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Mackie Onyx 1640i Reviews

4.5 stars based on 20 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Anthony Longano

    Coming from a commercial studio background, I really missed being able to mix on a board when doing sessions at home. So I bought the Mackie Onyx 1640i. Now I have all the analog flavor at home that I do in the studio, and routing capability that allows me to work with my DAW seamlessly. I can even use an Aux to send to an effect in Pro Tools! The Mackie's seamless FireWire integration allows all the perks of mixing analog, while still allowing you to process "in-the-box."

  • Carson McClain

    The Mackie Onyx 1640i is one of the best choices you can make for an analog mixer. Not only do the preamps and EQs sound great, but the added integration of FireWire make this an all-in-one solution for the home studio.

  • from Houston, Texas September 9, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Videographer, Weekend musician

    Fits my needs perfectly

    The Mackie Onyx 1640i is the perfect fit for my ProTools system which I use for both video production and music recording. The mixer is versatile enough that I can use it for live sound reinforcement when needed. Has the quality you expect from a Mackie product and the versatility to meed many needs

  • from Foxboro, MA March 28, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer


    I'm amazed at what this thing can do! and for the price it is a bargain! The best feature is obviously the firewire capability which allows you to record up to 16 separate channels at the same time. The sound is great and the EQs are my favorite thing to play with.
    If I have any complaints it would be that the input levels are a little low, but thats if i'm nitpicking.

  • from Huntington Beach, Calif March 4, 2013Music Background:
    Sound Designer, Producer, Composer, noisy neighbor

    Onyx 1640i is an excellent choice

    The latest trend to incorporate the audio interface into the mixer is a great way to go. For the novice user, it greatly simplifies your setup and makes things far more straight forward. The Mackie Onyx line is a great sounding mixer for starters. The 1640i offers additional functionality and 16 returns for the more professional user to facilitate headphone mixes, outboard gear I/O or surround systems. I've been recommending these units to my clients and friends for the last few years. No better place to buy this from than Sweetwater!

  • from United States November 7, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer


    This board is amazing in both recording and live applications. Using programs like Multirack it makes running a live show a breeze and ultra low latency just putting more icing on this delicious cake we already have. With recording this board is just as seamless. This board was an all around fantastic purchase.

  • from amsterdam, ny April 14, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician

    a must have

    this mackie mixer is super for recording. firewire rules for com[puter recording.

  • from CA USA February 15, 2012

    Great for live sound

    There's not much I can say that others haven't already said. Very quiet pres. All controls feel well made and operate smoothly. I haven't tried the firewire yet but plan to do that soon. I wouldn't call it "compact" but it packs a lot of features/capability into a manageable size.

  • from Las Vegas, NV USA January 12, 2012Music Background:
    Keyboardist, writer and producer

    Mackie Onyx 1640i love it!!!

    I was recommended this mixer by a Grammy award winning engineer and producer. First of all, the fact that I can record 16 inputs at a time up to 96k sample rate and 32bit float in ProTools 10 was enough for me to jump for joy. It felt like I just bought a $10,000.00 HD system! Then I started getting into the EQs. I can now hear the highs more transparent and pleasant to the ears than the previous Mackies I owned. I didn't find myself dipping down the lower mids like I used to. The high pass filters are so transparent and musical sounding. I put them on everything except bass and kick. I also found that I can easily access my effects in ProTools through firewire sends and return them back for a live session. Not to mention the 16 channels of mix summing I have when I route my groups back through these stunning EQs and saturate them with the analog warmth we miss when we bounce to disk. My only concern was the lack of external word clock capabilities. But I haven't heard anything yet that makes me want to use any other clock. This board is laid out sensibly and easy to understand. And the manual is informative but also delightfully entertaining. I am convinced that I will be using this board for many years to come (unless of course Mackie makes a similar board with internal FX... hint...hint). Trust me... when you sell all the gear you won't need anymore, it will more than pay for the very affordable price of this gem.

  • from Gulfport, MS April 8, 2011Music Background:
    Over 26 years of recording, mixing, writing and playing music.

    Pure Awesomeness

    Using my new 1640i with Cubase 6 and am just flipping out over this bad-boy. Reminds me of my old VLZ mixer. No problems under Windows 7 and, when necessary, I can use ASIO-4-All universal driver to aggregate my Presonus Firepod and the 1640i for 24 channels at once. It takes a bit of a performance hit on latency when you do that, but when using the Mackie driver alone, I'm getting 5ms with barely a tickle on the Cubase performance monitor. (Core 2 Duo processor./32 bit Win7/4 gigs RAM)

    A far cry from the old days of Master Tracks Pro on the Commodore 64! ;-)

  • from Tehachapi and Hollywood, Ca January 4, 2011Music Background:
    acoustic guitar player/singer, recording engineer, producer

    Great product!

    I have a lot of experience with Mackie mixers over the years. I still own a 1604VLZ Pro that is now 12 years old and still working very well. I had worked some with the previous version of this board, the Onyx 1640 and was impressed with the sound and feature set. But this version takes the whole experience to another level. With the firewire fully integrated into the design of the console, it makes external interfaces unnecessary (love that!) and the fact that you can bring your recorded tracks right up on your faders is just great!. As with the Onyx 1640 before it, the preamps are squeaky clean and extremely quiet, the Perkins EQ is a very noticeable improvement over the EQ in my VLZ pro (as you would expect). It definitely has better headroom and lower noise overall. The routing is very flexible overall. All 6 Aux sends are Pre-post selectable, there are EQ in/out switches where the VLZ series just had detents on the EQ gain pots, it has a built in talkback mic with provision for an external, phantom powered mic to be plugged in in its place and more. The headphone amp sounds much better too! The Rotopod feature, where you can turn the inputs/outputs end of the console facing up, down or out the back is a great feature. I will be using this to record live music exclusively and I am thrilled that I will no longer have to travel with a 16 channel firewire interface box! About the only thing I wish Mackie had done was to add insert jacks for the subgroups rather than just for the main output. I like being able to compress a group of vocals once in a while. Of course I can simply plug the subgroup outs into my compressors and return the outs of the compressors to one of the dedicated stereo returns or faders if available. Not a big deal, overall. Other than that, to say I am happy with this purchase would be the understatement of the year!

    As always, the folks at Sweetwater are just great, very helpful and friendly. I love buying gear from Sweetwater!

  • from Tehachapi, Ca December 24, 2010Music Background:
    Engineer, guitar player

    Windows 7 support

    Just to clarify, Mackie is now offering driver support for Windows 7. It's on their website.

  • from March 7, 2010Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Recording Engineer, Drummer


    I use this board to run sound at a blues club and record into ProTools, and I couldn't be happier with it. Every night that I use this board the bands are blown away by the sound and it has made my job incredibly easy. I thought that I would miss all of the built in effects and features that the digital boards in this price range offer, but the recording quality of this board far outweighs the cool factor of the others. Sometimes the most important feature is in the tech specs (96k makes a big difference). Also, it really is built like a brick and it runs seamlessly with ProTools. Check it out if you're doing more than just live work.

  • from Greenup, Kentucky November 17, 2009Music Background:
    Music Educator, Percussionist, Recording Studio

    Great Mixer for Studio or Live

    Very versatile mixing board. The preamps are top notch. Gives you the best of both worlds for studio mixing with the analog mix capabilities. The six aux sends are great for headphone distribution as well as live applications. Talk back mic works well. Manual easy to understand and is full of great humor. Compatible with many DAWs right out of the box. The Pro Tools M-Powered upgrade is very affordable from Mackie. Only suggestion concerns the firewire pod. It is advertised as "rotating" which it does easily. However, you must purchase a pod bucket to cover and protect wiring in a top mount application. The cost is 69.99. Either include it with the mixer, or explain it is a requirement to rotate the pod.

  • from Chicago, IL USA March 6, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, owner GroovnSoundz Productions

    Great Mixer

    I use this for 16 track studio mixing. Plugging straight into a MacBook Pro via FireWire for recording is fast and easy(Mackie only has drivers for up to OSX 10.8.5, will NOT work with OSX 10.9+). Each channel has a nice warm sound with lots of flexibility using the Perkins Eq. Having six auxiliary sends/returns is very nice for routing monitor mixes and outboard gear. If you're looking for great sound with ease of functionality for mixing/recording, then this console is for you.

  • from Eagle Rock, CA December 17, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician, Recording engineer/producer


    The Onyx 1640i is great. I had my eye on it for a long time, and only decided to take the leap and buy it. I was not disappointed.
    I mainly use it in a studio situation. The pre-amps and EQs are extremely good-sounding considering they're not SSL-type stuff. They get the job done, and the signal-to-noise ratio is practically 1:0 to my ears.
    The firewire capability is great, as it allows me to record everything analogically AND digitally, which is paradise in terms of archival capabilities; besides, one can't really escape to deal with digital recording processes these days.

    Definitely one of my best music gear buys in a while. I'm going to be using it for years.

  • from October 1, 2011Music Background:

    Best of Both Worlds

    Mixer was needed to bridge the analog/digital world and so far the Mackie is delivering the goods. The firewire interface has worked with zero issues and no latency. Mixer layout is very intuitive to use and quick to get up to speed and get recording.
    Sliders are a little cheesy, but work as expected.
    No issues to report, everythng sounds good, and the documentation is clear and easy to understand.
    I'm still learning all the features so reports are forthcoming.

  • from Framingham, MA June 21, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, band member, recording engineer

    The right tool forthe job

    A few months ago I contacted Sweetwater because I needed equipment for recording my band. I required a unique solution that would allow me to record in a semi-live setting and also provide a credible “studio” style capability. The Mackie was the right choice and so was Sweetwater.
    I got in touch with Jason Koons and access to his expertise has worked out very well for me. When I approached Jason I was pricing the Mackie 1640i. Jason got the job done for me. He got the board to me on time and for the right price. More importantly, he recognized that my goals were more extensive than a one-time sale. Jason took the time to understand where I was going and what I would need to get there.
    The Mackie has been a terrific addition to my bands tool chest and we’ve done a lot of excellent recording with it. Since purchasing the Mackie, I have bought a lot of other equipment for our recording environment. Jason has been a steadfast advocate for getting the “right gear” rather than following trends that seem appealing but don’t fit the goals. It’s that kind of perspective that has saved me precious time and money.
    Thanks Jason and Sweetwater! TG

  • from August 11, 2015

    Sent it back

    This was to be the perfect board for me--read the other reviews and you'll see why. Good preamps, great specs, solid analog sound, DAW integration, automation, etc.

    Unfortunately Mackie is no longer updating the driver for Mac (maybe PC too), so it doesn't work with Yosemite.

    I called Sweetwater support and they didn't know much about it. So I called Mackie support, and was disappointed to learn they have no plans to update the driver--they're focused on the next generation and don't care about what's out there. It's frustrating, because this really was a good fit.

  • from Seattle, WA August 18, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Mackie Product Driver Support

    Beware of Mackie digital audio interfaces. Mackie has abandoned their customers and will not provide ongoing driver support for new versions of windows. For the onyx 400f there are no windows 7 drivers and never will be. They don't respond to email. So, if you buy mackie digital audio products be aware that your money is going down the tube if you plan to ever upgrade your computer system and keep it modern. For some reason, Mackie thinks that if you upgrade your OS you should have to upgrade your Mackie hardware... word of advice, buy from a company that supports its customers and doesn't resort to squeezing every last penny from you.

  • from Ewing, NJ April 23, 2015

    Great analog board

    I purchased this board primarily the digital interface for recording, though I was intending for live work as well. I was able to use it in a live setting and it worked great, and I have grown up with Mackie so I am kind of partial.
    However, the digital interface was an absolute disappointment. Even though the literature for the board says it will work with OSX 10.4+, what they really meant was OSX 10.4-10.8, and of course my Mac is new and is running 10.10 and unable to dual boot 10.8. After contacting Mackie the only response I got was they are working on an updated driver, but have no time estimate for its release. Because of this I had to return the board, I couldn't wait for Mackie to get there act together and finally release the new drivers. I was very much looking forward to using this board for my home studio recording, maybe some day.
    On a plus side, the Sweetwater team was awesome in helping me with everything.

  • from Brooklyn, NY May 3, 2016Music Background:
    Producer, Rapper

    Mackie Doesn't Update

    This is my first Mackie mixer wand it wasn't cheat when I first bought it ($1800 with tax). And now it lacks updates and no way to record or listen to the sounds from my computer without crackling or popping. Everything else would be fine if it wasn't for their horrible customer support or lack thereof

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