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Shure P2R215CL System Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Iowa,USA March 28, 2013


    High sound quality
    Easy to used

  • from San Francisco March 19, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Nice In Ear System, Good Value

    I am real happy with this in ear package. I am only using it as a wired back right now which really works for me. Later I may go wireless but currently mostly in a chair so not needed. This is one of the few belt packs that I know that is out there these days that has an option to go wired and wireless. The H2 in ears are sounding good for my needs!

  • from Dallas TX USA February 15, 2012Music Background:
    Semi pro Rock, Alternative, Americana, Country, and others

    P2R215CL Great deal for the price

    I play pretty regular.. and getting older. Years of abuse from AMPS and drums were wearing on my ears. I was using my drummers Shure wireless gear. I read you can add receivers to the existing transmitter. You can! I bought the product through Sweetwater and was REALLY surprised. The earphones that it came with are a vast improvement over the ones the drummer received with his purchase a year or two ago. The receiver works and will pick up for a good range. Keep in mind if you are like me and read a lot of reviews before a purchase-Know your equipment, and the house systems. I found I can prevent all the issues others have posted (and listed to rank the product down). I ranked a 5 because for the price you can not do better. The ear phones used will also make a difference. I can hear again after a show and recommend the product highly.

  • from San Francisco April 28, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, engineer, composer, professional musician

    Everything I needed

    Works perfectly for what I needed which is a wired pack. And enjoying the in ears as well!

  • from Methuen, MA May 23, 2012Music Background:
    Home recordist, guitarist

    Good package

    I needed to get a Shure P2R receiver as the band I joined uses in-ear monitors (P2T transmitter), not floor monitors.
    I think Shure may overprice these receivers, knowing that users are locked into using them with the P2R (which costs about the same). The earbuds sound good, the receivers have a built-in limiter to keep extra loud sounds from blasting your ears, and it can take some time to get used to the varying sound because of that. Sure (Shure!) can hear the vocals better this way, and the SE215 earbuds cut out a lot of the background noise - my ears aren't ringing any more after an evening of standing next to the drums!

  • from Raleigh, NC November 15, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer/Producer


    This package is an excellent value. The ability to get rid of floor monitoring and get into an in ear system at an affordable, working band price is awesome. The SE215 can get a bit uncomfortable in the 3rd or 4th hour of a standard cover band gig, but it's not any worse than the hearing fatigue one encounters after the same length of time with a stage full of wedges. To be able to get in ears without the much larger expense of custom molds is very, very cool!

  • from Ypsilanti, MI October 7, 2014Music Background:
    Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

    Though one

    I've only used the body pack wired. As a wired unit it is very solid. Plenty of volume. All connectors fit tight without connector noise. The unit even provides routing to prevent cable disconnect. By itself, I would give the body pack a straight up 5.

    The ear buds:
    Our vocalist loves them. Our keyboardist and guitarist think their fine. I'm a cross bassist. I simply can't deal with them. No detail under 200hz. The note is there. I can tell if it is in tune. Nothing beyond that. I make sound with fingers and strings. Only my ears can tell me if I'm hitting the mark. With ear buds I have no idea what I am projecting to the audience. I also tried Westone UM 3's. Same results. I have noted that up to 5 drivers are available in ear buds and that custom ear molds are also available. I simply can not throw any more money at this. None of it is returnable as ear buds are considered a personal item. For now it's back open ear for performances. Here's a note to help qualify my assessment of how bass is projected; I will not play through our PA monitors either. They are fine monitors, but the difference in sound between them and a solid six pack of 10's is huge.

    The service:

    The service at Sweetwater still earns a 5 from me. I talked at length with my engineer and the assessment was honest. Some bassists can deal with them. Some can not. I had a strong desire to make ear buds work as many stage issues are solved with in ear monitoring. Less amp/monitor mix back into the mics and better timing when we are set wide on the stage. The band as a whole has benefited from going with in ear monitoring. We record our sessions via Presonus Live mixer (Thanks again Sweetwater for the recommendation!) We all concur the degradation in articulation is not worth the lessened spill from the bass amp.


    I have none. I would love to know if folks like the Haydens, Victor W., Joco (RIP), Christian McBride, ever successfully used ear buds, and if so how. Until then, it's a crap shoot.

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