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Orange SmartPower SP212 2x12" 600-Watt Isobaric Bass Cabinet 8-ohm Orange Reviews

4.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from Buffalo NY November 20, 2013Music Background:
    Bass hobbyist yet we can all still dream of greatness.

    More than what it appears to be.

    Got this to run with my Bass Terror 1000. It isn't always practical to carry an svt heritage 810. All I can say is wow loud enough for most places and easy to move. Great for going to practice and having to go up and down a few flights of stairs as opposed to the behemoth all the time. Picked up a "demo" version still cant tell if the demo was for to take a picture or what because it arrived in excellent condition. Great buy no matter what unbelievably loud another could possibly contend with my 810.

  • from New Ipswich,NH September 6, 2012Music Background:
    Rock, Blues and newer stuff since `69

    Pricey but very practical and good sounding

    OK here`s why I gave 5stars. The SP212 and SP410 fit in the back of my Smart car with a P-bass, Terror bass hd. and a small cooler. Just played a local club with volume at 3-4 and everyone loved the sound. I take the SP212 to practice and add the SP410 for gigs. I am 56 yrs old and I can carry everything just fine. Rock on!

  • from San Antonio, TX USA September 11, 2011Music Background:
    Weekend Bassist, Live Sound Engineer, A/V Tech

    Great Little Cab

    As speaker opinions vary greatly, I feel this cab is a really good sounding cab that reminds me of a 70's type 15" cab without the size and weight. Also, there is no horn that needs to be turned off or disconnected... perfectly old school! A perfect match with my Orange Terror Bass 500 head as I play mainly rock. The only drawback is that it is a bit of an investment as I will give it 4.5 stars instead of 5. At some point, I plan on buying an additional SP212 to make a killer "mini" stack.

  • from Los Angeles, CA January 30, 2014Music Background:
    bass player - unsigned indie scene - LA

    Compact thunder

    The point of this cab is walking into the gig with everything you need in one trip. A giant rig is a blast to play, but, it's giant. How's that spine treating you? This cab can be a viable alternative for some.

    I'll start with the most negative thing I've noticed: it's simply not that power efficient. It handles power, but it also *needs* power pumped into it. Compared to the GK 212 Neo cabs that I also own, the SP212 is dramatically quieter at the same settings on the head. Like, different class of volume. And it's probably a valuable comparison, as both cabs are 2x12 and similarly priced.

    I'm not saying this cab doesn't get sort of loud, it's just not nearly as loud as some of your other options.

    I'm using this with a P bass with a slightly overdriven rock tone, which is actually probably what this cab most wants to do. As such, I'm not missing the tweeter horn this cab doesn't have, nor am I missing the seismic lows that this cab doesn't deliver either.

    If your standard tone is a warm, mid-heavy thing, this cab might work well for you.

    I played a smaller room with it where the kick drum was mic'd but my bass was not in the mains. The musicians in the crowd commented later that they were surprised that all of the bass came from just that cab. So, it can fill a small room with a 500W class-D head driving it.

    If your band is genuinely loud, and your instrument amps have to carry the room, this is probably not a candidate for your main rig.

    However, if you're playing a venue that has massive house sound, this may be fine, since the mains are where the work will get done.

    Style-wise, the Orange gets respect, so if you want to waltz in to the venue with this little box while the other bass players are dragging around their "small" Ampeg 410HLF boat anchors, you'll suddenly have a bunch of new friends because people want to check out the tiny thunder box. The 410 will still ultimately spank the SP212, but again, if you're not actually using all that headroom, the joke is on you for dragging that thing around. I would know. I have a 410HLF too, and I have bring my truck when I use it. I can just whip the SP212 in the trunk of my car.

    When I first unboxed and plugged in the SP212, there was a terrible buzzing sound, and I thought I had a bad unit. Thankfully it turned out to be a silica gel pack that was hidden way back in the port. After rolling the cab over a few times, it fell out, and everything has been fine since then.

    So, there's a ton of blab on the SP212. It's a good little box, if you ask the right things from it.

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