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Orange PPC112 - 60-watt 1x12" Cabinet Reviews

5.0 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Orange PPC112 - 60-watt 1x12" Cabinet?

Questions about the Orange PPC112 - 60-watt 1x12" Cabinet?

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  • from April 2, 2017

    Underrated Cab

    I came across one of these with a Celestion G12H-75 installed. I run my Mesa TA-15 through it. This is an excellent cab that I would recommend to anyone.

  • from January 24, 2017

    Orange Cabs

    Excellent product from ORANGE. This cab sounds great for the head that I use

  • from September 17, 2016

    Love it

    So sweet. I was worried about a 112 producing enough push. This has blown me away. I coupled this with my 6505+ and the combination is so sweet. Can't say enough good stuff.

  • from Highlands Ranch, CO July 26, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist for 14 years, amp geek/collector

    Buckle up, this cab is NO JOKE.

    I am truly blown away by this incredible 1x12. I currently run an OR15H through my brand new PPC112 and I have to say: you cannot possibly get a bad tone. When you put a vintage 30 into a solid birch cabinet with pristine construction such as that of the PPC112, you get the most incredibly crisp midrange with a warm low end, without sacrificing even the tiniest amount of twang and clarity in your high end. When you kick in the gain, the amp sings incredibly and without any fault, making it a go to cab for all of my recording needs. Not to mention, it gets loud without any sort of issue, so playing local venues will be no problem (as long as you are mic'd), and with it being lightweight and portable, transport and load in is a breeze. I would highly suggest this cab for any amp head you may have, be it Orange or other.

  • from Rosharon, TX July 10, 2016

    The Micro Dark's BFF.

    The perfect companion to my Orange Micro Dark. I love the tone, from clean, to classic crunch, to dimed out gain. It can definitely do clean like bell, or dirty as swamp mud. A Celestion V30 couldn't ask for a better made 1x12" home.
    I had tried my Micro Dark with small 8" cabs, or straight into my mixer using the cab sim, and it was nice, but something was missing. This cab made it awesome. I love the tone and versatility. Mic-ing the cab works much better than the cab sim. Be sure to secure the light Micro Dark to the cab. I use an angled instrument cable that I loop through the head handle, and then pass under the cab handle.

  • from PA July 9, 2016

    Orange 112 cabinet

    Cabinet built like a tank, got it in black with wheat colored cloth, beautiful. Sounds great, has nice bottom end and sounds crystal clear. I played Orange OR 15 and Marshall DSL 15 through it, both sound great. As always dealing with Sweetwater is fantastic, thanks Dylan.

  • from Foley, AL February 5, 2016

    Super nice cab

    My first large purchase from Sweetwater and it was a home run. This cab sounds great and looks killer with my OR15 sitting on top of it. Rock sold but tank with wonderful full sound.

  • from September 17, 2015

    Great sound !!

    Great sound .... Great low end which is what I was looking for !!!

  • from Rome, NY July 10, 2015Music Background:

    Great little beastie

    This is the perfect little closed back cabinet to use with all the smaller heads on the market today. The construction is sturdy. I liked the sound scope it had with the Celestion V30, however, I am a Greenback guy. I have them in every cab I own. The speaker was easily excessible making the swap effortless. Inside you can really see the make of the cabinet. Real wood and not particle or chip board. I run this cab at practices with an OR15 head and have had great praises on my sound. I also ran the cab with my Marshall Class 5H. It is pretty close to that late 60's JTM45/PLEXI and 1960BX stack sound but at a much more user friendly volume (the sound guy will love you). It is not a back breaker and can fit in the front seat. If you are looking for a 1x12 cabinet or like to switch out various speakers, this is the cab for you.

  • from Flagstaff, AZ April 20, 2015Music Background:
    10 years plus


    Wow, great sound! Especially with my new Orange Dual Terror I got at the same time. Great tone by itself with great punch and mid and low end accentuation and nice bell like highs. It can get muddy like another reviewer said if you dont know how to adjust it. For instance if you have the bass up and leave the neck pick up on and crank the volume and drive it can get muddy but increasing the tone on the same settings and switching to the bridge pickup will fix that but that will happen on any cabinet. When dialed in it is sweet. I have it paired with a Orange PPC 412 compact with Orange Voice of the World speakers right now for a more modern tone mix. It sounds awesome.

  • from Boulder July 11, 2014Music Background:
    Professional player

    Love it!

    I just sold my Orange PPC2x12, and picked up two of these PPC1x12 cabinets. They are killer. Plenty of depth and bass response from one, but two sound outstanding. I liked the sound of the 2x12, but got sick of lifting it. With the rails on the bottom that couple these to the stage, I feel like stacking them just allows them to act as one 2x12 cab. I could get away with using 1 at almost any gig. Perfectly sized for the Rockerverb head or the OR heads. The days of needing 2 4x12 cabinets is over. Good gear is getting louder, clearer, lighter, and smaller. Get with the times and get a couple of these. You won't be sorry. Your back will thank you.

  • from NJ April 20, 2014Music Background:
    Playing 45 years

    Great Combo

    Ive had mine for about 2 years & use it with a 15 watt Tiny Terror and the RIGHT cable. It is in my Apt 95 % of the time and occasionally with my old band buddies when i feel like taking it out for a spin in a large Basement for jamming. I love it . Ive owned just about everything over the last 25 years Every Deville made Vintage Fenders ,about 5 Mesa's Marshals etc. One it is light and easy to transport looks great & built solid. I have covers for both and highly recommend them because both units look pristine because of it. Its perfect for my use now I have noticed it can get a tad muddy with Humbuckers on the bridge but single coils & with mini hums it its as bright and quaky as you want it to be. I ve got nothing but compliments from anyone who has heard it. If I was to play out like i used to in small bars it would be perfect. Def can cover itself and sound great with a Drummer and Bass Beyond that You might have to beef up to 2-12 & 30 watts Im sure especially if you had a second guitar depending on what your playing and your effects pedals, PA ect

  • from Lafayette IN August 21, 2013Music Background:

    It's ok

    Great for heavy rock but doesnt clean up at all. Can't get the "muddy" tone out of it. Understand it's an Orange and has the British sound to it. Don't expect any sparkle because it wont give it to you. If you want to rock out with distortion, you've come to the right cab.

  • from columbus ohio April 4, 2013Music Background:


    After long debates and research I couldn't take it any longer. I have an Orange 4x12 cabinet that I love but I kept wondering why studio guys were using smaller cabs. Obviously in a big room you want to use big speakers to move more air. But after practicing with a small amp I decided to get the 1x12. Instantly I heard more brightness and clarity and punch. I have since bought a second Orange 1x12 I like them so much. I am a working guitar player, this is not a drill, 4x12 may look cool but they aren't always the answer, when you sound great there are no questions.

  • from United States March 20, 2013Music Background:
    Home Studio, Singer Songwriter, Hobbyist

    Great cab

    Don't mistake a 1x12 for the sound you'll get in a bigger 4x12 or even 2x12 cab. I'm left wishing that I saved a little more money to get a 2x12 since this amp doesn't quite sound as full. That being said, the PPC112 is super clean and makes my Orange Dark Terror sound great. It's perfect for home recording, but maybe not to play shows.

  • from Michigan March 17, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Cab!

    This is an excellent cab! I have mine connected to a little Orange Micro Terror head and I cannot believe the sound and tone, let alone the power capabilities of the little amp. From clean to grunge it does it all. The clean tone really sounds great with my Les Paul.

  • from Vail, CO April 17, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-pro local musician

    Great Cab

    I'm currently running an Orange Rocker 30 head through this PPC112 and have been quite impressed with its sound, strength and versatility. It sounds great at high gain settings and can handle metal, punk and blues easily. What's equally impressive, however, is its beautiful musical quality when it's played clean. It really does feel like an Alnico Blue in the clean mode, so much so that it surprised my band members who assumed that this cab could only pour out dirty aggressive high gain tones. All in all, it's just a solid cab that can take whatever you throw at it. Keep in mind that the Celestion Vintage 30 is a beamy speaker, so its sound dispersion is pretty tight. I'm thinking about buying an Orange PPC212 in addition, because of this. Also, the cab, though well built, does seem a little light and the handle is not as strong as the one on the Rocker 30 head. The first night our band played out I had several compliments about the Orange sound, especially how well it blended with my other guitarist's VOX AC30 (with Blues). You can't beat this cab for the value.

Questions about the Orange PPC112 - 60-watt 1x12" Cabinet?

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