying "a good drummer can hide bad drums but good drums can't hide a bad drummer" is very true. Another truth is your musicianship outgrows some equipment. For me this allowed me to progress further. If your kid or yourself learned an instrument in grade school band. Then you know in high school many kids move from the beginner cheap instrument to intermediate/professional instruments. Not because one doesn't work. But because the other facilitates growth and a few other things. These pedals are the upgrade I needed to make and they were worth every cent. The only problem I had was with one pedal. The spring attachment had a fine crack that started where you tighten it with a drum key to adjust the pedal angle. It looked like it most likely happened in manufacturing. However, I informed my sales guy about it. He sent me to who I needed to talk to and they replaced it. I had found the crack when I was making finer adjustments the next week and it was tiny. May not have even been a problem. But it looked like it was a running crack and I couldn't chance keeping it. Honestly I didn't want to send it back and be without while waiting on a new one. I was and still am in love with these pedals. I have never had a more exemplary experience with customer service anywhere. Especially with music stores. They sent me return info and shipping label. All I had to do was put the damaged pedal and box back in the shipping box, slap on the return shipping label, and send it back. It was fast, efficient, and well done. I'll also point out this isn't the first time or only way I felt overly impressed with Sweetwater Customer Service. They really have it together in my experience. It's always been a dread to think about buying equipment with other stores for me. It is not that way with Sweetwater. It's as awesome as having packages delivered. Honestly...maybe better!
Music background: Metal/Christian Metal Drummer, Volunteer Teaching/assisting middle/high school percussion

Every feature - ever.

I can't recommend any other pedal after owning this one. The double version even breaks down to singles with ease. Perfectly balanced, perfect feel, phenomenal control. My favorite 'additional' features: -easy switch to short or long board -easy adjust beater position for a larger or smaller arc -notches to show default position on all the adjustable parts, makes for easy recall and experimentation My one and only hangup: The spring could be stronger, but I play it taught. have gone through about one spring a year - close to maximum tension. Buy a few backups; they have a 90 degree offset on the top and bottom clip so you gotta get the specific one. Now if you have read this far, you should also know, sweetwater covered me and sent out 3 new springs when they got word I broke one. Covered under warranty: YES!

Pearl P-3000D

Best Drum Pedal In The Market!!!
Music background: Drummer

Spoiled Forever

Superbly made, amazingly adjustable, velvety-smooth and noise-free action. The long board/angle, light feel, beater and spring tension adjustment options allowed me to flawlessly adapt it to my current use. Unerringly accurate response and follows your foot like a shadow. If you can feel a beat, this pedal will make it happen. Couldn’t be happier.
Music background: Acoustic drum, heel up, average ability, rock/pop club player back in the 70’s. V-drums, heel-down, improved ability, various styles, for-pleasure player now.
See also: Kick Pedal, Pearl, Pearl Drum Pedals & Beaters