Mighty Bright Orchestra Light - Nine LED, Orchestra

Clip-on Music Stand and Pedalboard Light with Included AC Adapter and Battery Power
Mighty Bright Orchestra Light - Nine LED, Orchestra image 1
Mighty Bright Orchestra Light - Nine LED, Orchestra image 1
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Mighty Bright Orchestra Light - Nine LED, Orchestra
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A High-intensity Light You Can Use Discreetly Onstage!

The perfect stage light! Use the Orchestra Light to help you see better onstage. This clip-on light sturdily attaches to your music stand or pedalboard - it also sits right on a desktop. You'll love the Mighty Bright Orchestra Light's included AC adapter cord for long practice and performing sessions, although you can power it with the three included AA batteries if you want. Two light settings - high and low - give you just the right amount of light, and a shade on the back makes sure that your Mighty Bright Orchestra Light won't glare toward the audience.

Mighty Bright Orchestra Light Clip-on LED Light at a Glance:
  • Illuminates up to four pages of sheet music
  • Can be powered by an AC adapter or batteries (both included)
  • Gooseneck and clip-on design allow for easy positioning

Illuminates up to four pages of sheet music
When you have the Orchestra Light with you onstage, you'll be able to see your music in even the dimmest of light conditions. This handy clip-on LED light from Mighty Bright is designed to illuminate up to four pages of sheet music or an entire pedalboard, depending on what kind of musician you are. On the top, there's a convenient switch that lets you switch it on/off and toggle between the high and low light settings.

Can be powered by an AC adapter or batteries (both included)
When you use the Mighty Bright Orchestra Light for long periods of time, you'll be glad to know you can use the included AC power adapter. But, if you need to perform somewhere AC power isn't an option or just isn't convenient, you can power your Mighty Bright Orchestra Light with three AA batteries (included!) and it will operate for 16 hours on the high setting and 24 hours on the low setting. All-night performance? Not a problem!

Gooseneck and clip-on design allow for easy positioning
Feel free to position your Mighty Bright Orchestra Light wherever you need. It features a smooth-moving gooseneck and a sturdy clip-on system, so you can clip it right onto your music stand, pedalboard, or table. For added convenience, there's a shade on the back of the Orchestra Light that directs the maximum amount of light on your music and reduces any potential glare toward the audience.

Mighty Bright Orchestra Light Clip-on LED Light Features:
  • Clip-on LED sheet music light
  • 9 LEDs illuminate up to 4 pages of sheet music
  • Rugged, solid-state lighting technology lasts up to 100,000 hours
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries or a long AC adapter cord (both included)
  • Offers up to 16 hours of continuous use on the high setting or 24 hours on the low setting
  • Easy access power switch on top controls 2 brightness levels
  • Strong and flexible gooseneck arm that moves in as many directions as needed
  • Sturdy clip attaches to music stand or sits freestanding
  • Shade on back of lamp head directs more light on music and reduces glare towards audience
See every note, even on the darkest of stages - use the Mighty Bright clip-on LED Orchestra Light!

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Manufacturer Part Number 53510

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Mighty Bright is mighty right!

I initially ordered one orchestra light but upon using it, I immediately ordered another; then just days later I ordered yet another as a gift for a fellow musician. The shield on the back is great for keeping the bright light out of the eyes of our listeners.

Functional Stand Light

This is a very useful music stand light. I know that nowadays a lot of players are using small LED book lights but those are fragile to carry around in a gig bag and frequently not bright enough. This light overcomes both of those problems. It's plenty bright for a music stand with a full book on it and it comes in a case to protect it. It runs on both batteries and an AC adapter so it's versatile enough for whatever situation I might find myself in. Overall this is a very functional and dependable light for the working musician.
Music background: Professional musician

LIght the Lights!

Always struggling for enough light without blinding my guests over the years this is a fabulous addition for any musician. Clips on, battery or a/c, stylish and really puts light where you need it.
Music background: Currently Ragtime Robert at Disneyland, 39 years before that in piano bar


I have used Mighty Bright lights for years...but the Nine LED is my favorite and its durable; light weight and great for any stage or venue. I do a lot of weddings and this is the perfect size and it lights up my entire sheet music no glare. Worth every penny. Thanks Mighty Bright!


For years I've had the Mighty Bright two bulb light and had found it unsatisfactory. I decided to try the nine light option and find it to be very nice to work with. The light is not only adjustably bright but it's nicely projected and even on two pages. I had a problem with the weight of it on my portable stand, but treated myself to a heavier portable stand with a wider center, and it's fine. On my orchestra stand, which is heavy, it's wonderful. Enjoy!
Music background: Instrumentalist

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Don Carr

Want to be a great musician? Then, you have to practice -- a lot! Having the proper tools and practice space will help with organization, workflow, accuracy, and time management in order to make the best use of your practice time. The more of your practice tools you can leave handy, the more likely you are to practice. Have a comfortable chair with everything you need readily available and make that space as distraction-free as possible. Set long- and short-term goals with steps to achieve them and be realistic about your available time. A music stand is an absolute must -- the sturdier, the better. Thicker songbooks by themselves will topple a flimsy music stand. If the light over your practice area isn't aimed at the right spot, clip-on music stand lights are a great way to ensure that you can see what you're reading. Metronomes make you aware of exactly how steady tempo feels when executing an unfamiliar piece of music, training you to play it with correct subdivision. They expose trouble spots, allowing you to start slowly and gradually increase your speed accurately. With repeated use, a metronome can also improve your "internal clock." Listening to a recording of your playing gives you the objectivity you can't have while you're concentrating on performing. Your phone or iPad is a portable solution for this because you can see and hear yourself. Use a recording app or a DAW and an interface for the highest audio quality and flexibility. Quality studio monitors reveal more detail when listening, and headphones are good for private practice or close inspection of recorded music that you're learning. Writing everything down will help you to remember what you've done, what you need to do, what your goals are, and how you've progressed in your practice routine. Mirado Black Warrior pencils and blank staff or tablature paper are essential; a three-ring binder notebook with plastic sleeves will keep your music in performance-ready shape. Or go virtual and use a computer or tablet for all these tasks! Get your practice space together and your time organized for super-efficient practice time; that way, you'll be motivated to practice more and you'll get more out of each session.
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