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Behringer Powerplay P16-I 16-channel Input Module Reviews

5.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer Powerplay P16-I 16-channel Input Module?

Questions about the Behringer Powerplay P16-I 16-channel Input Module?

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  • from June 19, 2017Music Background:
    Bass Player in Classic Rock band

    Great Piece of Gear!

    I hooked this up to our rack of MOTU equipment, which is fed by direct outputs from our mixer. I was able to hook up the P16-M with just the Ethernet cable, which supplies power to the unit (very convenient). Everything sounds great. Very happy with it!

  • from April 18, 2017

    Just simple and amazing

    We use it at school for live recordings in studio. Simple to use and of course cheap for the price. Especially if you start comparing prices with other brands.

  • from CA July 29, 2015

    Great System For The $$$

    We installed this system at our church and it works great. It was easy to install and the features are everything we need. Yes, it would be nice to go wireless, but that is some big bucks compared to what this system costs.

  • from Broadcast Recording Studio in Los Angeles August 22, 2013Music Background:
    Rocket Scientist and singer


    This type of monitoring is not new, what is new is the price, Behringer has brought the capability of MUCH more expensive systems down to the working man, thank you ULI!

    We replaced a rather sophisticated analogue mixing system that gave us the similar capability, each person in the band had their own mix, it took a lot of wire and connections to get all those mixers connected.

    The first day we got the system I had to do a lot of running around and explaining and helping others learn to mix their own monitor, by the end of the first session everyone was smiling ear to ear because they could finally really hear and tweak the mix the way they want it.

    Now the monolith of monitor mixing stuff we've been using is leaving our studio because this little digital Behringer system does everything the former system did and more. We're using it with Carvin stereo in-ear monitors and there is plenty of volume.

    This rack mount interface is pretty simple and easy to set up. I put a Behringer patchbay in right above it so it's easy to jack sources into the headphone system. There seems to be plenty of headroom, every channel has signal present and clip indication, it's easy to keep an eye on the system. So far I've never heard it distort or do anything weird.

    Thanks Sweetwater, we love it!

  • from Rockford, Illinois December 18, 2012Music Background:
    Professional session guitarist.

    Behringer is great!

    This system is great. I've been using Aviom for the last 15 years, and the Behringer is giving it some great competition

  • from North Augusta, SC December 11, 2012Music Background:
    Worship pastor, drummer

    The only thing

    Still giving it a 5 star because you CAN NOT beat the price for the system! But I wish the p16-I had 2 outs per channel (it only has 1), I had to do come refiguring because my sound board does not have direct outs and I had to use the inserts from the board with Direct Out Cables to go into the p16-I, which is okay if you aren't using any processing gear or aren't using your inserts for anything. I had to get a 3/4 splitter from radio shack and go from the processing gear's output and one went to the p16-I and the other to the board. But like I said you can't beat the price!!

  • from North Augusta, SC December 11, 2012Music Background:
    Worship pastor, drummer

    Totally worth it!

    This is a awesome distribution module!! It actually is capable of more that what they tell you or try to tell you. When talking to everyone, they made it seem like you had to buy the p16-d to daisy chain the p16m(mixers), BUT this P16-I still allows you to daisy chain your mixers through cat-5 cable. Which actually not only lets you control 6 mixers but a whole lot more, I don't know how many mixers you can daisy chain, but you can definitely hook more that just the six up, which save you MONEY! The P16-i works great and the quality in sound is awesome, also the fact that you can "boost" the signal being sent to the mixers is a huge plus!

  • from Dallas/Ft.Worth November 6, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Musician


    Great product... great value for money!!!
    Does exactly the same as the competition at 1/4 of the price... plug and play. Bought it along with the Presonus 16.4.2 and a couple of DB25-> 1/4" TRS cables -rack mounted and run cables into 16 channels in rear of P16-I.
    Supports up to 6 CAT-5 cables out of front to P16-M's - each connection powers a P16-M (but will not daisy-chain on power - only audio).
    Very happy with this purchase !!!

  • from NY June 29, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician and Producer

    You are fantastic

    everything was perfect. I tried to find the P16 (Behringer) in many stores, and the only store that I found was SWEETWATER! You are fantastic!!!!!!!!
    The product was delivered before than I was expected.
    Best regards,

  • from Raleigh NC USA March 19, 2014Music Background:
    Musicain and recording Hobbyist

    Power in Powerplay

    This thing works better than I expected and is very convenient. I routed audio from my console and from my DAW to the P16-I for recording drums to prerecorded tracks. I set up theP16-m mixer next to the kit and with a short demo of how it works the drummer was able to get the headphone mix he needed. The sound quality is good and the P16-M interface is easy to use. I needed longer Cat5 cables to reach the drums so I bought a few 25' cat5e cables, plugged them in and everything worked great. Couldn’t be happier with this set up.

  • from ATL June 25, 2016Music Background:
    Producer. Engineer. Mixer


    Fantastic. Love the fact that you can chain up 6 together. Need a little more headroom. But all in all a great unit! The latency issue though is a little much... Trying to figure that out now.

Questions about the Behringer Powerplay P16-I 16-channel Input Module?

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