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Orange PPC212 - 120-watt 2x12" Cabinet - Orange Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Orange PPC212 - 120-watt 2x12" Cabinet - Orange?

Questions about the Orange PPC212 - 120-watt 2x12" Cabinet - Orange?

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  • from Arkansas December 20, 2016

    Like a cozy blanket...

    This cab is great. I have it paired with the CR120H amd absolutely love it. I've paired it with a Marshall as well and that just opened a whole new world of tone experiments. It's hard to explain the "thickness" this thing produces, but it's great. My first delivery was damaged in transit and Sweetwater was AMAZING in getting my replacement to me in under 3 days. Thank you, Sweetwater.

  • from San Lucas, California December 5, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist of some renown


    Massive dB's from little watts in - very clean when needed. is there any better?

  • from NJ January 2, 2016Music Background:
    14 years


    This was the cab I have been looking for. It fits my amp perfectly. The sound is huge, tight, warm, clear and punchy. It makes the V30's sound unreal. The way they should. I was never an orange believer before until I tried this cabinet out of sheer chance. Sounds almost as big as a 4x12. Worth every penny.

  • from michigan June 1, 2015

    Very Nice!

    This cab is built like a tank, and sounds incredible! You won't be disappointed. Sweetwater was great and all in all I'm very happy.

  • from CT December 1, 2014

    Great 2x12 - I have several, this one's not going anywhere

    These are excellent 2x12's. They sound much larger than they are, very focused, and in the realm of 2x12's I have owned (probably a half dozen incl Mesa, Badcat, Marshall, etc), this is usually the most versatile in the sense that I can put any amp through it and it always sounds great. Maybe not the best pair for every circuit, but always a great and very useable one, especially with british circuits - a very good "desert island" cab choice. The V30's in an oversized beefy cab like this is a very complimentary combination, IMO - the cab design seems to balance out some of the frequencies you hear people complain about with V30's.
    I have always trucked this to dozens of gigs, and it takes a beating without flinching. Definitely get your money's worth with these - true blue workhorses!

  • from Joliet,Il October 24, 2013Music Background:
    21 years of hobby playing

    Bad Ass

    When I first bought cab it Was based solely on written reviews. I had read that speakers need to break in when they are brand new So I was expecting the sound to be a little off. When I first got it I thought it sounded like crap. In fact so much so, that I was ready to put it back in the box and send it back. But after just a couple of hours of playing the tone completely changed. And after 10 or more hours it just got Better and better and better. Now I don't think ill ever need another cab for the rest of my life! Or at least I should never have a good enough reason to sell it for another. If it were stolen,burnt,lost or blown up,I would Definitely buy another one! I use a 70's Fender silver face 50w Bassman. I play blues, blues rock,prog rock,old school metal. I cant say enough good things about this bad *** 2x12. If your looking for a cab,just buy this. You WILL love it!!!

  • from May 2, 2012


    I bought this cab for my bedroom and recording use. I am mainly playing an English made Orange AD30. My Marshall 4x12 with greenbacks takes up too much room for this. I was a little weary of the Vintage 30's at first, but after about 10 hours use the speakers loosened up and started to shine! The cleans are sparkly but warm and overdriven tones through this cab shine! I heard someone say it sounds like a laser beam of tone coming out and that is correct. If you want a cab that is bomb proof in its build this is the one for you. I would have given it a 5 if it was not so damn expensive!

  • from Charlotte, North Carolina November 30, 2011Music Background:
    7.5 years of guitar playing.


    Astonishing results from this cab. Pretty heavy, but if you have some muscle or friends it's no hassle at all. I was a little skeptical at first since I noticed it said it was a 16 ohm only cabinet, but there is a stereo link output jack that allows you to play on two cabinets! So as long as your amp has a 16 ohm out jack, I recommend this cabinet. When they say power projection, they mean it. This 212 is about 3/4ths the size of my friends Marshall 412. It's been very durable so far. Very good at power handling. Cranked my Orange AD30 head up and it soared. I personally wish it had an easier way to access the speakers, so I could maybe put some eminence wizards or hot 100's in, but I'm still stunned by the varied tones you can get here. On my clean channel I roll back the mids to get a fender bassman tone, and on the second channel I push the gain all the way, use a lot of mids, and this thing shakes my house. The midrange here is ASTONISHING! Amazing cabinet, worth every penny.

  • from Georgetown, IN USA February 15, 2010Music Background:
    Worship Dude, Semi-Professional Music Man

    Great cab, fantastic design

    This speaker cab was bought as a replacement for the PPC112. Let me tell you, this beast is BIG and HEAVY. But it is not small or light on the tone and the volume that pour forth when a quality Orange amp is sent through it.

    I've got the new Dual Terror and this cabinet is a great companion. Sure the Dual Terror looks small on top, but then again, it isn't about looks. It's about tone and getting that killer Orange sound.

Questions about the Orange PPC212 - 120-watt 2x12" Cabinet - Orange?

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