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Elektron Octatrack 8-track Performance Sampler Reviews

4.5 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Elektron Octatrack 8-track Performance Sampler?

Questions about the Elektron Octatrack 8-track Performance Sampler?

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  • from Indianapolis April 29, 2016

    Wonderful service from Sweetwater!

    Sweetwater is the best! They called me shortly after my order and were extremely professional and kind. I will always recommend Sweetwater to my friends and family. I love the Octatrack so far (I've only had it for 2 hours) and can't wait to start making some original compositions with it. The possibilities look pretty endless with this little machine!

  • from Seattle, WA February 1, 2016

    Incredible instrument

    The Octatrack is an incredible powerhouse of an instrument. You could feasibly record an entire album using just this device. I am currently using it as a drum machine and a master MIDI controller for an Analog Keys, eurorack, and an array of Korg Volcas. And of course, for chopping up, editing, mangling, and jamming with samples.

    Triggering multiple samples on a single track takes you well beyond the seeming 8-track limitation, and can be accomplished in two 2 ways: either using parameter locks, or chaining multiple samples into a single file and then making slices of each sound.

    I personally found the commonly-cited complaints about it's difficulty to be largely unfounded. It is indeed a very deep machine so it can be easy to get overwhelmed at first, but if you are modestly technically proficient, and willing to read the manual (and perhaps watch some Youtube tutorials by Cuckoo and others), you shouldn't have too much problem integrating this into your workflow or jam sessions.

    The first unit I received had a missing button, however this was quickly remedied and Sweetwater issued a replacement unit as soon as I shipped the other one back. This was a manufacturing defect and not Sweetwater's fault.

  • from Beijing, China November 15, 2013Music Background:
    multimedia artist

    Dennis rocks

    wow and wow and wow again! love this piece, it open a new world of my music! Dennis Konickl rocks, we knew quite a many years and he helps me a lot, but never have a change for the appreciation. so anyone likes to purchase something from Sw, that's the man!

  • from July 15, 2013


    Do a search for sample chains. You can trigger all kins of madness on just one track. This thing is amazing. I am blown away and I still haven't scratched the surface.

  • from Wilmington NC September 25, 2012Music Background:
    Tinkers, tweaks and geeks...

    Next next next level

    This moster mangles sounds either sampled from other hardware, stuff from my guitars and mic'd drums, vocals, my other elektrons and synths or just samples from my computer. It can slave midi or be slaved, send and receive midi notes etc. Elektron has been improving the OS since it dropped and I have been pleased that they continue to still add features years later. I just picked up a second one for live gigs and to control all of my other gear, add more effects and house thousands of samples I can use on the fly. It took me awhile to wrap my head around most of it, but like all Elektron machines, they are intuitive but you can always go deeper. Pure magic right here!

  • from Boston May 12, 2012Music Background:
    Audio Engineering Student

    I Don't Understand...

    The review above mine. The Octatrack does an AMAZING job at sequencing MIDI devices/other synths as well as taking sampling to a whole new level... I feel and hope that this will be my studio and live set centerpiece for years to come. Elektron does an amazing job at breathing new life into older ideas.

  • from Brooklyn, NY April 14, 2012

    Best Hardware Sampler Ever!

    The Elektron Octatrack is the most versatile musical tool ever: sampler, effects processor, midi sequencer, multi-gigabyte audio tracker, etc...

    It's a powerful sampler with real-time manipulation. Recording and editing samples is easy (once you read the manual) and creating and arranging patterns can lead into complete songs without touching a computer. It can also process external audio in real-time with the internal audio effects.

    Such an incredible and powerful MIDI sequencer... blows my mind how easy I'm controlling my Moog SLIM Phatties (x3) and Roland Octapad SPD30.

    Elektron Octatrack is built like a tank (very solid), is a lot of fun to play with and sounds amazing!

  • from United States March 7, 2012Music Background:
    MTV producer


    Simply put ... Amazing...
    I though at first I was just getting some bad *** sample mangling device. But am using the MIDI sequencer to control all my equipment with a step by step accuracy. All the parameter changes are controllable to do exactly what you want when you want it.. This has been an ableton live replacement for me ever since

  • from recife PE Brazil January 30, 2012Music Background:
    home studio

    super sampler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the best of de best! i love this machine!

  • from NY April 27, 2016Music Background:

    The good and the bad news.

    The bad first:

    A great sampler with a few limitations.

    Using it as a live looper is a pain.

    You can't layer your samples.

    It's not great for realistic drum programming.

    The slicing feature is not as flexible as an MPC or Maschine. The timestretch is not on the same level as Ableton's Warp or Propheads Recycle.

    The buttons are not velocity sensitive, and you have to be ok with step-sequencing everything.

    It's not really designed to replace an MPC or to be used as a sampling drum machine. There are workarounds (sample chains)

    There are lots of menus, and many find it a difficult machine to learn.

    The external midi sequencing is not very powerful. Don't expect it to do what an old hardware MPC did.

    The good news:

    It's a creativity machine. You will create music you never would have otherwise... it's sort of Elektron's thing they do.

    The effects processor built-in is incredible.

    The scenes and cross-fader are unlike anything else on the market. Excellent for adding variations to a pattern or for risers/breakdowns/etc...

    The filters are great.

    The limitations force you to make the most of your samples. It's easy to get something going that sounds great and unique.

  • from Akron ohio July 31, 2013Music Background:
    EDM punk rock

    Good stuff

    Great sampler a little bit complex at first.. The effects are top notch! And you can def take a sweet drum loop synth samples and twist tear. Up! What I really like is the automatic BPM match. And the dj fader.. Is sick as well.. I've worked with samplers for over 15 yrs.. The only reason why I gave this a 4 1/2 star was it took a day to really get the basics of what this machine can do other wise.. 5 star for kwel/ness!

  • from Englewood, CO March 3, 2013Music Background:

    Fun and inspiring!

    I've always loved the groove box concept, and so I figured I would pick one of these guys up. I didn't realize how much I was missing out on! This thing is wildly fun. It gives you the freedom to throw down some absolutely wild ideas. Assigning sample start time to the crossfader? Wham! I can instantly "improvise" synth lines, or anything else. Once you've gotten the workflow down, this thing is just stupidly fun to play around with. I find that what I intend to make and what I end up making end up being quite different, just because of the options available for expressing musical thought on this.

    Now, one downside to all of the freedom is that the learning curve is... well, it is quite steep. Don't worry, though! In the box is some incredibly helpful documentation, including a getting started guide, and a nice, big manual.

    I have not run into any problems with the device at all. Everything sounds great. The only thing it can't do is give me a pony.

  • from July 1, 2015Music Background:
    Composer, Producer, Sound Designer

    True Elektron quality

    Sound: Crisp and un-compromising. The timestretch algorithms produce loops that sound great within 10bpm, and the transient shaping is adjustable. Few harmonic artifacts, and more granular artifacts. IO section seem very clear to my ears.

    Support: Not as great as it could be. I've been reading some scary stories of Elektron customer support, and thankfully I haven't had to contact them yet. The lack of ability to use the Octatrack attached to my PC as a controller/outboard device/interface is silly (CF card could maybe be used as a memory buffer, from what I gather?). But that's not an advertised feature, just a pipe dream for us OT users.

    User friendliness: Much like a video game console, the trigs are made of durable plastic and are lightning fast. Accurate too, you will hit your intended key press 99.9% of the time. Pots (knobs) are accurate and silky smooth. Crossfader is accurate and rhythmic for quick musical transitions.

    Learning curve: Difficult. You will likely spend many hours figuring out the structure, hotkeys, and troubleshooting. Whenever you realize what you did wrong, it opens up new pathways to understanding this machine's power! Practice practice practice!

    Aesthetics: Retro look, with modern 24 bit sound. I don't care for a screen upgrade, given the accuracy and brightness of what it has currently.

    Other: I got this device to replace using a laptop for spinning and remixing in live situations. I am so glad I did! It's really its own instrument, and it does what Elektron says, it takes sampling to a new art form. I always use unique gear in my studio and live situations, so I had to go for it.

  • from U.S.A. March 19, 2015Music Background:
    25 years - multi-instrumentalist, producer

    Worth The Work

    The Octatrack takes a day or so to get your head around, but it's worth it. Once you understand the work flow, you'll pretty much be able to do anything...AS LONG AS YOU UNDERSTAND THE FACT THAT YOU ONLY HAVE EIGHT SAMPLE TRACKS. You CAN put multiple samples onto a single track, but they will cut each other off, being monophonic. The 8 MIDI tracks open up the sequencer quite a bit and the clock/timing seems to be rock solid. I think the important thing to state here is that the Octatrack's first purpose seems to be for live use. It's well-built and compact. With the addition of the Pick-Up Machines, it becomes a powerful looper. You can have drums going internally while controlling some synths externally while also looping guitar/vocals. Does it beat my Macbook Pro? No. Is it one of the best hardware samplers ever made. Yes.

  • from United States November 20, 2012

    miles ahead of the electribes, but still some gripes

    Has real envelope controls and deep (but essential) features that make it far more rewarding to use than the Electribe series from Korg. There a little bit more of a learning curve, but there are excellent video tutorials (helps make up for the frustrating manual).

    However, here are my gripes, which they address in future revisions of the software (fingers crossed):

    The Pickup machine (guitar looper) requires you to FIRST record your guitar, after which your loops begin. It kind of begs the question 'why wouldn't I just use a regular guitar looper. I want to be able to overdub live performances OVER my beats and sequences, and not apply them after- otherwise, why would I have the machine to begin with?

    The other glaring oversight seems to be that there is no machine with polyphony. Why would anyone do this? Who never wants to play a chord?

  • from San Diego california October 9, 2014Music Background:
    vicente fernandes and from there new romance to techno

    i love me and jesus christ and v.mary njoke

    thnk you vary much for this ideas and its also a line of music coming an go sound with a great change already

  • from United States May 6, 2012Music Background:

    If you are looking to sequence this externally, look elsewhere.

    This is a great machine if you plan on using it as the center of your production setup (hardware). In my case, I bought this to replace Ableton for live shows and for doing the heavy lifting for my MPC 3000 in the samples / effects department.

    Complete fail. You CANNOT trigger multiple samples on one track via MIDI. You just simply can't do it. How in the world they overlooked this most simple and crucial feature, I don't know.

    Be warned. This thing does not play nice as a MIDI slave.

Questions about the Elektron Octatrack 8-track Performance Sampler?

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