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Event Opal 8" Active Studio Monitor Reviews

5.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Scott DeMarko

    These monitors are absolute beasts in every sense of the word. Perfomance is a given, they are going to rock your socks off. Reference monitor is a word we hear a lot but they are absolutely accurate down to the core of a tiny fraction of a note. LOUD. This is where I almost couldn't believe it. The peak wattage on this is a staggering 750 watts. That's more power than your average rock band uses at a nightclub for a medium sized 150-person venue. Even at the lowest recommended level to run these speakers all day every day for the rest of your life its coasting at over 300 watts without breaking a sweat. Also a note worth mentioning: these speakers are durable and incredibly well constructed, but by no means are they light weight. The speaker weighs in at around 46 lbs. Check these babies out today!

  • Ted Hunter

    I'll be the first to admit that I was a little skeptical when I heard that Event was coming out with a pair of monitors that would be selling for more than twice what any of their previous models had gone for. Of course I expected them to sound good, but these monitors exceeded my expectations in every way. The bass response was amazing, the imaging and sense of depth was spectacular, and I heard details in several familiar recordings I'd never heard before. I can confidently state that these monitors sound at least as good as, if not better than, the high-end monitors I've typically recommended over the past few years which actually cost a bit more to boot.

  • from April 13, 2016

    I can't even...

    Just buy them...holy mother of god they are hands down the best monitors I've ever heard.

  • from dallas texas December 16, 2013Music Background:
    professional musician stage and studio

    my studio just got tighter

    very few times have i added an item to my arsenal that brought me the results i found with my Opals. the price is SPOT ON. and the sound! HUGE, TIGHT, SOFT, SUBTLE, REVEALING. if you have a crappy mix then it will be a crappy mix because these speakers do not flatter! think of them as API more than NEVE. the stereo spread is VERY obvious and detailed. and a surprising amount of bass pumps out of the Opals. you will need a strong surface to place them because they are VERY heavy. and beautiful! to look at too! These units should be selling like crazy....

  • from Culver City, CA December 6, 2013Music Background:
    Film Composer, Pro Musician

    True Studio Monitor

    I think Event does not put enough effort to advertise this product, so I wanted to drop a few lines about it to help on the decision making process.

    It is an amazing studio monitor! Crystal clear, perfect imaging and frequency response. The sense of depth is unbelievably good. Also low end does not disappear in quite listening.

    Loudness is another thing. These guys go loud like monsters. However I don't care about this attribute at all. The most important thing about this speaker is that, it is 'true' sounding.

    Opal is so good that I personally think it is better than all of the monitors in similar price range and most of the monitors 2-3k more expensive!

    Just one small con, there is a little hiss when no sound is coming out of them. But to hear it you need to go next to it. I don't hear it from my listening position, so don't worry about that too much.

    Studio monitors are extremely subjective.
    (My opinion) If you prefer the "sense of depth", compared to the "at your face "sounding speakers like Genelec's, this is the monitor for you.

  • from November 25, 2013Music Background:

    Great in a studio and FANTASTIC as a 2 speaker home theatre@

    I ran these in my own treated hobby studio and, now, in my untreated living room. They are accurrate, LOUD for a monitor, and can respond dramatically with the mixdown and mastering process - they truly do flatter a great mix.

    Now there's no room for a hobby studio so I'm running a pair (sans sub), for my living room theatre. The sub is there, to be clear. I just have not yet felt a need to connect it as these Opals will RUMBLE on a good BluRay audio mix. Do NOT skimp on your interface though - I'd recommend RME-grade convertors as anything less will limit these things as I found with experience.

  • from Belgium October 8, 2012Music Background:
    Music software development

    Heavy like planets, loud like thunder, powered by the Earths core

    Heavy like planets. Loud like thunder. Powered by the Earths core.

    I have a couple of sets of monitors set up permanently in my studio, and the most striking thing when swapping from the Opals to others is that it sounds like someone suddenly slapped a compressor on the mix. The Opals have an effortless neutral sound free of coloration and a solid bottom end that will vibrate your coffee cup off your desk (if you are stupid enough to listen that loud).

    The only negative I have is that they put the power switch on the back of the cabinet, which is a pain to reach for every day. Apart from that, if you can't mix well on these, then you aren't going to mix well on anything. They are never going to be the limiting factor in your studio.

  • from Cincinnati May 17, 2012Music Background:
    Serious Hobbyist

    Sweet Sounds from Sweetwater

    I just fired up my newly-arrived Opals and had to drop a note to first thank Robert Williams and Sweetwater for a nice price and quick, safe shipping and to sing the praises of the Opals.
    Admittedly I did not audition a bunch of high-end monitors; can't be done in Cincinnati. So I went with the reviews in combo with my budget and am very pleased.
    I came from an older pair of Event 20/20's. I new I'd be taking a step up.
    Very tight, smooth bass in spades. Articulate, non-fatiguing highs. Wonderful imaging.
    The packaging complements the solid fit and finish.
    Working for me!

  • from Utah, USA March 6, 2012Music Background:
    Electronic Musician, Hobbyist

    Event Opal

    Well, what can one say or add to the discussion that has not already been said about these fantastic monitors? Very little to be sure but I will only reaffirm what others have said. The midrange clarity of these speakers is absolutely stunning. The potential these have for improving the work taking place in ANY studio cannot be understated unless, of course, you are using a pair of high-end three-ways such as Genelec 8260a's as this the highly competitive tier of quality in which the Opals not only dwell but can do so proudly.

  • from Barbados February 5, 2012Music Background:
    dj, sound engineer ,

    The Most Accurate Monitors I Have Ever Heard

    I have owned the Event Studio Precision 8 before getting the opals. At first i was concerned about the price tag, but I was happy with the Studio Precision when i first got it , so i decided to take a chance with the opals.

    When i first powered these up and listened to them, i was totally blown away . Event has out done themselves with this monitor. Its a million times better than the Studio Precision 8. Stereo imaging is spectacular. Low end presence is accurate and it translates songs as they are .

    When i listened back to different songs , I got a much better feel as to where the instruments sat in the mix. When i mixed on them , my mixes translated more accurate when i referenced on other systems .


  • from Los Angeles January 25, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Electronic Music Producer

    Incredible speakers changed my life.

    Seriously amazed by these beauties. I spent a year, 1 month, and 2 weeks waiting for the opals because of tsunamis interruption and then the 20/20bas take over the production line. I was disconcerted and considering getting some pmc's. I e-mailed event and before I knew it there was a shipping confirmation in my inbox. I finally put them in to replace some genelec 1029a's and 8050b and was blown away by the full range goodness of these "speaks". The midrange is full and glorious, the highs are defined and perfectly balanced, and the lows on these are something that Michael Clarke Duncan would be intimidated by. Needless to say I am more than satisfied and elated to say that these speakers are everything and more than I hoped they would be. They are the perfect price and easily outmatch sets ominously more expensive. Make these your your mains and I guarantee satisfaction.

  • from Columbus, OH May 12, 2010Music Background:
    Produce, record, mix, play... you name it.

    Easily the best monitor in this price range.

    I took a very long time to choose monitors and was indeed skeptical of the claims made by Event. Peter Friedman is a very convincing salesman after all. Not to mention, there are a few other slightly higher priced monitors in a three way configuration that are getting great press everywhere. I must say though, the Opals are excellent.

    My initial impression was that the Opals had a subdued mid-range compared to others. After a few days of listening I realized it wasn't that the mid range was subdued, but rather just that clean. Others are either honky (in varying degrees of course) giving the impression of good mids or scooped in a "smiley face" fashion. The mixes I made on the Opals simply translated consistently. I am lucky enough to have access to a very nice mastering suite in the local area and mixes on the Opals sounded the same over there as they did in my mixing room.

    The fact that the lows and low mids are so very well defined made it a breeze to get the entire spectrum sitting well. No wrestling with mud in the low mids or guessing at kicks versus bass guitar levels. EQ adjustments were obvious and ultimately able to be precise.

    The rest is obvious from the ad copy. The bass is indeed enormous. You would think you are using a sub with these. Power is of absolutely no concern. I haven't even pushed them full tilt. They went ridiculously loud while not even really trying... I saw no reason to bother pushing any further as I would never run them as loud as they can go. The cabinets are indeed build like a bank safe.

    One caveat I did find... while the sweet spot is very big, you do have to be careful in the speaker height a bit. I found I initially had them too high. Lowering them 2" made a huge difference.

  • from Merrillville, IN USA August 11, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Engineer, and pro drummer

    the best speakers i've ever heard

    These speakers have blown me away for sure!!! I was a genelec believer until these speakers converted me over. I haven't had the chance to purchase these yet but once the money is in, these are being ordered asap. Besides the clarity of these speakers from lows to hi's, the listening sweet spot is very very wide. Where you pan stuff in the mix is exactly where it is heard in these speakers. It's simply unbelievable. It's hard to explain. You have to just try it out for yourself!!!

  • from May 15, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Excellent Frequency Response IMO

    I compared these side-by side with the Genelec 8050s and overall I'm happy with my purchase. The only thing that might bother some people is that there is a very slight hiss/humm that's inherently present without any input. Overall the bass is held tight but doesn't seem over compensated. The mids sound great compared to the genelecs. Stereo imaging is pretty solid. I made a few friends jealous of these bad boys, but I imagine they weren't jealous of the price. My mixes translate well to other speakers but I often use Yamaha NS10s as reference monitors to make sure.

  • from Houston, Texas May 15, 2010Music Background:


    These monitors are definitely pro monitors. They are not to be compared to the Event Precision 8 (ASP8) monitors. The ASP8 monitors were very imperfect in a lot of areas (poor stereo image, muddy, no true mids), but the Opals are the real deal. Once they were properly positioned and tuned in my control room, the beauty started to show. They produce beautiful detail across a wide frequency range, with natural articulation (punchy kicks, musical lows, great stereo image, nice transient clarity). My only drawback was the limiter that kicks in automatically at higher volumes. I wish that would have been left up to the engineer's judgement but I can live with it. They also generate some heat. I find the best listening position to be the horizontal position, which also seems to be the most stable position. These puppies are heavy. The monitor pads that ship with these speakers are not very stable for vertical positioning. All said, I believe these monitors hold up well along side other pro monitors like Adams, Dynaudio, Focal and Genelec. I'll let you decide which one is best for your needs...

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