Oasis OH-3 Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack

Guitar Humidifier/Hygrometer Combo Pack with Oasis Guitar Humidifier System and Oasis Digital Hygrometer
Oasis OH-3 Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack image 1
Oasis OH-3 Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack image 1
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Oasis OH-3 Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack
In Stock!

Let Your Acoustic Guitar Last a Lifetime!

Note: This is a combo pack including the Oasis Guitar Humidifier and the Oasis Digital Hygrometer.

Many common problems with acoustic guitars are due to humidity. Keep your investment protected with the Oasis Guitar Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack. Have you ever noticed that the tonality of your guitar can change season to season? Or that the string action changes? This can be due to humidity issues. Too little humidity can cause slight changes or even massive damage to your guitar. Ever see an acoustic where the top has started to split? There's a good chance it was due to humidity. The Oasis Guitar Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack lets you rest at ease knowing your guitar is safe and protected.

The Oasis Guitar Humidifier is made from a special fabric that allows water vapor, but not water, to pass through it. As more humidity is needed, the Humigel crystals release it, creating a vacuum that shrinks the humidifier and letting you see when it needs to be refilled. The Oasis Guitar Humidifier hangs down from your guitar strings, thanks to a polyurethane stabilizing bar that lies across your strings. This ensures that the Oasis Guitar Humidifier won't touch the back or sides of the guitar, potentially causing damage.

To accurately monitor the conditions in your guitar case, use the Oasis Digital Hygrometer. Just leave it in your case and you'll instantly know what the average humidity is. It also shows you the low/high temperature extremes, so you'll always know what your guitar's environment is. You love your acoustic guitar, so keep it at peak condition with the Oasis Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack!

Oasis Guitar Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack Features:
  • Long-lasting humidification protects your acoustic guitar
  • Easy to use
  • 2 levels of leak protection
  • Inserts into your guitar quickly and safely
  • Protects your guitar from dangerous humidity changes
  • Helps you monitor and maintain optimum humidity level for your instrument
  • Stable case humidity helps prevent warped or cracked instruments caused by incorrect humidity
  • Compact design for convenience
  • Records high/low temperatures for enhanced case-condition monitoring
Make sure your acoustic guitar is always ready to perform with the Oasis Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo Pack!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number OH-3

Customer Reviews

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Save Your Precious Guitars

Excellent product for guitar humidification.
Music background: Musician, Guitarist, Instructor,


I live in the north east where the humidity really drops in the winter. After installing this system in my case and waiting a few days for everything to stabilize, it maintains the 20% to 40% recommended humidity. When it goes above 40%, I simply take the humidifier out of the case and check the hygrometer to make sure the humidity doesn't fall below 20%. Having the ability to check the minimum and maximum temperature on the digital hygrometer is an added bonus. This is everything you need to make sure your guitar doesn't split because it lost too much moisture. Get one for each guitar and protect your investments.

Oasis Homidifier

Living in the New England and burning wood throughout the winter, my acoustic guitars really take a beating! As soon as the heat goes on in my home I start humidifying my guitars. That includes units in the room where i keep them and Oasis in the guitars themselves.I have tried all the systems and this works best for me . No guess work when they need water they shrivel up. My guitars are like my children, I would not leave them thirsty.
Music background: 40 years of professional service in music

Works just great

The humidifier doesn't leak. You can tell when it needs refilling. The hygrometer, I find, doesn't need hours to stabilize, but about an hour with the humidifier removed. I've not installed the clip, but use the hygrometer with the guitar on its back in the case with the hygrometer on a polishing cloth with its vented end just over the sound hole. It's also great for measuring relative humidity in the room. I feel that I have a lot more control, than with just a dampit. I highly recommend the combo as opposed to the humidifier by itself. Great products
Music background: casual student

So Far, So Good

I was looking for a humidifier for my new acoustic and, after checking out many reviews, kept hearing good things about the Oasis, so I picked it up. It seems to work as advertised. I refill it once a week, and the gel activates. My apartment has forced air heaters and during the winter, it gets incredibly dry in my apartment, so I wanted to have something to compensate, and care for the guitar. So far, no complaints. It's easy to use and seems to work just fine.
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