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M-Audio Oxygen 88 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • Kirk
    from Sacramento, CA November 27, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Producer

    M-Audio Oxygen 88

    This is a great controller because of it's durability. I have used other 88 key controllers but end up buying new ones because they are poorly made. This controller is heavier and bulkier than most controllers. It is also simple and easy to use. If you need a 88 keys controller that is moved around a lot, get this one.

  • Composers Media Group
    from August 7, 2012

    loving my m-audio

    Love the key feel.

  • Lionel Cartwright
    from Nashville, TN April 20, 2015Music Background:
    Recording artist, songwriter, composer

    Feels like a piano

    You'd think as plentiful as keyboard controllers are, there'd be a myriad of choices in whatever configuration you prefer. I found this not to be the case. I'm a lifelong musician and have used my piano keyboard skills in multiple applications: recording, composing for TV, arranging, live performing. But at the core, I will always be a piano player.
    As such, I want my keyboard to feel like a piano (especially for piano parts). I want the action to give me some resistance, fight back a little. So action was a big factor for me, along with two other functions. Bottom line, I was after: (1.) weighted, or preferably hammer action; (2.) assignable knobs and sliders to work with the software (Omnisphere, MainStage, etc.); and (3.) no built in sounds that I probably wouldn't use anyway, since the sounds in my software are already excellent. The M-Audio Oxygen 88 was the right combination at the right price. I strongly recommend purchasing the AC cord, as the USB power needs are demanding (my computer crashed several times without the AC cord). Very happy with this purchase.

  • Larry Calame
    from Vancouver, WA USA June 3, 2011Music Background:
    solo piano, vocalist, accompanist

    piano-like keyboard

    The weighted full length keys are very much like that of a piano. I played piano years ago, then stopped - playing only a semi-weighted keyboard for the last several years. So I will say that this keyboard took some getting used to - it can feel a bit stiff. But I do have access to a couple of pianos, and I think the weight and resistance of the keys is pretty much like the real thing., The action is somewhat slow - repeated notes are difficult (for me at least) to play in rhythm and with strong velocity. But I have the same difficulty with a piano - so I'm inclined to blame me more than the keyboard for that difficulty. For most things I play (pop/jazz/improv/vocal accompaniments) the action works well for me.

    Regarding features, it does everything that is in the user guide. Programming it is very straightforward.

    A few cautions:

    1. It does not ship with a power supply, so if you plan to use it as part of standalone (computerless) setup, you'll need to purchase that separately
    2. It has no midi in jack, so if you can only restore configurations via the usb port.
    3. it does not transmit aftertouch. To me that's shouldn't be an issue, as it should be thought of as a piano/epioano keyboard, not a synth (the action doesn't lend itself to synth/organ playing IMO)

  • Amzie Troyer
    from Cadillac MI March 24, 2012Music Background:
    piano player

    some keys are more sensitive than others

    plugging this in it works perfect I love all the midi faders and knobs, but the thing I don't love is the way it plays, it is so bad I cant play it very long, the sensitivity is not the same, some keys are louder, this is bad I would expect better from M-audio
    If you want to get a real piano feel this is not for you

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