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Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE - Canadian Cedar Top Reviews

5.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE - Canadian Cedar Top?

Questions about the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE - Canadian Cedar Top?

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  • from Astoria, OR April 14, 2017Music Background:
    Self taught professional

    Great Guitar

    Just received this guitar. I have played regular classical guitar for many years. This sounds as good as my 47 year old Aria. I haven't even plugged it in yet. The workmanship and beauty of the guitar coupled with the outstanding sound make it well worth the price.

  • from Denver CO March 26, 2017

    Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE-Cedar Top--ecxellent buy

    I’ve been playing professionally and teaching guitar for over 30 years and have played most styles. I’ve had my Orchestra Fusion now for about two weeks. It arrived double boxed and on time. The guitar was in great condition and almost in tune. Acoustically, it sounds wonderful--very resonant and balanced. Currently, I play mainly hollow body electric for classic jazz and blues, and I was looking for a guitar to augment my sound into the Latin and gypsy-jazz realms.
    The neck feels very comfortable; the frets are well-dressed with no sharp fret ends. The 16-inch radius and slightly narrower width really help a non-classical player like me. Another bonus is how thin, in terms of depth, the neck is. Nevertheless, I did have to have the guitar’s action adjusted because it was too high for me. The Cordoba web site recommends there be two quarters’ clearance at the twelfth fret, but there was more. Once professionally set up, the guitar plays much better, but this did add to the price.
    Now, about the electronics: The Cordoba website is very helpful in providing information about how to adjust the pickup system. The Fishman system has an under-saddle pickup and a mic, plus a control to balance the two outputs. There is also an internal pot that claims to give more emphasis to either pickup, but I found that it did a minimal job in that regard. In general, the amplified sound is very close to the acoustic. One odd thing is that the mic is much louder than the under saddle pickup. I use a looper and noticed that vocals will come through the mic unless you turn the mic off. I also tried putting an L.R. Baggs Para-acoustic D.I. between the Cordoba and my Quilter Aviator amp and found the tonal quality much improved. Overall, in spite of the added cost of set up, this beautiful guitar is a great value. Plus, the folks at Sweetwater were very helpful. I hope this review helps others!

  • from Spokane, WA March 9, 2017

    First Impressions

    Just got this guitar. Beautiful, easy to play, smooth, full sound with good nylon string bite when pushed. Fusion neck seems just right : my old fingers can't stretch easily on my classical anymore and can't squeeze cleanly onto the fretboard of my steel string acoustic anymore either. The neck in this is just wide enough to finger cleanly and not too wide to thumb. Chose the CE Cedar for the deeper body, the pretty rosewood, and the mellower cedar tone. Sides and back are laminated but that adds stability in a guitar I want to keep out year-round. Detail, finish could not be nicer, thank you China and thank you Cordoba for an excellent design and a manufacturing approach that made it affordable.
    First impressions, yes. But anyone who has played a ton of guitars knows whether it's a good one right when you pick it up or take it off the wall. This is a good one.
    Thank you Charlie Davis. Your experience is always helpful.

  • from St. Augustine, FL January 30, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Jazz/Classical/Rock guitar. Studio musician in Nashville from 1980-1987. Received formal music training at Morehead State University, Ky. I have played professionally for 40 years.

    Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE

    This guitar purchase has been one of my best experiences to date. I have played a traditional classical guitar with electronics for years. Also, a Ramerez hand made Italian classical guitar with no electronics. There are a host of wonderful features on the Fusion Orchestra. Playablility is awesome. It took about a day to adjust to the more narrow neck and string width of this instrument. No more hand cramps from over arching the left hand to make chords or play complicated passages. My scale speed went up dramatically and the tone rivals the Italian Ramerez guitar I used to have. The electronics are fantastic. You can dial yourself in to where you can't even tell you are playing through an amplifyer except for the added volume. The slight curve to the fretboard makes barr chords much easier on this instrument as well. The body is a slight bit narrower than the Takamine (close to the G5 series) guitar I owned, but there was no comparison on body of tone. The deep rich notes are like diving into a deep pool of sound. This guitar can get loud as well when not plugged in. It is a joy to play. I play multiple styles and have finally found the guitar that can handle the breadth of my repitoire. From Classical, Jazz, Blues, and Classic Rock instrumentals, this guitar speaks loud and clear. My service engineer Tad was a blessing through the whole process. I have never purchased an instrument on-line before, but Tad made this a most pleasant experience. Sweetwater has found themselves a new custome for life. Also, the guitar is beautiful and sounds as good as it looks...The wood choices and craftsmandship are superb! (Plus, I know what fret I'm on.....sneaky sneaky:) )

  • from Canton, GA October 3, 2016

    If You Can Find One, Buy it!!!

    I can't believe the quality of this guitar for this price!!! Anyone familiar with Luthier Kenny Hill would not believe that for about what you would pay in sales tax for one of his masterpieces, you can buy this extraordinary instrument. Designed in California and built in China, yes, I said the C word! But I have never seen this level of build quality from any Asian builder ever!! When you first pick it up, you can feel how lightly it is built which makes this little guitars voice strong and bell-like. The cedar top gives it a beautiful tonal balance and warmth that sounds like it costs much more. It does have a urethane finish but it is very light and perfectly applied, unlike many other Chinese built acoustics. The Fishman onboard electronics are just about perfect for this instrument and once again add to the overall value. The neck feels just right for this this old steel string player and the high tension Savarez stings complete the package. One word of advice, I would order the Cordoba Humidified Archtop case with this guitar because of the very light build. It could be damaged by too much dry winter indoor air.

  • from Niagara Falls November 5, 2015Music Background:


    This Cordoba Fusion is much easier to play than the regular flat fretboard classical.The narrower nut helps too.

  • from Ohio June 8, 2015Music Background:

    Great guitar!

    I am a student who has been learning guitar for multiple years now, and I just recently decided to begin studying classical guitar. I had taken up the magical Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega, and I was really grinding through it on my steel string, but I needed a nylon stinged instrument to really take it to the next level. I asked my guitar teacher to keep an eye out for any nice classical guitars when he swung by the shop, and he found two guitars that really made the cut: a Rodriguez and this guitar. As you might guess he ended up choosing the Cordoba for me and I can say without reservation that I am incredibly happy that he did! The instrument is so responsive, and it's a real dream to play on. The guitar can get LOUD too! The range in volume is impressive. You can't really get it from the pictures but this is also a beautiful instrument, Rich, solid wood top and the color and detail is stunning. I also really appreciate the cutaway and built in electronics: this guitar sounds great amplified. One minor gripe was that the cord got unstuck in the body of the guitar and began rattling around, but it was easy enough to stick it back onto sticky tape originally holding it to the wall. I am very happy with this instrument!

  • from Valparaiso, IN June 6, 2013Music Background:
    Playing for many years in many bands.

    Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE (Cedar Top)

    This is my second Cordoba. My first is the Orchestra model with solid rosewood back and sides and cedar top. I trully love it. I wanted a cut away model and took a chance and ordered this model. I am very happy with the quality and with the tone. I was a little worried about no solid back and sides but the tone is just slightly less than my other Cordoba. If it were solid woods then it would have been a 10 on a system based on 5.

  • from Cincinnati, OH June 16, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Performer, Student

    Outstanding Instrument

    Alright well I was in the market to buy a nylon string that was equipped with on board electronics and honestly I went out on a limb because I had never played this instrument nor seen a review or even a sound sample. I knew a little about Cordoba but I just went with the description that sweetwater provided. I'm 100% blown away! A big issue in buying classical guitar's is volume. And when I say "volume" I'm meaning the volume of the guitar unplugged. The sound is huge, crisp and clear. I almost can't believe that you could even touch the sound this instrument provides for the price. It's extremely comfortable, the action is superb and the wood's are just beautiful. And hah, wait till you hear it plugged in, it's even better. Very balanced and punchy and the Fishman pre-amp really lets you dial in a slew of tones. This is my second purchase from sweetwater and the reason I'll keep coming back is because there customer service is above and beyond. I've never felt so taken care of and appreciated for my purchases. And with that being said they have a life long relationship here. If your looking for a guitar that you can just go to the gig, plug in and play with ease look no further. Cordoba provides that and the cool thing is they offer a nylon string that will suit any style of musician and their need. Thank you sweetwater for providing excellent service and carrying quality instruments. Oh and if you do decide to purchase from sweetwater, give my man Gilbert your business, ext (1675) He will take care of you and will make your experience a great one.

  • from Warren, PA July 16, 2014Music Background:
    Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar

    Great Guitar: Some Adjustment Needed

    The Guitar is wonderful but the high humidity we had the two weeks following the delivery required adjustment by a professional. I am waiting to get it back. It had some string buzz at the fifth fret of the A and G strings.

    All else was great and I love working with the sales associates at Sweetwater. The will receive my continued business.

  • from Hampton, VA February 8, 2012Music Background:
    Studio Owner / Hobbyist

    Very nice Instrument

    I really enjoy the acoustic sound of this instrument. It plays well and stays in tune. The onboard tuner is very effective and accurate. I have not yet used the direct plugin feature yet so I can't rate that. I will say overall this instrument is beautiful and sounds good. Thanks to David my sales rep at (1398)

Questions about the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE - Canadian Cedar Top?

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