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Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-MB Reviews

3.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-MB?

Questions about the Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-MB?

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  • Scott C
    from Rotorua, NZ February 3, 2016Music Background:

    Bomb Proof!

    Awesome mic tray for P16 in-ear monitor that easily and strongly attaches to your mic stand. Well worth the price!

  • Richard Schubert
    from North Carolina March 10, 2016Music Background:
    Non-professional, but long time musician / sound tech

    A must have for the P16-M personal monitors

    This unit is designed for and works great with the Behringer P16-M personal monitor. It can either clamp on to a vocal mic stand (which is how we happen to be using it) or, it can sit atop a mic stand if that particular team member doesn't do vocals. Is well made and sturdy.

  • Scott
    from PA February 11, 2016Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    seems solid

    Very rugged platform. Solid piece of kit. Holds the P16 to the stand VERY firmly. (better than I've experienced with older style Aviom clamps) I don't know if they've changed things with the clamp (from what I read on other reviews) but this one seems to work...at least initially. Or perhaps it's my oversized Ultimate stand that allows it to work better.

    I would have given it 5 stars but I think the screw & nut that holds the mounting bracket to the extension could have been better designed. For someone with large hands it's hard to get your hand in there and hold on tight to the mounting nut. Would like to have seen a design where that wasn't necessary.

  • Customer
    from November 26, 2016

    P16 mount

    Used the mount on top of a mic stand. Looks and works great

  • Marlin
    from Montana February 7, 2014Music Background:
    Music Ministry Leader

    Mount for P16M mixer.

    The clamp for mounting on the side of a mic stand doesn't work well at all. There is hardware included for mounting on the top of a dedicated mic stand.
    You remove the mic holder from the stand and the whole side clamp assembly from the mount. Then use the included nuts to clamp the main mounting plate to the top of the mic stand. This works well, and is quick to take on and off. It also includes slots to help hold the cat 5 cable in place.

  • SteveC
    from December 5, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Good but a weak clamp

    The plate to mount the PM16 is extremely solid, could drive a car on it an not damage it. Sadly the clamp is crap.
    Clamp the thing to a mic stand with a PM16 and the screw starts to squirt off the side of the stands pipe and the whole thing wants to swivel and sag under the weight of the PM16 and cables.
    I think the biggest issue is the clamp is simply too big for using on mic stands, I guess they expect you to clamp it to a speaker stand or maybe a fire hydrant??

    Seriously, this is the ONLY weak point to the entire x32 line I have found. I swapped this for an Onstage mic stand bracket which is still flimsy but has a better clamp. I have a K&M clamp bracket that is built like a tank and would be perfect but it replaced the Onstage clamp to hold my Gigeasy Ipad holder.

    Behringer needs to supply a proper clamp for this and it would be 5 stars.

  • Scott Darlington
    from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada June 19, 2017Music Background:
    Bass Player in a Classic Rock band

    Clamp Itself is Terrible, Rest is Great

    I love my P16-I and P16-M. Gave them both top marks. But this mounting bracket is terrible. Well, to be fair, the part that you attach to the P16-M works great, and you can attach that directly to the top of a mic stand, which provides a nice, stable platform. However, if you want to attach it to a vertical mic stand tube, the clamp I received was defective, and from other reviews of this bracket, it looks like that's common. The specific issue is that the bracket is not formed correctly because it isn't quite bent far enough. Consequently, the screw mechanism doesn't point directly at the "V" that contacts the far side of the mic stand tube. So, the screw ends up pushing a bit to the side of the mic stand tube instead of on its center. That lets the P16-M itself to droop to one side and threaten to fall off entirely. Fortunately, I happened to have an old K&M iPad holder for an old iPad that I don't even have anymore. It comes with a nice, beefy clamp to hold the iPad to a mic stand tube. The iPad bracket attaches to that beefy clamp using the same fastening mechanism used by the part of this P16-MB mounting bracket to attach to the P16-MB flimsy clamp. So, I was able to replace the flimsy, defective clamp that came with the P16-MB mounting bracket with the beefy clamp from the old K&M iPad holder. Now, the whole thing is rock solid. So, sure, go ahead and buy this bracket so that you have the part that attaches to the P16-M. However, be prepared to buy a beefier mounting bracket of some sort to replace the one that comes with this P16-MB mounting bracket, if yours turns out to be defective, too.

Questions about the Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-MB?

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