Tonelux OTB16

16-channel Summing Mixer
Tonelux OTB16 image 1
Tonelux OTB16 image 1
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Tonelux OTB16
Special Order

Superior Summing!

When your final mix matters, trust Tonelux's summing mixer for superior sound. This amazing 16-channel summing amplifier provides unrivaled stereo summing. Each channel in the 1U OTB16 summing amplifier features its own independent level control and panning association. A pair of 8-channel D-SUB inputs make hooking up the OTB16 easy, without sacrificing rack space. What's more, you can use the OTB16's pre-fader monitor outputs and auxiliary inputs to daisy-chain additional Tonelux OTB16 mixers to expand your system.

Tonelux OTB16 16-channel Summing Mixer at a Glance:
  • Powerful summing in a pint-sized package
  • Built with top-quality components
  • Expandable design lets you built the system you need
Powerful summing in a pint-sized package

When it comes to natural sound, nothing beats the natural tone of analog summing. That's why Tonelux built to affordable, mastering-quality OTB16 summing amplifier. With a full 16-channels of adjustable input, the OTB16 is ready for sessions with large stem counts.

Built with top-quality components

Tonelux spared no expense when they built the OTB16 summing mixer. Equipped with world-famous Tonelux TX-240 and TC-260 discrete op-amps and top-quality transformers, the OTB16 lets your mix flow together naturally for maximum sound quality.

Expandable design lets you built the system you need

Need more than 16 channels of summing? No problem! The Tonelux OTB16 features a pair of pre-transformer outputs, which you can rout into another OTB16's mix bus inputs. That lets you add more OTB16 summing mixers - as many as your mix needs!

Tonelux OTB16 16-channel Summing Mixer Features:
  • 16-channel 1U mixer with 16 balanced inputs and a Tonelux discrete summing bus
  • Each channel has a level control and a panner
  • 2 x 8-channel D-SUB inputs (at +4dBu)
  • Famous Tonelux TX-240 and TX-260 discrete op-amps for summing
  • Main output transformer can be adjusted by the master fader pot
  • XLR main and pre-transformer monitor outputs
  • 2 x balanced TRS inputs feed the mix bus, allowing you to daisy-chain units
Experience amazing summing sound, with the Tonelux OTB16 summing amplifier!

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Tech Specs

Type Analog Summing
Channels 16
Inputs - Line 16 D-SUB + 2 x TRS
Outputs - Main 2 x XLR MIX + 2 x XLR Pre-transformer
Rackmountable Yes
Width 19"
Manufacturer Part Number OTB16

Customer Reviews

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Great piece of hardware

Unit adds clarity and depth to mix. Detail greatly enhanced. Now mixing through the OTB 16. Initially I just ran old mixes through but found I needed to back off on reverb and drum overheads when bussed through the OTB16. Some additional tonelux color from one output or raw through other output.

Awesome addition to my studio

This piece replaced my Mackie 24x8x2 that I bought from Sweetwater, in 1997. First thing I noticed was the headroom and separation. The noise floor is much lower than my Mackie, of course. Since I use a DAW and a Mackie Controller and Extender, another full blown mixer wasn't required. But I still wanted pan and volume control and this unit has both. I'm still experimenting with both the transformer and transformerless outputs and it's nice to have both. Buy it and be blown away.
Music background: Recording Engineer, producer


Let me start out by stating that I've used only the Roll Systems Passive Summing Mixer (disaster), and the D-Box (pretty transparent). First time I hooked this up, the Op Amps were not connected THANK YOU FEDEX - always insure packages, package them well, etc.. Anyway I got it fixed with some help from friends (the Op Amps were disconnected....reconnected them) and hooked the DB-25 cables up hooked the MIX L/R up via my snake cable, created a sum out 3/4, sum out 5/6, etc., in my PT HD 11 I/O menu, and then made the stereo track for summing. I immediately recorded it and the sound was out of this world. These Op Amps are special. Very colorful, saturated, and the best and funnest part were the pan knobs and the gain knobs as well as the stereo link connecting channels 5 and 6 for example you can go mono or stereo you literally have so much at your finger tips with lovely lighting (okay not that cool but still neat). I don't know what else to say other than this has been an experience I will continue to grow with and I highly recommend if your budget is around this price - GET IT. This piece of gear without any doubt will revolutionize your audio quality and sonic integrity more than anything I've come across. If you crave those console/analog sounds BY ALL MEANS GET A TONELUX!
Music background: who cares
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