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Orange OR15H 15-watt Tube Head Reviews

5.0 stars based on 36 customer reviews
Questions about the Orange OR15H 15-watt Tube Head?

Questions about the Orange OR15H 15-watt Tube Head?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from March 8, 2017

    sound like Paul Kossoff!

    sounds great through my 1960 lead 4x12 with greenbacks.

  • from York, PA July 7, 2016

    Amazing little tube amp

    I've wanted an Orange for a long time, so I finally decided to pull the trigger. After checking out some reviews and videos on the tones you can get, I wanted something versatile, but not necessarily high gain. This amp checks all of those boxes!

    The first thing I thought when I took it out of the box was "man, this is small!" But like the saying goes, great things come in small packages. This is a single channel tube amp head with the classic "pics only" design from Orange. It has your basic controls, volume, treble, mids, bass and gain, but also has a 7-watt and 15-watt switch. There is also an FX loop built into it if you wanted to hook up your pedals that way.

    First thing is that this amp is LOUD! Which is a good thing if you play in a band. I hooked this up to my Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab and it suits it well. You can roll the gain down and get a nice, bright, sparkly clean tone or turn up the gain to get little to a decent amount of crunch/overdrive.

    I tested this out with my pedals and it takes them well in my opinion. I used an analog delay, digital reverb, tremolo, and my distortion pedal. The distortion pedal would take some tweaking with this amp, but you have to go on that quest for your own tone.

    This amp can cover many styles, but if you're looking for a high gain amp without using a pedal, you might want to check out the Orange Jim Root, Dual Dark, or Dual Terror amps instead. I can't recommend this amp enough! You won't be disappointed.

  • from Denver, Colorado June 27, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist for 14 years, amp geek/collector

    An incredible buy

    This amp is the full package. Let's talk some of its non-sound features first. It's small enough for easy movement and transport from home to studio to venue without any hassle or unnecessary bulk that a larger amp might have. It is sturdy, extraordinarily well-built, and compact. But enough about the little things. Let's talk TONE. UUUGH THE TONE! This head puts out legendary British crunch and cleans like modern pop puts out trash music! You can not dial in a bad tone on this head. Not only that, it is LOUD. This little fifteen watt amp head is plenty to play any gig you might have (besides a stadium if you're not mic'd up). I highly recommend this amp to beginners, intermediates, experts, professionals, non-musicians, anyone. Buy this legendary little box. You most certainly will not regret it.

  • from Florence, SC June 2, 2016


    Blown away is right! I've been a "Marshall Guy" forever. But I've been disappointed in their lower wattage offerings. I gave this head a try after seeing a few online demos. I don't play live much these days, so 40+ watts is way too much for me. When I got this home, I found it to be incredibly versatile. The tone controls are very responsive. There is a ton of gain on tap, if you want it. But preamp gain settings below 1 o'clock bring on a much more classic overdrive. Turning up the master volume past 11 o'clock brings out a nice, but not overwhelming chime (EL84 power tubes). Low frequency is not sacrificed at all. I play mine through a sealed back oversized 1x12 cabinet loaded with a single G12M. Just lovely! By the way, when jamming with a friend who was using a DSL50 and 4x12 cab, I had to turn DOWN to about 9 o'clock on the master to keep from blowing him away. I use an attenuator to keep the wife happy. ;-)

  • from Lehigh Valley, PA May 23, 2016

    My Go-To Amp Forever

    I recently purchased this amp not knowing its capabilities, and man was I blown away. I can't believe the amount of volume you can get out of this little guy. The gain at about noon sounds like a 70s or 80s type feel, and if you go to about 3 or 4 o'clock it really starts to turn 90s with a more Pantera, and Metallica feel. I have the Hall Of Fame Reverb hooked up with this and its perfect for blues if thats what you're into. And on top of it, this thing is so light I forget I'm carrying an amp with me!

  • from Central Il. April 14, 2016

    Great tech support !!!

    An update on my first post. My OR 15H quit on me yesterday, so I called Tech Support & they shipped me 2 new power tubes. I got them today, but it didn't fix the problem. I called again & they are shipping a new Head. I have never gotten this kind of support before. So long story short you can count on Sweetwater to take care of you when you purchase from them. They also told me to keep the new tubes for spares.

  • from Hoopeston,Il. April 5, 2016

    Lots of power

    Would have gave 10 stars if I could. Took a while to adjust, but I got it now. I a/b it with a Peavey 100 wt valveking 2 & the or 15h was much warmer , not as sterile sounding. The peavey had a bad tube on 5 wts so I am sending it back or it would have gathered dust. Thanks to Bart Good.

  • from Foley, AL February 5, 2016

    Wonderful amp

    I bought a dark micro terror and if was just so dirty and one dimensional. I bought that amp from someone other than Sweetwater. I returned that amp and bought my OR15 here super nice amp I use it at home and it is all I need. I rarely use any pedals but they work well with the amp when I do. I am a somewhat new guitar player and this amp has a short learning curve not overwhelming for a rookie. I think this is the cream of the crop in 15 watt range. I am stoked with my purchase. Aaron my sales guy was great and I am now a loyal sweetwater customer.

  • from TN January 18, 2016Music Background:

    Like a huge versatile punch to the face.

    I have been using this head now for over a year and from experience,it can do it all. Initially I had plans to upgrade to the OR50 eventually because i was worried about volume levels,but this thank cranks. Thats right,its loud! Though it sounds great through Orange Cabinets, it responds very well to other cabinets. Not to mention the FX loop is a plus. Modulation,Delay, and Verb comes through like butter. The tone is amazing. Dialing in your sound is easy,the high mid and low respond way more than i could have wanted. Also, I have tried a lot of overdrive/dist pedals with the head and honestly,the provided gain stage on the OR15 beats them out every time. If your looking for a light compact head worth the money,buy this one...now!

  • from January 6, 2016

    Truly great.

    Having never owned a tube amp before this amp is absolutely brilliant. The cleans are good and usable, but the gain structure is the selling point, as it goes from a bit of break up, to classic rock, and even some heavy metal. I tried a vox ac15 HWX (also a very good amp) in a store and by comparison I found that the OR15H had a harmonic richness and intuitive, simple controls that the vox didn't, indeed the OR15H with my orange open back 2x12 with celestion v30's simply sounds better - best 15watt amp i have ever heard.

    Pinch harmonics are so easy with this, seriously they just jump off the fretboard, love it!! Sounds great with both my strat and les paul, punk, punk pop, rock, funk, indie, heavy metal this does them all so well . A word of caution, this is a loud 15 watts (so I use a JHS little black amp box so it is more useable in an apartment) but this has that orange sound that is incomparable in my opinion. Couldn't be more pleased with this.

  • from November 27, 2015


    massive tone

  • from Texas September 27, 2015Music Background:

    Well Done Orange

    I just received this amp a few weeks ago and it instantly became my favorite. For a 15 watt amp it is very loud and very warm sounding. I own several tube amps that all sound great in their own right but this little amp has caused me to put everything else on the shelf for now. I could not be happier with this purchase. Finally a company that got the low wattage amp truly right.:)

  • from Nashville, TN August 6, 2015Music Background:
    Former Pro Player of 3 Notes. Current Part-timer.

    Great Head

    This is my favorite amp (have a Marshall Silver Jubilee, Handwired Vox AC30, 65 DRRI in the wine red with that other speaker, some 5150s, and others). Each amp does its own thing, but this one has the sweetest distorted tone out of them all. I couldn't quite get it with those amps or an arsenal of pedals, but plugged into this head and it was instant.

    The real magic is in a combination of input and output distortion. Try the output at 8-9, then crank the input gain until you get that sound you're waiting for.

  • from IL July 6, 2015

    Mean Liitle Amp

    I love this little amp. Totally exceeds my expectations for a $700 amp. The tone is what matters the most with any amp and the little OR15H delivers. Excellent gain structure...not too little...not too much...Just right. Pairs extremely well with Celestion V30's and it definitely has the classic 70's Orange tone albeit without needing to kill your ears in the process. And yet there's plenty of volume here. Even with the amp in 7w mode I still use a Swart attenuator when driving a 4x12 Mesa Recto cab. Plenty of volume in 7w mode for band practices here. Hard to believe it can sound so big for such a low wattage rating. Sounds massive. As expected the 15w mode just gives you a little bit more headroom but the 7w mode sounds superb when pushed. Unbelievable performance and tone for $700. Wow.

  • from Salisbury Md April 17, 2015Music Background:
    weekend player

    GREAT AMP !!!

    All I can say is WOW ! Had no idea a little amp could sound so big this amp ROCKS ! I have been looking for a new amp for about a year played a bunch of amps in that time but as soon as I turned the Orange on there it was that sound that I have been looking for since I was a kid and all I had to do was plug and play

  • from Rutherfordton, NC February 16, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging musician and studio owner.

    Orange is Sweet!

    What a distinctive sweet sound. The amp clean sound warm and clear, and when you turn the gain knob up watch out. Even though you get the distortion of an over driven tube you still maintain the warmth. It doesn't rip your head off and you can play for many hours without getting fatigued of this sound.

  • from TEXAS January 10, 2015Music Background:
    10 years. P&W

    Sold my Tiny Terror

    I could not be more impressed with this amp and cab. These amps really soar. I love the effects loop with my G system and the EQ is a nice upgrade from the Tiny Terror. I highly recommend this amp to any one who is looking for a low wattage amp with a effects loop.

  • from Seattle, WA USA September 5, 2014

    Beautiful drive tone!

    I purchased this head in 2012 and am still loving it two years later. It covers a great range of drive tones, and is very easy to dial in to a sweet spot with the 15 / 7 watt options. I play in a worship band for my church and an alt rock group and this amp works wonderfully for both. I am constantly complimented on my sound and asked about this head.

  • from Laguna Niguel, CA July 9, 2014Music Background:
    Lifetime gigging musician and expert luthier

    Prepare to be SHOCKED!!!

    This Orange 15 watt amp blows away most heads costing over $2000. The many killer tones this amp provides will blow you away. The low end thump this amp provides should be impossible on an amp this size, or any size for that matter. Fire breathing metal, shimmering cleans, and a library of classic amp tones live under a single hood here. And pushing the power tubes into a beautiful ringing clip is an every day occurrence. I was so impressed I bought a second one just to make sure I will never have to live my life without the joy the OR15 provides!!!!

  • from Granite City Il USA December 23, 2013Music Background:
    Playin for 23 years, Hobbyist/musician

    Badass lil head

    This thing is unbelievable! I can get great rock n' roll tones and I can plug a EQ pedal in the FX loop and get hella metal tones, love it! And it's very simple to dial in a good sound. Not much clean headroom , but that's just fine, just roll your volume knob back and you can get some great dirty cleans. Which is what I like!

  • from CT December 22, 2013Music Background:


    This is a must have for any rock and roll rig , I have every amp in this class and this amp kick ***, it get nicely clean and had some great gain on tap , I was blown away!!!

  • from Seattle, WA November 15, 2013Music Background:

    Best in class.

    The Holy Grail of rock tone in the perfect small studio package. After trying everything in the 5 to 25 watt range, I couldn't find anything that came close to this perfection. I've found it impossible to get a bad sound out of. Obviously not the shiniest clean sound but if you are looking at this amp you should already know that. The simplest of controls, but more variety in sound than other amps with 5 times the knobs (you know what I'm talking about). Take a look at the Jim Root Terror if you want a more modern sound, but after trying both I felt that I was able to get a very similar tone out of the OR15 with some fiddling. I really don't think you will find anything better in the 5 to 25 watt range than what Orange is putting out. Last note, this thing cranked maintains amazing definition.

  • from Chicago June 11, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer Pro Musician


    I think the stores need to stock up on this Amp.
    Every guitar player needs to have one, Killer sound
    WOW ! A lot of guts and the 7 to 15 watt switch is like having two amp.s Orange out did it with this one.

  • from Illinois April 5, 2013Music Background:
    Amature musician

    Orange or15

    Nice full, thick classic sound. And don't let the 15 watts detour yor decision , this amp is loud! It's got the sound I've been looking for

  • from center moriches ,long island February 16, 2013Music Background:
    music lover, guitar player, drummer...and aweful singer

    orange OR15 !!!

    let me start by saying that i am very impressed with orange amps in general,a very good product.i have owned about 20 different amps in my years of playing,starting with a solid state crate 10 watt when i was starting out. i now only buy tube amps..there is no comparasen. tubes just make the sound warm and you feel the notes drip off your finger tips.and when you sound good, you play better..simple as that . well this is the second 15 watt mini amp i own from orange,the other being the dark terror.the amps are voiced differently..the or 15 is a more vintage british sound, with a 3 band tone stack you can make every old school rock and roll tone you can think of.its like old hiwatt or marshall tones at a volume that your neighbors wont throw a brick threw your window. thats the magic that orange has,the best tones at a freindly volume. no need for distortion pedals,the tubes cascaiding into each other is the real deal. if you need loud switch it to 15 watts. i tried it only to knock my parrot off his pearch no kidding.$$ well spent..marc bruhn is my sales engineer and my friend,and sweetwater is the only place to buy gear from.no demmo stock sold as new,fed ex shipping and candy in the box,oh yeah NO TAX..thats a lotta $$ left to buy other stuff!! thanks mark and thanks SWEETWATER

  • from Buckley WA USA November 6, 2012Music Background:


    I wrongly stated the OR15 is not cathode biased. It is. I contacted Orange about and they told me it is cathode biased. So disregard what I put in my previous review about needing to bias it. You don't.

    The amp is performing excellent still and sounds awesome!

  • from Charlotte October 25, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Guitarist

    Orange Monster

    Ok. I admit I liked Orange Amps the first day I seen some old 70's footage of some band and seen the orange setup. I usually play in the living room until I fill out the rest of the band. Ok. First I plugged into my orange 1x12 cab and plugged in my les paul studio 15 watt setting volume at 9oclock. all eq noon and gain at 1 oclock. Banged an open E power chord and was like wow!!!! Played around and was like this is not going back. Pulled out my Weber attenuator put the attenuator volume at 2, it goes to 10. I then bought the volume to 2 oclock and kept the gain at 1 oclock. WHOA!!!! The amp sounded like it was mad at me, roaring and trying to come out the speaker. It has that beast sound that I like. Do not underrate power tube distortion. It was loud, probably too loud for apt or sensitive neighbors with the attenuator on 2 but man!! If you are looking at this amp page, you know about Orange. They did not disappoint. Put effects thru the loop. No issues. No noise. I am digging this amp. I changed the V3 chinese 12ax7 to a tad 12at7. I feel it make the amp tighter. I also noticed on the board it says Jim Root Terror. I have not heard the Jim Root Terror but I take it that this is some modded Jim Root Terror with a different voicing. But all in all if you want want an amp to growl, bark, while you are rocking out . Look no further. Tone is there

  • from Washington October 22, 2012Music Background:

    A Marshally Orange!

    This is a classic hard rock amp that to my ears has a bit of vintage Marshall in it hehe. I own a 78' JMP 2203 and a DSL50 so I love classic Marshall tones...not modern. This amp crunches up very nicely and from noon on spits fire like a hot rodded 800 would. Good grief I'm having fun with this.

    The amps voicing is vintage to me and even though it has so much gain it still remains in that vein. I would say it will do 80s metal but for me that stuff isn't modern voiced saturation. More hard rock-ish. It has lots of useable gain and stays pretty defined. I have mine plugged into a 412 loaded with Greenbacks. I'm a blues, classic rock and hard rock player. This amp excels at this. I like my cleans rolled off from my crunch settings using guitar volume. This amp does that well. Otherwise the clean only is average and headroom little which suits me fine. Non issue. I prefer a little break up or a dirty clean.

    The amp will need to be biased if the power tubes are changed. It isn't cathode biased like the TT is. Not a problem for me cause I can bias my amps but those that won't will have to have a tech or someone who knows do it for them.

    I love playing this amp and I have some nice amps. I'm getting callouses on my callouses cause I won't leave it alone. It's not the best amp "evar" but it is fun as hell to play.

  • from Minnesota October 1, 2012Music Background:


    I'll try to keep this short. I play lead electric on the weekends at a local church that plays modern praise and worship songs, ie (Chris Tomlin, Hillsong... etc...

    I used to own a Rockerverb 50 and have dearly missed it since I had to sell it. I tried other orange amps (Rocker 30, Tiny Terror, Dual terror, Dark Terror, Thunder 30) None of these seemed to fit right, I'd given up on Orange since I need an FX loop and it seemed they only put FX loops on their modern hi-gain style amps......Until the OR15

    This looked to be just right, vintage orange flavor with plenty of gain (too much for me, I changed my preamp tubes to Jan-phillips 5751 to clean up the preamp section a bit)

    The OR15 reminds me a bit of the Rockerverb 50, harmonically rich, musical midrange and great low end presence and the highs stay present without being harsh. Overall, it's tone is extremely balanced but with Oranges typical fat harmonic midrange that I love. This amp can really sing.
    As the other reviewer stated, it doesn't have much clean headroom, but this is to be expected from a single channel orange amp. It does the cleanish bluesy breakup thing in spades and will do classic to hard rock and beyond no problem.

  • from Rome, NY July 10, 2015Music Background:

    Great little beastie

    This is a great little amp. There is plenty of gain. It does clean up at 20% gain or lower, depending on your pick ups. This amp does keep up with a drummer. Our drummer hits hard and can still hear me. I run mine into an Orange ppc112 loaded with a Celestion Greenback (my speaker of choice). I can evoke everything from a jazzy chime to an all out throttle. The EQ is fully usable throughout its range. No harsh highs or muddy lows. A series effects loop for running modulations or placing a line booster (great for lead punch v. my co-guitarist). The head is light and small enough to maneaver through tight passages to the band room and stage. Your back will appreciate that. With a standby and half power capability, you will not be disappointed.

  • from CT December 31, 2013Music Background:
    Active musician

    Cranking little head

    Exactly as advertised. Nice sounding one channel amp. Great as a tool to learn how to get may different tones by just using your guitars volume knob.
    Only problem with this amp is it will have you lusting for one of its bigger brothers to gig with!!

  • from Dinwiddie VA July 8, 2012Music Background:
    17 years on guitar, Currently in a band.

    Very Nice Little Head

    I had preordered one of these, had to back out and then got lucky enough to catch one in stock on the 1st shipment. Glad I got mine because It is a very agressive little amp.
    Don't let the size or power rating fool you, this is a pretty loud amp and plenty loud for smaller gigs or anywhere you will be miked up.

    The only area that shows any weakness in the clean headroom but thats not something you expect much of in a 1 channel Orange. You can get a decent volume with the slightest bit of bluesy breakup in there which I like better than a totally clean tone anyway. If you want Fender like cleans, look elsewhere. If you play a lot of rock and use a few clean tones this is one to check out. I find the best cleans come from rolling the guitar's volume back on a more or less overdriven amp in this situation.

    The four gain stages actually morph the character and voicing of the amp in a positive way. up until 9 o'clock it's all clean then it kicks in pretty fast with stage 2 which is much more early 70's British to start with then ends up being very overdriven quickly as you reach noon on the gain dial. Stage three kicks in and you get really good tone that really makes me think Marshall JCM800 when I hear it. The gain gets tighter and holds together well as you go up to fluid sustain. Stage 4 is modern madness and I rarely find the need to get the gain past 1 o'clock on this amp.

    This amp screams. It really reminds me of the character of a good much larger Marshall, I tend to think JCM800 inspired tone by the way the notes explode out of the speakers and it really will cut through very easily. It really has a great amount of harmonic content that you can hear in chords, It's amazing how the notes come across as a chord but you can hear the complex little details of each string.

    I would say the amp is voiced both vintage and modern within the same channel if that's possible. I never expected the surprise I got from the 1st time I played this amp. I ended up just rocking out and not wanting to stop for a good while. This amp has what I call "bounce" just like the Orange guy in the demo videos on youtube describes it. It just begs to be rocked out.

    I use Celestion G12H30 loaded cabs and a 4/12 with the same speakers and I think the amp would really sound much more modern on Vintage 30's. I guess it depends on your style as far as that goes for preference. I mean we are talking serious classic rock tone here that easily handles the newer stuff too on the higher gain settings.

    I surely like the full tone stack on this and the knobs have a drastic effect on the tone so expect much better fine tuning than the terror series offers. Even though this amp uses a simillar setup to a tiny terror it is not even close to the same thing. Think of this as more of a flame thrower and you will be a little closer to the ballpark. Really the notes just explode off the neck and speaker this amp is so responsive.

    Highly reccomended for the rockers among us who want one amp that will cover all the tones you need at a show!

  • from Jams February 5, 2017Music Background:

    Riff machine

    To preface, I have exclusively run this tiny beast through a brand new Orange 1x12 that is definitely not fully broken in. Let the record reflect that.

    The OR15 is loud. Let's start there. Don't let the numerical wattage fool you. Running a Fender Jazzmaster (60's Lacquer), the guitar is bright and chimey on the bridge pickup, with the tone rolled down between 5 and 7. A turn of the pre-amp gain yields anything from light crunch, to full on saturated amp gain. It might feel like "one-trick" at the beginning, but knowing how you can push the amp, and in what ways you can push it, are the real tricks. For a truly magical tone, I recommend parking the pre-amp gain low, around 8 or 9 o'clock (yes, barely turned up at all), and getting the master volume up into the 2-5 o'clock range (yes, it will be loud). This will give you the best emulation of what the OR15's higher wattage brethren sound like. Having owned a few of those along the way, it was strangely comforting, like getting reacquainted with an old friend.

    The amp takes spatial effects very well in the fx loop. Honestly, with low to moderate gain, you can get some very unique tones from your delay and reverb pedals while running straight into the amp, but pushed too hard, they become muddy and indistinct. In the fx loop, the true quality of those effects will shine, and be uninhibited. The former seems like it would be better suited to a recording environment. Distortion and fuzz pedals are much more finicky when run straight into the head. Too much pre-amp gain on the amp will result in a highly compressed sound that will actually quiet your signal when engaged. There is a fine line that is unique to any given gain pedal, where the amp and the pedal will cooperate in their awesomeness, but again, too much amp gain will render your most expensive and boutique fuzz pedals largely inert. (To clarify, I typically have a fulldrive, a GE fuzzface, and a ram's head muff running into an amp).

    I recently ran this in stereo with my Fender Deluxe Reverb (blackface RI), and it was an excellent complement to that amp. Whereas the Fender is open and airy, the Orange is tight and focused. Together they were amazing.

    You really can't beat the price point on this amp, and for a small amp, you can really get a lot out of it. It delivers some very authentic Orange tone, when run in particular settings, but otherwise delivers excellent "rock" tones, and is very malleable to your specific playing. It can do jazz, rock, blues, psych, garage, etc...

  • from June 1, 2016Music Background:
    Church Music Director, guitar teacher and 14 years of playing.

    Orange OR15

    I will start by saying I was a little hesitant when buying this amp. I loved the looks and sound of it from the demos I watched but I also heard it didn't handle pedals really well. After having it for a little over a week and trying all my pedals on it I think I've got a somewhat fair assessment of this rock machine.

    I'm running the OR 15 into a Orange 2x12 open back cab and this amp has some of the nicest lead sounds you can get on this price range. It only has one channel but it responds incredibly well to your picking dynamics and volume knob. So, if you're looking for a great rock sound that doesn't need much alteration I'd highly recommend you look into this amp.
    As far as how this amp handles pedals goes...
    The OR15 takes delays, modulation and reverb pedals really well both into the FX loop and in front of the amp(when running clean). I have run my Timeline, H9max and BlueSky reverberator on both the FX loop and on the front of the amp and they sound as good as they did on my previous experiences using a Hot Rod deluxe or a Blues Jr. However, I was surprised at how this amp handles overdrive pedals. When you are running the OR15 clean it will take just about anything. However, when you set the amp to a mild overdrive it changes the way it reacts to dirt boxes. For instance, more mid focused overdrives seem to make the amp compress a lot harder than more open sounding overdrives. So, my clean boosts/transparent ODs push the amp into greater levels of rock and roll well while my TS808 circuit makes the amp compress the mids a little too much. Which is fine by me, since I've never been much of a tube screamer kind of guy.. All in all, I'd say the OR15 is definitely not an amp for the person that depends mostly on pedals for their sound. It is for the person that depends mostly on the amp but likes pedals for extra flavor.

    In closing, I just want to say thanks to my sales engineer Patrick Cobley, and thanks to the warehouse team that handled my order. Great job guys!

  • from DFW September 23, 2015Music Background:

    Getcha one

    Full disclosure, i have had my OR15 about two weeks, so i cannot comment on reliability. I am running it through a 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion V30s. This little amp ROCKS. I'll be brief with what everyone else has already said: it's loud! There is quite a lot of volume to be had from its few watts. It seems to be well built. It looks great. What i'd mainly like to address are the sounds. It sounds really nice clean, and i feel like it's got a good amount of clean headroom as long as you are thinking reasonably. In terms of gain, it does several dirty sounds well. Bluesy breakup check. Classic rock, check. Classic metal, check. Modern Metal, check. The gain knob isn't quite as expressive as i'd like it to be, but contrary to a lot of the reviews i've read, this thing can do a nice modern metal sound. I have tried it in several conventional 6 string tunings from 440 down to drop C and a couple of 7 string tunings including standard and drop A. Pickups make a big difference. Vintage/moderate output pups may not be enough to take you there and you may end up trying to get the sound from the fizzy quarter of the gain range (past 9 o'clock or so). But all of my seymour duncan loaded guitars get into nasty modern metal territory with no problem before 9 o'clock on the gain dial. It also plays well with pedals in the loop provided you use high-quality power sources. Hope this has been helpful.

  • from Nashville February 8, 2015Music Background:

    Pleasantly Surprised

    This is another one of those things that I bought thinking I wouldn't be impressed. I have a handwired AC30 with Alnico Blues, a 5150-type thing, and a handful of other amps, but this fills a niche that the others don't. It has a tight, warm tone, which is perfect for classic rock, but it also has a very warm clean or edge-of-breakup thing going on that's a very different color than the AC30. What really shocked me is that it can go into heavy rock territory without sucking. The key to good drive on this guy is definitely to start with the output cranked, then to raise the preamp gain to taste. The output distortion provides a different flavor than the preamp distortion, but a tasteful combination of the two provides a really rich tone that works well with a Les Paul. I used the Rivera attenuator to make this happen without blowing out eardrums or angering neighbors. The attenuator makes the good tones possible when at home. You might not be impressed if you try it with the output down, because that's truly where the magic lives.

    This guy won't give you the sound of a 5150 or AC30, which is why you should try it out; it's a different tool with a different tone . . . very warm . . . and will make a great addition to your arsenal.

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