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Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 123 customer reviews
Questions about the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal?

Questions about the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from South Africa May 16, 2017Music Background:
    Full/part time musician (20 years+)

    No words.. I'm OCD about this pedal

    I have been searching for the sound that this little box is capable of dishing out for a very long time. A lot of reviews state that the V4 is a total let down, but I can assure you that this box is nothing but sheer delight. A lot of people say it's thin, it's not, scooped, it's not, it's transparent as glass and it doesn't color my sound at all.Why would Mike Fuller degrade an Iconic pedal, so IMHO, as he mentions, he improved it with each version and now he's satisfied with the final version and so am I :)

    Also using 18V is a must if you're looking for more headroom and it has a total different feel and sonic character.

    I have a V3 clone which is the closest I can get to the actual V3 (I'm from South Africa) and although it is a different sound, I actually prefer this version, although I cannot say if my clone is on par with an actual V3.

    The build quality of this unit is superb, the knobs, the switch, the enclosure, everything is just ROCK SOLID, so if you're back and forth about this pedal, stop and pull the trigger, you won't be disappointed, unless you're just not into this type of sound.

  • from AL May 15, 2017

    Stop. Buy It.

    If you're looking for an overdrive, your search is over. Stop shopping around and just get the OCD. You'll thank me later. Any sound you need to get out of an overdrive pedal, this thing will do it. I shopped around for a long time, tried several different overdrive pedals but this one just plain does it right regardless of the style you play. Nothing came close to how great this thing sounds and how versatile it is. There are several great overdrives on the market but this thing completely blew me away and still does a year later of having one. I can't find a single flaw with it.

  • from MICHIGAN May 3, 2017

    Awesome Pedal

    This pedal is awesome! If you like smooth drive tones without the Mid Hump and no Bass Loss, this is your pedal. Built like a tank with very high quality components. As usual Fulltone Products are the Best!

  • from New Castle, PA April 25, 2017Music Background:
    Over 40 years of gigging in night clubs.

    Best Ever Overdrive

    I just received this pedal from Sweetwater. I'm totally blown away. The sweet, harmonically rich overdrive is to die for. You can hold a note, and you'll hear upper harmonics ring out. That is awesome. Unity gain is about 11 o'clock, so you have a ton of headroom. I don't use the HP mode because I play through British amps, so HP would be overkill for me. However, for Fender amp users that want a British sound, it's there. The LP mode is very transparent and that's what I want with both my Marshall and Orange amps. As far as overdrive, it's mammoth. You can crank it all the way and still have note clarity. Very dynamic as well. Turn down your guitar volume and it cleans up. Great for blues/rock type of playing. If you turn down the drive all the way and crank the volume, it makes a great boost pedal. However, that takes all the fun out of it. I prefer to crank the gain and let it soar. Yes, it has a ton of gain, but I would not recommend this pedal for metal players. Not that kind of pedal. It has a more classic rock kind of vibe. If you dig Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Humble Pie, Free, Zeppelin, Mountain, etc, ... you may dig this pedal. It's groovy!!!

  • from April 16, 2017

    Believe the hype...

    After hearing about this pedal seemingly non-stop the past decade or so, I was skeptical that it could live up to its reputation. I have had numerous opportunities to pull the trigger, but could never justify the $100+ price tag when I already had numerous ODs. Well, a few weeks ago my local shop had 1 used that I picked up for a steal, and I have never been happier to admit that I was completely wrong. This box is as great as everyone and their mother says it is, and as soon as mine gives out, I will be getting a brand new one. There is plenty out there on this boxes tone and capabilities, so I won't focus on that. But as a former OCD detractor, it only took me a few minutes to convert!

  • from Marietta Ohio April 11, 2017Music Background:


    Love it been bragging about it

  • from Houston, TX March 30, 2017Music Background:
    Blues based music of all genres

    Mind Blowing

    I've ran this in front of many amps and it sound phenomenal with every one of them. I'd agree with the general consensus that it's a bit mid scooped but with an MXR 10 band in my effects loop and a little bit of gain there too to push the power tubes it's mind blowing. My favorite amp to use this with is my Friedman Smallbox which you could very well argue doesn't need any pedals because it has got it all built right in but that's why I'm raving about the OCD. I A/Bd this with both the Plexi channel and to a certain point the BE channel and it's comes unbelievably close. It's unreal how similar the dynamics with the touch response are and it's unbelievable how similar it is in its harmonic content and it's the best I've ever heard at how beautiful the note separation on fat chords is and it's the farthest away from the fake digitally processed JCLs that I've tested. Mr. fulltone has achieved something truly remarkable here. I can actually get close to my favorite tones and at bedroom levels, don't get me wrong, I love to open the Smallbox up and push it hard 😜 but if I can get this kind of tone and extend my EL34s life while playing at reasonable volumes then what more could I ask for.

  • from California March 21, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar and recording


    I set the volume low and the drive high of the OCD and plug it in behind a mesa boogie flex drive at low level and high gain...connect this set up with the guitar in the input of the Mesa boogie pedal and the output from the OCD to a clean channel of your amp.,.just food for thought

  • from Glenpool, OK February 28, 2017Music Background:
    The main guitarist player at church.

    Love it

    I just want to say buy it. You won't regret it!

  • from North Carolina February 21, 2017


    This is the best overall overdrive pedal. It is a great stack pedal with the Ibanez TS9 and the EHX Soul Food. I even used them stacked with each other. Great Buy!!

  • from Trinidad, CO February 17, 2017

    Perfect Lead Boost

    If you have an amp that has 2 channels and you like playing on channe 2, buy this pedal for a volume boost for your solos. If you have more channels, you can use this pedal as a lead boost on any channel. Simply turn the level as high as it will go & turn the drive all the way down. Put your tone at half way & you have a lead boost that doesn't affect your tone & gives you at least a 2db boost on your volume. This will help your lead solo cut through your band. Perfect boost pedal!

  • from Nebraska February 4, 2017


    This is the best OD pedal i have ever used. I've had it a few months and it still blows me away. Perfect for a little crunch up to some pretty high gain stuff. The volume is insane, i never have it up past 9 o clock! High pass adds a little more mids and gain. Low pass is your true tone with a little less gain. Definitely worth the money if you're serious about a high quality tone.

  • from Maplewood, MN January 22, 2017Music Background:

    Fulltone OCD

    I got this to replace the digital Lead channel of my Roland 40w Cube. That amp's Clean channel sounds good but the digitally based amp simulations that make up the Lead channel sound artificial. The analog Fulltone OCD through the Roland's Clean channel sounds vastly better than the digital distortions of the Lead channel. So far, I've been running the OCD at 18 volts. This pedal, along with others I've got or will get, frees me to use the Cube only for the Solid State Clean and to ignore the digital offerings of the amp.

  • from Pullman, Washington January 15, 2017Music Background:
    Amateur guitar, small time local bands over the years, and some drums.

    Harmonic Richness Oh Yeah

    This pedal has a touch sensitive rich and open sound from low to high, quiet to loud. I love it. Makes my amp sound like I opened a door hiding the speaks and let 'all' the sound out.

    But more importantly... Don, you have the best reviews, and great personality to go with. I always smile when I check out something and you the guy showing it off. You rock!

  • from December 27, 2016

    OCD Pedal

    Thanks to SWEETWATER staff for consistent help and good products. This is one that will blow you away! A must have.

  • from Virginia December 26, 2016

    Fulltone OCD e Drive

    I love this box. Fat full overdrive. I wish I'd gotten it sooner.

  • from PA December 11, 2016

    Outstanding Sound

    I got this to go with my new Sweetwater Limited Edition Deluxe Reverb. Clean channel volume on 3 and and crank up the OCD and amp starts to growl. It sounds very nice it's a keeper.

  • from California November 28, 2016Music Background:
    Ive been playing guitar for 8 years


    Amazing pedal ! I run it with a fender reverb deluxe tube amp and I'm just blown away by the tone and the feel. My Fav pedal for sure ! ! !

  • from Tennessee November 14, 2016Music Background:
    Primarily church

    Sweet OD

    Now I see what all the fuss is about. This pedal is awesome!

    I have an American Deluxe Strat HSS. Before this I was primarily using a tube screamer mini. While I still like that pedal, this one has taken place as my primary overdrive. I have it set to the hp setting with gain around 2 o clock and man does that make a strat sound beefy, crunchy, and have sweet sustain. The OCD is nicely responsive to your volume knob and pick attack as well. For a lead tone I load the tube screamer with a lower gain setting into this, and magic happens.

    Quick summary: worth the price and great sounds on either setting.

  • from East TN November 1, 2016Music Background:
    40 years of guitar


    Just the right mix of fundamental frequencies and harmonics to make this distortion into ear candy! Even at low volume it's addictive. My new favorite. If you have this and a BB Pre, you have 90% of all the distortion you should need. The high peak setting really makes a great mud-range edgy sound that will cut through. Paired with my Mesa 5/50 Express Plus this is just yummy!

  • from North Carolina October 31, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Love it!

    This is the second drive pedal that I have owned, the first being a boss combo drive. I always hated my drive sounds and tried to use the pedal as little as possible. After getting this pedal, I use it as much as I can! There is a smooth quality to this drive that just makes it a pleasure on chords or for leads. The HP and LP settings are great for switching between lead tones and just a little crunch for quieter songs, or just to give more depth to your sound. All in all I am immensely satisfied with this pedal and would recommend it to anyone!

  • from Pennsylvania October 19, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar hobbyist/Weekend Warrior

    Fulltone OCD

    Looked at demos on YouTube comparing other distortion/overdrive peddles, but Don Carr's demo finally convinced me to pull the trigger. Honestly I am still exploring all the tones OCD can produce.Tonal range is huge! This peddle is not a "one trick pony". I highly recommend you get the 18v adapter as it gives the peddle maximum headroom as compared to 9v. As a guitarist who likes to use as few peddles as possible this is a great addition. As always thanks to my contact guy, Ryan Clapper who is very helpful.

    Again I have to say Sweetwater customer service is excellent. As well as your photos of gear are typically better then manufacturer's.

  • from October 9, 2016

    Just Buy It Already!

    The Fulltone OCD was my first pedal and one the best purchases I have ever made. Although I was hesitant to spend $100+ to just get an overdrive sound, this pedal was more than worth the money. The output is crazy loud, the amount of tones possible seem endless, and the pedal provides a mix of overdrive and distortion in a way that preserves the warm original sound. This pedal can be used for so many types of music to the point where I would say it's a must buy for any intermediate or advanced electric guitar player. Quit hesitating and buy the thing already!

  • from HI August 19, 2016Music Background:
    Definite Amateur


    This is absolutely amazing! I couldn't believe the versatility of this pedal. I've gone a long time without an overdrive pedal, and I finally saved up enough and got the OCD. It took about 3 seconds to dial in "my sound". I love the HP and LP controls. LP works really well for rhythm playing and HP has boosted frequencies to stand out more for leads. It has way more volume than you'll ever need (I can barely turn mine above about 11 o'clock). The drive also has a very wide range. You can go from clean boost to mild dirt to pretty decent distortion. The tone knob can wrangle any amp. Keep in mind it only controls the highs, but backing it down can remove any unwanted twang, but turning it all the way up give a nice, warm treble boost without getting ice pick-y. This is one of the best overdrive's you can get, even with all those botique ones included.

  • from July 8, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar 40 years

    OCD pedal sounds great

    I like to have variety of sounds and this OCD does it for me. Good harmonics thru a tube amp also. I'm using this on a small set up for quick setups. It.can substitute my amps overdrive channel with ease.
    Sweetwater is awesome to deal with because it's simple and quick transactions keep me coming back.

  • from Miami Dade, FL June 22, 2016Music Background:
    over 30 years of playing. Professional.

    Sweetcrisp clean to crazy distortion.

    I was going to buy the Tube Driver. A great pedal, . The sale guy asked me what I was looking for. I explained and he suggested the OCD. I thought he was making fun of me, I said to myself is he saying I am nuts. Then as we spoke it sounded like the Overdrive was what I needed. I waited a few days and it got here fast. I can play crisp twangy to the hard overdrive and I could have it dark to bright. Dud, you can not go wrong for a hand made pedal made in the USA.

  • from NY June 19, 2016


    Bought this pedal after watching a YouTube video of this guy getting the best tone from a Fender Bassman Amp a Strat and this Pedal total He drip SRV. I was using and had been an ibanez overdrive that green pedal for the past 20 years, let me tell you when I plugged in the OCD I was blown away. Very versatile pedal. I play through a fender deluxe reverb which really has no overdrive or distortion just pure fender cleans this pedal turns it into a monster. My previous amp for 15 years was the Marshall JCM 2000 100 watt head so I needed something to get some drive when I wanted it and also be versatile to play music like the stones or SRV and my Fender now is the champ. i guarantee you will be blown away and live the pedal.

  • from Berkeley, CA May 10, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbyist and dabbler

    The only overdrive I use

    This was my first "real" pedal so I definitely have some sentimental attachment, but I think anyone would be impressed by the sounds you can get out of it. Works great as a clean boost all the way up to some pretty heavy tones that really allow you to ROCK OUT and have a great time. It definitely takes some tweaking to get it to the specific sounds you want (especially if you have a bunch of guitars with different pickups; not every setting is going to sound good) but with three knobs and a switch it is still really simple to use. The sounds you get from this pedal are in that perfect zone between mild breakup and fiery drive, and notes retain tons of clarity even at high-gain settings. It's really well put together too, very sturdy with high-quality parts. The bolts on the side are a great touch, allowing you to take it apart without using any extra tools while still keeping it together really nicely. Overall it's an amazing pedal that gives you great tones at a much lower price than a lot of the "fancier" overdrives out there.

  • from Englewood, CO March 31, 2016

    One of the best ODs made...............

    This is my second experience with a Fulltone product and the overall high caliber of Mike Fuller's products and my satisfaction with them is overwhelming. The OCD took the place of two other pedals on my board and I'm very satisfied with it in every way. It's versatile, quiet, and a real monster when run at 18v. I even appreciate the simple generic black and white cosmetics vs many of the fancy hand painted products on the market. I prefer my artwork to be on the inside of the box not the outside.

    I play a very broad array of pickups ranging from vintage Tele single coils to a higher output Nashville Tele setup, P90s, Humbuckers, and even a P90/Single Coil pairing. The OCD works well with all of them and with both my SS and tube amps. It's not my only OD pedal but with it's versatility it certainly could be. In the general scheme of things with OD pedals ranging in cost from $100 to $200 and more the OCD offers terrific value.

    As for service I have a brief experience worth mentioning. My pedal arrived on the weekend and it was Sunday before I had an opportunity to try it out. Later that evening I had a question I needed an answer to and sent an email off to Fulltone expecting to hear back on Monday or Tuesday. Within the hour I got a response back from Mike Fuller himself and this was after 10:00 PM on a Sunday night. In my book that's customer service above and beyond the call of duty.

    And as always my service from Sweetwater was top shelf. Before Ian McGhee and I even got off the phone the order was processed, packed, and ready for shipment. The pedal arrived two days later. It really doesn't get any better than that!

  • from Farmington, CT March 28, 2016

    Very nice!

    Exactly what I was looking for. It's great for getting the perfect amount of overdrive on a rhythm guitar part. It's just a really nice pedal. Look at some youTube clips and get a better feel for it yourself. It's the "cleanest" design overdrive pedal I can think of.

  • from mesa arizona February 28, 2016

    Hands Down Killer Pedal

    I have been playing 40 years and have owned many many pedals I am so glad I found out about fulltones OCD pedal it just is fun to play again thanks to fulltone .I use it with a G & L guitar with p-90s and a bugera v-22 amp it's just kick *** plain and simple

  • from Cape Cod, Massachusetts January 30, 2016


    Primarily a single coil pickup player and needed an overdrive that could give me a broad range of crunch without the annoying HISS that often comes from most overdrive pedals. Well the OCD is that pedal. AMAZING sound! Having the high pass and low pass switch option is also fantastic. When using my Fender Deville amp, which can be bright, I just switch to LP mode. When using my Fender Deluxe III amp, which can be a lot less bright, I just switch to HP mode. The drive level of this pedal is truly amazing also. I can add just that little bit of bite to a more clean rockabilly sound, or go mid drive for some crunchy southern rock/rock sound, or full drive to obtain that full crunch and sustain for heavier rock. Couldn't ask for a more versatile overdrive pedal. Best overdrive I have ever owned!

    Giant kudos to Sweatwater and my Sweatwater sales engineer Tim Holsinger. Tim is always on top of things and is quick to makes sure I'm satisfied with each Sweatwater purchase. Couldn't ask for a better company for ALL my musical purchases.

  • from Ohio January 7, 2016

    Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive

    I was looking for an overdrive pedal I could use with my Fender 68 Twin Reverb reissue. I primary use the amp clean, with chorus, echo, reverb, fuzz, etc, but occasionally like a little " crunch " when playing some songs or leads. After reading reviews I decided on the OCD pedal and it works great. I am 100% satisfied !!!!

  • from Baton Rouge, LA. December 29, 2015Music Background:

    Smooth to Growling

    I received this pedal as a Christmas present and I have to say Santa is awesome. This pedal really opens up my Bugera V22 amp on the clean side. Increases headroom with a smooth sound that does not color my guitar's tone at low gain levels.It is also fun on the drive channel, (although I am generally satisfied with the amount of grit from this channel without pedals). When I add more drive to either the clean or drive channels the harmonics and overdriven tone is glorious. It makes the tubes happy! Although I am still experimenting (lots to tones to explore with the OCD) it sounds great with my Fender Strat, Fender Tele, Gibson SG and Epi ES335. This pedal sounds significantly better than my TubeMonkey OD (although that is a decent pedal too). I love the touch sensitivity of the pedal and the interaction with the volume control on the guitar itself. Very flexible and there are many tones I have yet to to explore. Also anxious to see how it works with my Tech 21 Trademark 60 solid state amp

    As always, great service by Jason T. my Sweetwater representative.

  • from Idaho December 28, 2015

    OCD Drive

    Just got Fulltone OCD drive pedal ! Wow my Messa Boogie DC-3 & DC-2 sound even more awesome with this little jewel. A little extra sustain and smoothness. Still sounds like all sweet tubes.

  • from N. California December 22, 2015Music Background:

    The Best OD I've Ever Owned

    I've been using this pedal for 5 or 6 years. It works well with my set up, and cleans up very well, even with humbuckers. I've found that ceramic magnet pick ups clean up much better that alnico pickups, despite the fact that they are higher output. Still, it works great with my les paul with alnico II PAFs. There is plenty of drive, and the tone knob provides added sparkle. In the LP position, it sounds more like an 80s distortion pedal. I leave mine in the HP position all of the time. It gives a great mid range spike, and provides for a great glassy clean tone when you roll back on your volume. This pedal does everything I could possibly want from an OD or distortion pedal. I can't say enough good things about it. Also, the build quality is solid, and should give no trouble for touring or just playing out around town.

  • from Longview November 10, 2015Music Background:
    Tone Lord

    Bet you'll leave it on you pedalboard

    I have had mine for about 5 years now and it has never been rotated off my pedalboard. I also have a King of Tone, J Rockett Archer Icon, Wampler Velvet Fuzz, Catlinbread DLS lll and RAH, Arc Effects Gamut, and a new DOD 250. I use the stuff that works for me, inspires me, and sounds great with different amps and guitars. The Fulltone OCD is just one of those pedals almost everyone would love and it's not even expensive. Excellent build quality and warranty. If I lost mine I would get another one.

  • from georgia September 28, 2015

    great pedal

    for those who doesn't know Fulltone, Well, you should find out. This for me is the best sounding overdrive

  • from September 27, 2015

    Doesn't get much better than this...

    After using a wide range of overdrive and distortion effects over a number of years with generally underwhelming results, this one finally provided a sound and feel that works with my playing style. I can set the volume for unity gain, the tone neutral, and the drive knob at saturation (about 2 o'clock) and control the amount of distortion with my guitar's volume knob, from almost clean to sizzling hot. It behaves like a good tube amp's front end, just like an overdrive pedal should, and there's no coloration or alteration of your guitar's natural sound in the LP switch position. Bonus points for the 9V external power jack and a case design that allows the battery to be replaced without removing the pedal's base from your board if you prefer to power it that way. Great pedal.

  • from Centreville, Al September 11, 2015Music Background:
    muscian and songwriter.

    Best sounding drive out there!

    This is without a doubt the best overdrive pedal I've ever owned. I've been playing for 12 years and do a lot of live shows so I know how tone and cutting through a mix can be a problem for some guitar players. This pedal will go from clean boost to hard rock easy. For those wanting this as a one pedal fix all, don't hesitate. There is PLENTY of gain with this thing. Can easily play anything from Zeppelin or The Stones to Metallica or Three days grace with the turn of the gain knob. Unlike most drive that get then as the distortion goes up, this pedal actually gets thicker. It makes chucking power chords sound amazing. And the tone... Where do I start? Even at the higher distortion levels you can hear every string. I watched every YouTube video I could find on this thing before I bought it and none of them do it justice. So stop thinking about it and reading reviews! Go buy it and thank me later!

  • from Houston TX August 29, 2015Music Background:

    Amazing tone

    Amazing tone for a pedal, very dynamic in it's range. worth every penny.

  • from South Florida August 23, 2015


    I finally found a dirt pedal that has what I have been looking for. Great variety of tones to be had here. Works great on bass and guitar (have yet to try on keys or drum machines). I have used it in front of a Fender Twin Reverb Custom 15 with a Jazzmaster as well as an old Eden David VT-.40 head with 410XLT cab with a Jazz Bass and also an old Traynor YBA-1 going thru an Avatar 2x12 cab with an Epiphone SG (this combo produced a nice creamy fuzz, works great placed before an EHX BIg Muff). I can finally say that my dirt pedal search is over.

  • from Port Angeles, WA August 13, 2015Music Background:


    Great pedal! Does what it's supposed to do do, and does it well. Sounds best at 18v.

  • from Ft Worth, Texas August 7, 2015Music Background:
    I've been taking lessons going on 4 years from a blues guitarist with 50 years of experience - Dennis Dullea

    OCD Pedal

    Before this pedal I had a Boss SD-1 made in Japan from the 80's. It has the 4558 chip and is quite a decent distortion pedal. After hearing the OCD pedal I had to have one. No regrets it's a great pedal and gives a lot of options. Well worth the money!

  • from July 24, 2015Music Background:
    Maker of

    Dirty little thing

    Just the right amount of ingredients here

  • from Lakeview, Ohio July 11, 2015Music Background:
    Bout 50 years of pickin'

    One of the best!

    This pedal does it all and more. It's really hard to hold back. I wish I would have bought this one a long time ago. Where's the beef? Right there in that little pedal! It kills it!
    Thank you Sweetwater for the great deals and great service.

  • from Columbia, MO June 27, 2015Music Background:
    Not my first rodeo...

    Holy Grail

    I've never been able to find an overdrive pedal that makes me happy. Tubescreamer, Blues Driver, etc. I've purchased the big names and they've been on my pedalboard in a live setting at one time or another since 1979. So, there's my attempt at street cred. Let's get to this pedal. The secret to the ODD is that it's an Overdrive/Distortion pedal. Want crunch? It's there. Want distortion? It's there. A distortion pedal can be too much and an overdrive pedal can often not be enough. If you're looking to get that blues "edge", that rock "sting", that outlaw country "bite", and/or that singing classic rock "creamy" sound, you're going to love this versatile, touch sensitive, volume control roll off clean pedal. I hesitated because I'd been disappointed so many times, but this is easily the best pedal I've had for Overdrive/Distortion. It's irreplaceable on my pedalboard.

  • from Philadelphia, PA June 25, 2015

    Great OD!

    The moment I plugged this pedal in and turned it on it roared through my amp. I played a standard strat through it into a Fender Blues Deluxe. This pedal is amazing and is great for a higher gain blues tone. Not so sure on how I made it through the past couple years without this on my board. Hope this helped!

  • from North Carolina June 25, 2015

    My new Epiphone II Pro

    I am very happy with my choice to purchase my new Emperor II Pro. I won't be comparing this instrument with any other archtop guitar on the market, other than to say, the craftsmanship is excellent, and my Gibson ES175 comes in a close second. I have never owned an archtop guitar with such a wide range of voices. I play Jazz and Bossa thru my restored Boogie MKIII, clean. The bass is unreal and sounds deeper than I have heard in any guitar. If you get a chance to play a 'Pro' you will see what I mean, and yes, I would recommend this instrument to a friend. Mike Soper is my sales engineer and I want to take this opportunity to thank Mike for his care of my guitar needs over the past years.

  • from Liberty, TX June 1, 2015

    Just what I wanted

    I recently purchased a vintage strat and I was looking for a new overdrive pedal to complement it. My other guitar is a custom les paul with slash pickups. I was running a mesa boogie throttlebox through a fender 68 custom deluxe reverb, and the sound is to die for, but it doesn't like when you turn the gain lower than 11 o'clock. This pedal sounds amazing from 11 o'clock down to zero in the lp setting, and it is exactly what I was after. When you crank it it sounds good too, but nothing like my mesa throttlebox. I also have a mesa boogie rectoverb 25 combo, so my standards are pretty high. I wouldn't recommend this pedal for someone wanting a ton of drive, this is more for a clean boost to mild overdrive in my opinion, and it does that without flaw. You can set it to do anything from nothing, to raising the volume, changing the eq, to light or full overdrive. Amazing pedal. Buy it.

  • from Austin May 28, 2015

    I'm OCD for my OCD

    Glad I picked this one.

  • from Story Wy May 13, 2015Music Background:
    2 Years Guitar

    Awesome OCD

    The Fulltoe OCD is just awesome. I like the HP and LP switch which can be used to taste but the LP sounds better with my Fender Jaguar and Mustang. I have a Fender Blues jr amp which is a nice tube amp but the OCD make it great. I purchase this the OCD pedal on the advice Ryan Schmidt my sales engineer and he was correct. The OCD gives a great boost and just makes the sound fuller no pun intended.

  • from Sturgeon Bay, WI May 12, 2015Music Background:
    Rock, Funk, R & B, Pop bands

    Outrageous tone

    I'm a guy that has played semi professionally for quite a while over the years. Mainly weekend warrior stuff having to mimic tones in cover bands. I own/or owned many tube amps,rack gear and guitars. This OCD pedal really feels great no matter what guitar or amp is used and performs wonderful in front of a tube amp. It is touch sensitive, performs very well to guitar volume inputs and drips tone. Based on two other reviews on this site, I called back after receiving the pedal and bought an 18 volt power supply. Oh my does this open up this pedal. I felt the change was mammoth, going from a really nice unit to exceptional. Headroom was increased and in the HP setting it sounds a bit more British to me. This is one of the best pedals I've owned. Buy one with the 18 volt power supply and I bet you will love it. (side note the manual included with the pedal outlines you can use the 18 volt power supply). As usual Sweetwater did a great job getting the pedal out to me lightning fast. I bought a Wampler Plexi Drive Deluxe and ended up sending it back due to this OCD sounding so good to me. The Plexi Drive was a great pedal and I'm not saying anything against it. To me this OCD gave me the tone I was looking for with a huge bottom end.

  • from PA April 6, 2015Music Background:
    studio owner, guitarist

    Great all-around pedal.

    There's nothing flashy about this pedal. It just simply works, and is quite versatile. I have a variety of boutique pedals, and I've tried several times to replace the OCD with something else, only to realize that it's too good to let go of. Low gain, high gain, whatever you have in mind... chances are it will do the job very well and without fuss. Has a very large sweet spot and is very tweakable for a 3-knob pedal.

  • from April 3, 2015

    it's an amp not a pedal

    I am 68 and am still leading my own band doing my original tunes....In the 70's I was in the UK...playing a 60's ... Marshall Stack........the OCD can clone that amp!!!
    ...listen to early Hendrix when his pedals are off or Clapton on Sunshine of Your Love....that's what the OCD
    does best...a massive sound with huge bottom end with just the right mids and highs to give you a great definition on the notes and chords...and no mud....a sound aggressive and huge but you can still sing over.
    ...it is versatile enough to squeeze other sounds out of it...but your much better off to set it up to do the Marshall Stack thing and pick up a cheap overdrive or distortion unit to layer over for leads etc.

  • from Indianapolis February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player

    This thing is awesome..

    The OCD from a tone/timbre standpoint, is the closest thing to the front end of a classic VOX tube amp I have ever experienced. I bought this device to bring the ability to control the overall volume and drive-distortion to my pedal board, regardless of the amp or PA system I am plugged into. This is incredibly freeing when playing in various places with various amp systems but still allowing me to keep my pedal setup consistent.

  • from Michigan February 18, 2015Music Background:
    Long Time Hobbyist

    Awesome Pedal

    There are so many effects pedals on the market that it was hard to decide which one to buy. I spent a lot of time reading reviews before finally deciding on this one. I am very pleased with the OCD - it does everything they say it will do. It's a huge boost, has great distortion, the tone control is a big help, it's built very sturdy, and it looks good too. Don Carr's Video Demo is a very accurate and helpful review of this pedal so make sure you check it out. A good bang-for-the-buck pedal.

    As always, Sweetwater had my order packaged & shipped same day. Thanks again for the great service!

  • from Palos Hills, IL February 13, 2015

    Great Pedal!!

    I was looking for a good overdrive pedal to cover the sounds I was searching for. This pedal is very versatile and it did the job. Great lead tones for my Gilmourish tunes. Luke Herian, as always you are awesome! Been shopping with you guys for last 7 months or so and you always give me a call to let me know my gear is coming. Great job!!

  • from Northampton, MA February 2, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The One

    I've had this pedal for three years now, and it works the same as it did on day one. Originally bought to make up for tone in my solid state amp, now I run it through my Fender Blues Deluxe and it sings. We were just in the studio and our lead guitar player AND bass player used it on several takes over other pedals like the RAT (which I still think is pretty cool) and the Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion pedal (twice the cost). I bought a blues driver and returned it after a month because it felt just redundant next to this thing. It breathes life into your tone. Doesn't offer the gain of some pedals or amps, but it cuts through better than anything I've used. I can get a nice Duane Allman slide tone with it or some Led Zeppelin-esque overdrive. Will also suit your 90's rock needs. My number one pedal. Couldn't ever see parting with it. Also kicks the crap out of a well-known green OD pedal...

    I also recommend the Danelectro DA-4 9-Volt power supply which you can use to starve it of some power, and get even cooler tones.

  • from January 9, 2015Music Background:
    10 years guitar

    great tone

    really great tone

  • from Atascadero, CA, USA December 6, 2014Music Background:
    Recreational surf, church guitar player

    Meets all expectations

    Great range across all adjustments, especially drive knob which takes you a little beyond overdrive into nice distortion for my purposes; I was looking for something that covers both . . . no need to supplement this with another distortion pedal. I appreciate Don Carr's review on the Sweetwater website, as everything he demo'd came through when applied to my set-up. Side note: small size is nice! Made me wonder why so many other pedals take up so much space. Very feature-filled pedal for the money.

  • from Moravian Falls, NC November 26, 2014Music Background:
    Somewhat professional guitarist

    Best sound for the money!

    Sparkles! Gotta agree with all the good reviews. Thought it was fabulous then I got a voltage doubling cable to run at 18 volts. It's off the charts! If you can run it at 18, by all means do, but it totally rocks right out of the box.

  • from Aurora.Co October 28, 2014Music Background:

    one of the best drive pedals ever!

    The Fulltone OCD pedal is by far one of the best preamp/boost/overdrive pedals I use. I find that if you use it in line with another drive pedal you can and will achieve The Eric Johnson dirty sound with ease! I place it before my BK Butler Tube Driver and you can dial in boost to thick rich overdrive that sustains for days! This is one of my very favorite pedals for that singing drive sound. Works great for thickening single coil pickup's. plays well with other pedals and amps. I have owned this pedal for years now and never had a single problem with it. tough as a Tank! If I lost this pedal I would not hesitate to buy another one ASAP.

  • from crossville, TN October 11, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer,Musician, Drums, Bass, Synth, Guitar, Dj Etc.

    Thumbs up for clean drive odd company though!

    Like it so much I bought one for my brother just so I have it when I am at his house. Great tone does not get crazy dirty like a metal zone but has a clear presence and growl...

  • from Lexington Park, MD September 3, 2014Music Background:


    Best OD pedal I've used. Very versatile. Great crunch. Cleans up very nicely using your guitars volume knob. It does this so well, I now use it for my clean sound. As always, Sweetwater is the best! Thanks Scott!

  • from Ohio August 19, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist, Songwriter

    BEST overdrive/distortion yet

    I have tried many, many, many different OD pedals. Some I have liked very much and used often. This one is the best I have ever tried. So good with my Strats. Doesn't really change your basic tone, just enhances it. It sounds good with all of my different amps and guitars. It will now be a permanent part of my setup. Best $100(ish) you can spend. GET ONE.
    As always great service from Sweetwater and rep Greg Savino.

  • from Nor-Cal June 9, 2014Music Background:
    Praise/worship team

    Best od/distortion pedal

    OCD is the best dirt box I've ever had. I run it at 18 volts right after a fulltone fulldrive 2 also at 18 volts. They stack well together. I've tried this setup with a mesa mark v, fender blues deluxe, Marshall, peavey valveking. Using a strat, les paul, prs, and it works great with all of the above. I haven't found another dirt pedal, or od/dirt pedal combo that is this universal until now. And Aeric Brenner is the go-to-guy at sweetwater for excellent advice and courteous service.

  • from St. Louis May 17, 2014

    you need this

    If you're looking at this pedal and reading reviews then do yourself a favor and pick it up. This is the most transparent overdrive I've seen yet. I like to run this with my amps as a boost and will occassionaly add a little drive as well (depending on the amp). Excellent pedal. Also, I think the price has dropped since I bought mine!

  • from Holcomb, MO May 8, 2014Music Background:

    Should have grab this a long time ago!

    This overdrive is awesome. Bought this recently along with a new 65'Deluxe Reverb Reissue. Got here in a couple of days, almost a week later I'm just blown away. I had read the reviews many many times and like most effects and sales hoopla I expected the usual below expectations results. Well I'm definitely sold on Fulltone and most certainly the OCD. I been playing my Eric Johnson maple Stratocaster through it all week and I am certainly pleased with how transparent this thing is. All I hear is a good overdriven amp and nice thick rich tone that doesn't get brittle and thin. It doesn't scream pedal to everybody listening. Single notes or chords everything comes through nicely. I've got this on my pedalboard behind a BK Butler Tube Driver and in front of an old 80's Boss DD3 (Made in Japan) and it plays very nice with both. I have also had my TC stereo chorus behind it as well with good results. Love how well built this pedal is. Its built like a brick. I'm sold on Fulltone quality. OCD is a steal at the current price.

  • from Port Angeles, WA. May 1, 2014Music Background:

    Great overdrive

    The Fulltone overdrive is very versatile. You can go from mild crunch for rythem to a full blown fuzz for lead. I use it in combination with a Rat-2 distortion pedal. When I blend them together, with a TC electronics Flash
    Back delay, I can get a pretty convincing. David Gilmour tone. I would recommend this pedal for anyone.

  • from Laurinburg, NC April 29, 2014Music Background:

    Versatile Overdrive

    I have been using the OCD as my main distortion sound since I got it a few weeks ago.Tonight i tried it as a clean boost and was floored by the rich tone.Great pedal with a variety of sounds and built like a tank(this pedal is SOLID).Good job!

  • from April 27, 2014

    Yup, lives up to reputation

    This is the only dirt pedal I have. Sounds awesome with every amp and guitar combination I've tried. Just buy one.

  • from Grand Rapids, MI January 6, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Touring Musician

    Just what I needed

    The OCD is the perfect pedal for anyone looking to add just a little bit of crunch to your tone. I never go to a gig without it. What I like most about this pedal is that it adds just the right amount of overdrive given how much signal you put through it and how hard you are playing, allowing you to adjust from clean to crunch with both your technique and your guitar's volume knob. It adapts to you! I would not recommend it as your one and only lead pedal, but for anyone looking to add a little bite or get a good blues lead sound this pedal is absolutely magnificent! I am very happy with the OCD.

  • from Woodbridge, VA November 28, 2013

    Exactly what I was after...

    Sweet, crunchy gain without sounding trashy. The tonal options cover quite a bit of ground, and the gain is usable through the entire range of the knob. Excellent as a standalone overdrive or distortion and for boosting a crunchy amp.

  • from Orlando FL October 18, 2013Music Background:

    OCD pedal the best sound for me

    I typically go out and play a blues based style some crunchy some more mellow on the soulful side. I bought a Fender Deville amp but the thing is too good really a stage amp. I needed a sound that wouldn't peel the paint off the joints I play so I thought get another TubeScresmer. But in investigating what is out there I went with the Fulltone OCD. Get one it will do the job.

  • from Michigan August 9, 2013Music Background:
    30 years recording, session, jamming, hobbyist.

    Fulltone OCD the best out there!!!!

    The OCD is incredible!! The versatility and the transparent nature of the OCD are unparalleled. The drive switch enables you to switch from a beautiful clear overdrive to an incredible distortion/overdrive sound which still maintains your guitar tone. You can play Blues, Rock, Jazz, Hard Rock, Country and beyond with this pedal. The power that you get from the OCD even on 9v is amazing it will drive your tubes to the max. The OCD also can handle 12v and 18v as stated in the owner's manual. I am currently using an 18v adapter and it increases the headroom and the overall tone of your sound. I didn't think the OCD could sound any better, but with the 18v it does. Incredible pedal, a must have for any TONE CHASER!!!!

  • from Memphis,TN USA July 2, 2013Music Background:
    pro musician, recording,arranging pruduction

    Fulltone OCD -very cool

    OCD pedal does what it says. Maybe not for metal-heads but for blues & rock is right on. No generic mush, guitars keep their integrity. Great harmonic content without excessive saturation.

  • from California May 27, 2013Music Background:
    Longtime hobbyist


    Unbelievable overdrive. The range and types of sounds it produces in front of a tube amp is the best I've ever heard. Very fair price on a terrific pedal.

  • from Colorado, United States May 16, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Songwriter

    Best overdrive pedal on the market.

    This is the best overdrive pedal I have ever tried or owned. I would highly suggest one for guitarists of any style.

  • from Tucson, Ax May 2, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Player, Producer, Engineer

    Best OverDrive Out There!

    On a whole different level than other OD pedals - when I first saw the "OCD" in the title it made me think "oh this is just another nasty OD for Metal Heads and Shredders - Not SO!!! I play POP and Blues and needed an OD that had rich, full tone when cording but also would not smear when I kick on my "Blues Driver" for lead - the ODC by Fulltone delivers on every front - but there is a catch! buy the 18V Adapter!!! I put it in my floor board with the standard 9V connection and thought it sounded just OK, perhaps a little thin, so I took it out and threw it in the heap with all the other shredder pedals. Then I remembered the YouTube video I saw where they said - "You really ought to hear this with the 18V adapter..." So, I grabbed it out of the heap, bought the 18V adapter and marched off to practice. I plugged it in - applied the 18V's and Holy SH**!!! no I mean truly - a world of difference! Best OverDriver Out There!!! bar none!

  • from CT April 26, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist / Home Recording

    I love this thing!

    What a great pedal! It doesn't just make you sound betterit will make you play bettter.
    It's super reponsive to differences in picking. Very versitile. I can't believe the wide range of tones you can get out of three knobs and a switch. Get one now!

  • from California January 24, 2013


    Really excellent tone out of this pedal. Worthy of its reputation.

  • from United States January 13, 2013Music Background:
    Serious hobbyist


    My wife got me one of these for Christmas. I use it in front of a Tweaker head. It really adds to my tone and with the gain all the way down acts as a boost while providing some grit if you attack the strings harder. I used to use a old Ibanez Tube king tk999us and this OCD blows it away for warmth. With the gain at 12:00 on this and the Tweaker with master about 9:00 it gives me an awesome Crunch at a livable volume.

  • from December 31, 2012

    Great pedal!

    I just picked this guy up a few days ago and was blown away when i plugged it into my fender amp and Gibson guitar. The tone and drive are amazingly smooth while maintaining the crunch of a real tube amp. I got the chance to play through a vintage overdriven Marshall next to this sucker and it sounded almost exactly the same, just as Fulltone says!! It also has pretty good battery life (20 hours) but i would suggest getting a power supply (Pyle Pro, Daisy Chain, Voodoo lab, etc...)You really can't go wrong with this pedal but I suggest trying it out at your favorite local music store before buying just to see if it will suit your needs

  • from December 21, 2012

    Amazing Pedal

    Great Quality Pedal especially in 18V!!
    Thanks Sweetwater!!

  • from Upstate New York United States December 10, 2012Music Background:
    Been practicing for 45 years..lol

    OCD For Ne

    This is a fantastic pedal. A great price at $135.00 It brings your guitar to life, and will help to take the mud out of your other pedals too.The boost can be subtle or aggressive. It's great all by itself, giving you tons of options. I own several types of guitars which include Strats, LP's, Tele's with an array of different pick-up configurations. This box WILL find the sweet spot for all of them. I usually go full bore with pedals of this nature, but with the OCD I am in awe of the subtle nuance it creates at lower settings. I'm sorry it has taken this long for me to find out about this magic box! But I've got it now and I'm gonna keep it .
    Thanks To Mike Hammond for the great support .

  • from New Orleans, LA USA October 29, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Fulltone OCD

    This pedal performs as advertised by the manufacturer. I like the smooth, brown, british power tube distortion sounds, as opposed to gainy buzz. The OCD gets me where I need to be at more reasonable volumes, while preserving a lot of the touch sensitivity you would expect from a wide open non-MV amplifier.

  • from Twin Cities, MN October 25, 2012Music Background:
    Casual Player, Tone Hobbyist

    OCD = Gateway Drug for Boutique Pedals

    While I admire the boutique stuff, I can't really afford/justify spending more than $100 for a single pedal in most cases. But the OCD is reasonably priced, and EXTREMELY versatile. The first time I plugged it in, I felt like it took my small VOX combo amp to a level of quality I hadn't gotten out of a pedal before.

    While you're not going to play thrash metal with it, there's enough gain and tone ranges here for this to become a primary overdrive on your pedalboard. It does a great classic rock tone (seriously, Jimmy Page started coming out of my amplifier), and can also be used to push other distortion pedals. It's one of the few overdrives that works well both for lower-tone rhythms and higher-pitched soloing. The HP/LP switch also gives you the choice between a louder (and brighter) tone, versus a more muffled one. That's a great thing to have for dialing it into your specific amplifier. The OCD is an instant classic and almost universally beloved.

  • from Las Vegas September 15, 2012Music Background:

    Blown Away

    My awesome girlfriend got this for me for my birthday! I was expecting it to be an awesome pedal. But "awesome" doesn't even come close to describing this thing. In fact, it blows "awesome" out of the water. I played 3 different guitars through it and all of them sounded incredible, yet each sounded the way they should... different! Some distortion/OD pedals make all guitars sound the same. Not this one! Has an incredible sweep on the "Tone" knob, and the "Drive" control allows you to back off to beautiful crisp clear tones, turn it up a bit to buttery, or crank it up into madness! Monster tone! I can't imagine anyone not liking this pedal. Best OD out there! And it responds to your attack on the guitar.... Incredible, awesome, killer, fabulous, fantastic..... one word can't sum it up. If you are even thinking about an OD pedal, this IS the one you want! By far the best pedal I have EVER owned. I am sold on Fulltone! Can't wait to add a few more to my rig. And a 5 year warranty? It's built like a tank!

  • from Mississauga, ON Canada August 3, 2012Music Background:
    University Student, Church Worship guitarist

    Best $140 I've ever spent!

    I have heard a RAVE of reviews about this for years, eventually I bought one. I was disappointed at first as it seems that all it could do was harsh, high end screaming. It just didn't fit the role I was hoping it to fill.

    BUT, I then started tweaking the knobs, and my jaw just dropped. This thing DRIPS with tone, and by far the best over-tones and harmonics on an overdrive pedal. It just fattens up my Strat tone while being totally transparent!

    AND, this is also by far the most dynamically responsive overdrive I have tried. It responds to your picking dynamics so well, just like an overdriven amp. It is also responsive to your volume knob. Turn it down to 7-8 and it is just so SWEET!

    This thing is an all-round BEAST. And for $140, it is the bargain of the guitar world. I just got the CMATmods Signa Drive (very good TS-clone), and the OCD still wins out on tone.

    Best overdrive out there, you won't regret it.

  • from Chicago, IL March 14, 2011Music Background:
    Professional guitarist

    Very Musical Overdrive

    The OCD has replaced my TS808. More transparent than the Tube Screamer

  • from California November 22, 2010Music Background:

    Great pedal. Check out demos of all four versions!

    This pedal is wonderful. So many usable tones are available, and it's very easy to dial in.

    This is the fourth version, and functions a little differently than the other three older versions. If you're interested, check out demos of the others. I personally chose the third version. It seems to have a little more gain than the fourth. Excellent for cleaning up a clean tone or sending your solos over the edge. I'm not a huge fan of the other other fulltone pedals, but I'm 100% happy with this one. And the price is great for this kind of quality.

  • from Franklin,Ohio September 14, 2010Music Background:
    Over 20 years

    This is the overdrive your looking for!!!

    True Bypass. None of that high pitched "transistor radio" drive. Make a "tweed" sound like a "plexi". Make a "plexi" sound like "heaven". Turn the drive way down and it's a great boost. DOES NOT change the true sound of your rig. It's like adding a channel to ever channel your amp has. This is what you want!!!!! HP & LP is nice too, make that two channels for ever channel your amp has.....

  • from Saudi Arabia April 26, 2010Music Background:

    A must have Pedal

    This pedal sounds really good especially if you match it with a tube amp. The overdrive is very transparent. It produces a very nice sound and response well if you adjust the settings. worth buying!

  • from Fort Wayne September 23, 2008Music Background:
    20+ years, non pro

    The Best OD ever!

    I have V1, and V3. I use the V1 for lighter OD with the LP mode. Fantasic light boost tone. V3 is set for more gain/mids and in HP mode. This version is close to V4(current), and I can't live with out this one. I can take this OCD and my Eric Johnson strat and be very happy.

    Good things about the OCD...

    VERY amp like in "feel". Works great with an amp thats breaking up some.

    HP/LP mode give some very cool sounds with the HP the tighter, with more gain. LP is looser IMHO.

    Not really much $ for the tone!!!!

    The tone is basicly "MORE" of my amps great natural tone. No real big mid hump.

    NOT a TS clone in any way.

    Responds to the Volume of the guitar like a great tube amp.

    Can be run up to 18v for even more tones.

    Rock solid night after night on stage!!!!!!!

    Works great with Humbuckers and Single Coils. Took a few tweaks with my p90 Les Paul Jr.

  • from Burleson, Texas September 22, 2008Music Background:


    This pedal actually replaced my Kelley TS-808. Yes, it's that good! I highly recommend this pedal.

  • from Hollywood, CA USA August 23, 2008Music Background:
    Cascade studios Hollywood, get to watch pro musicians practice, allways talk shop about their gear. play around with the guitar a little my self ;p

    OCD rules

    I play Rock and Metal, some neo-C leads. I've tried so many different types of overdrives and was never satisfied. I stuck it out with the ts-808 for a long time.
    The OCD is not your average 808 clone.
    It has its own sound, and boy is that sound sweet.
    it sounds more like your amp giving you the gain than a pedal.
    You get the cool o.d. harmonics with the gain knob barley on. nice clean overtones.

    I've played with all 4 versions.
    for me I rank them in this order:
    I like the v1 the best because the mids are scooped a little compared to the others.

    Lately I've been using it with a Fulltone Soul Bender fuzz. Heaven!

    I will always be searching for something better but i don't think I will ever sell it.

    (*Listen to Paul Gilbert(uses one)
    and listen to Takayoshi Omhura - in a rough state.
    best tone of '08

  • from Clio, MI October 13, 2016

    Great Pedal

    I see this pedal on a lot of boards. Now that I bought one, I know why. Many voices in one box! It does get a little ringy turned way up, but they are supposed to. Starting me on a new path of playing, an adventure.

  • from Lake Jackson TX. April 11, 2016Music Background:
    Rock, Country, Metal

    Awesome if used Right

    I use this pedal for boosting an Orange Dark Terror. I use it with the gain knob all the way down, the volume at 3:00, and the tone knob at 12. In 9 volt mode it's ok, but you can hear some mudd when going into a gain channel. You need to use it in 18 volt mode. In fact, don't bother buying a overdrive to boost unless it's an 18 volt pedal. You need the higher volt OD pedal to get the guitar signal out of the mudd! I gave it a 4.5 because nothing is perfect.

  • from NYC January 2, 2016Music Background:

    Tried many...this is it

    I'm an intermediate level player and this is the first pedal I own. I've tried many OD/distortion in the past few months. I've purchased and returned 2 because I just couldn't find the sound I wanted. Bought this one without actually trying it in a store but fell in love with it when I finally received it from Sweetwater. I actually contacted Fulltone before purchasing and Michael Fuller said that the OCD was "honest." It maintains the sound of your amp. Great price as well. Thank you Fulltone & Sweetwater!

  • from Lakewood, Colorado June 22, 2015Music Background:
    Old school rock. Old guy garage band maybe 4-5 shows a year. Mostly a hobby

    Just the right amount

    Got this right after my blues deluxe re-issue. Thought I might need some more drive for a few songs.
    Wow this combination is incredible. use is with the clean channel and tweak the amp tones what a sound.
    You don't lose any of the base or mid tones as with a lot of pedals. I was tore between the Suhr Riot and this one. I had played through the Riot and wow. But this I like better at half the price!
    I also hooked it up through my blues jr tweed. had to tweak the settings on the amp different from the BD.
    but I finally got the tone I was looking for. I would have to assume this pedal would compliment any quality
    tube amp but can't say for sure as I only have the two listed above.
    The only think I don't like it is too loud. the volume at low is too much. Would like more adjustability
    on that.
    Basically the best distortion overdrive pedal I have owned, I have had a boat load of them.
    Get one trust me. And of course get it from Sweetwater! They definitely know their stuff.

  • from South Louisiana June 11, 2015Music Background:

    High Quality OD Pedal- For Sure!

    I'll admit it. I bought this pedal because I saw it on so many other players pedal boards. I came to realize that players dig it because it DELIVERS! I also have a Suhr Riot to compare it to, which cost me about $70 more. The Suhr has a lot more "drive" but the OCD seems to be "more defined" on most things. I've pretty much stopped using the Riot and almost always turn to the OCD. This was after I thought the Riot was the total stuff!!! The OCD works very nicely on the clean or slightly dirty channels of an amp (I'm thinking of the Marshall JVM I use). The Riot (I believe) was designed to be used on mostly clean channels. There, it DOES deliver! However, the OCD is a better all-around distortion pedal- at least in my experience.

  • from May 21, 2015

    Fulltone OCD

    This is definately one of the best overdrive pedals I've had.
    If you want just a little boost, full blown overdrive, or just
    want a great sounding distortion pedal, this is the one.
    I was going to use 2 of them, but found one is enough.

  • from denver , CO December 22, 2014Music Background:
    studio and live

    good drive

    Good in sound fat sound i use it in a clean setting for blues rock sound

  • from Royse City, TX March 21, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Team, Hobbyist

    Permanent Place on My Pedal Board

    This was exactly what I was looking for; some extra punch and crunch while still maintaining great tone. Well built and no extra noise when not in use. Simple, straightforward controls. Combine that with the great Sweetwater customer service and support and you can't go wrong. I will definitely consider Fulltone pedals for future purchases and will always make Sweetwater my first call for sound equipment.

  • from Ohio June 5, 2013Music Background:
    Long and undistinguished

    Fulltone OCD pedal

    Exactly what I was hoping for. Contacted Sweetwater and said,"I'm playin' single coils thru a Princeton Re-verb...no gain channel and I'd like to crunch it up just a little, whaddya got?" Mark responded within a half hour and suggested the OCD. Perfect match and just the effect I was looking for. Have since added the Dunlop 18v power and I am set. Would definitely recommend the pedal for low-mid boost needs. Woulda given it a 5 if it came with any kinda power supply other than a battery.

  • from Nashville, TN June 29, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Songwriter

    Great purchase!

    I was looking for something to give me just a little breakup, and at the recommendation of a friend, the OCD was it. But I actually use this one for my mid level overdrive now, and use my Keeley mod Sparkle Drive for the lighter overdrive. Used it for the first time during CMA Music Fest and love it!! Definitely a mainstay on my pedalboard now!

  • from Dover Florida April 18, 2012Music Background:
    Semi Pro Musician

    Fulltone OCD is great!

    The Fulltone OCD is a really sweet overdrive that reallly compliments any tube amp I've used. It delivers that cutting punch you want in relation to your picking attack and after trying several different overdrives over the years this one is the one that will stay in my pedal board.

  • from Ohio February 24, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Versatile, transparent, sounds awesome

    Super transparent and respond just like a tube amp to your picking dynamics. It's like adding another channel to your amp. I use it to add a little dirt to my clean and to boost the drive channel on my blackstar and this thing sounds incredible. It doesn't color your sound at all, just enhances it.

  • from fort Wayne,in February 22, 2012Music Background:
    lead guitar player with,the Martin bros.blues band

    fulltone ocd

    Great blues -rock overdrive!,built solid,true bypass,hand made in California,the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because nothing is perfect.I have used it at 2gigs so far no problem,I play blues and blues rock,it's perfect for that seven tone,great pedal,great service,I have been a sweetwater customer for awhile now,and the service is great everyone is very knowledgeable!,I don't go anywhere else

  • from Boulder, CO January 2, 2011Music Background:
    Blues, Folk Rock, Alternative, Contemporary Worship

    Amazingly Versatile

    I think it's normal to be slightly disappointed after purchasing something with this much hype surrounding it, but like so many others, this pedal has won me over.

    I was looking for a drive pedal that would contrast my TS9. The OCD definitely does that, and so much more. It's not nearly as mid-heavy, nor does it color the sound as much as the TS. The subtleties of my strat stay in tact, without substantially cutting or boosting the spectrum. It also reacts pretty much the same way as a tube amp to softer dynamics and rolling back the volume knob. I love the classic sound of my Ibanez, but it seems that the OCD can do pretty much everything else. You can get incredibly specific with this pedal, from clean boost to huge overdrive, and most every sound in between sounds great.

    There's also a lot to be said for how well this pedal can drive a tube amp at low volume. This is useful not only for practicing, but for any gig where your amp can't be too loud, but you don't want it to sound wimpy (in my case, mostly church services). If your miking the cab at low volumes and being mixed into a system, this functions as a boost just fine.

    I can't speak for how well this pedal works with solid state amps, but through my Fender it really sounds fantastic. If you're a metal player, this is probably not the pedal for you, but I'd highly recommend for just about every other genre. This is really a useful, well-made piece of equipment at a moderate price.

  • from Greenville, SC September 30, 2008Music Background:

    Outstanding overdrive pedal

    Many people are critical of the "Fulltone hype machine." However this pedal truly lives up to all of the praise it's received.

    I've played this pedal through my Vox AC-15CC and it is a complete monster. If you roll the drive back all the way and crank the volume pot, it serves as a great clean boost. With the volume about 12 o'clock and the drive at 3, flip the toggle to HP and you can get amazing british crunch. I'm still learning what this pedal can do and am consistently amazed at the amount of different overdriven sounds that I can get out of it.

    If you are looking for a distortion pedal that will serve you well for Death, Grind, thrash, etc then I would recommend looking elsewhere. But if you are looking for more of that NWOBHM sound (which I was when I bought this) don't hesitate and buy this.

  • from May 14, 2017

    OCD is great

    I wanted an overdrive pedal for the extra boost during leads. I found that the volume on this is essential to get the exact tone I want!

  • from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil March 7, 2017Music Background:
    Classic Rock, Blues, Reggae Dub, Black Music

    Fulltone OCD

    Great tone for its low price compared with the infinite "new cool boutique drives" on the market.
    Very natural clipping. Good harmonics.
    Lot's of gain for an overdrive pedal. Cool.
    Cleans up well with guitar's volume roll off. Not the best I've seen but doable.
    Tone knob could have a wider range and deliver more treble freqs.
    Definitely will do the job for Classic Rock, Blues styles.

  • from February 18, 2017Music Background:

    Stellar!...with SOME rigs

    This pedal can sound stellar, but in my experience it has to be paired with right right amp and it also needs a bit of a push. Let me explain.

    The OCD is a very uncompressed and maybe somewhat scooped-sounding pedal (think Fender Blackface scooped, not heavy metal). That makes for a wonderful rhythm sound with a big bottom and jangly highs. The problem is those characteristics of this pedal need to me smoothed out or they become grating. When I ran this into my Blackstar closed back combo, it was killer. The Blackstar is inherently dark and boxy, so this pedal provided a fantastic sonic sheen with a big bottom surprising for the small combo. When I played in into my Mini Rectifier, it just didn't sound as good. The Mini Rec's cleaner side is sonically very similar to this pedal, so the two didn't blend well. So make sure you have the right amp for this pedal. However, it may work in a more transparent amp if you use a guitar with humbuckers.

    This voicing/EQ can be flubby or spiky if you use too much gain, at least with single coils. Low gain sounds fantastic on the OCD, but it's a crunchy sound and not a sustaining lead sound. The best solution I found was pushing the OCD with a pedal that's dark or slightly compressed to get a lead tone. For example, my TS9, Xotic compressor, MXR phaser, and Xotic EP Booster all sounded good in front. Those pedals really tightened up distortion and EQ. My fav was the Xotic EP, which is a highly colored boost. A clean boost into--or after--the OCD didn't do much for me. Also, the impedance of OCD is weird, so it's a bit finicky where it's located in your signal chain. It didn't work after my wha.

    In summary, it's a great pedal, but it needs to be paired with the right rig and maybe needs a push if you want to use it for lead work. The OCD also cleans up fairly well. It's a pedal well worth the price.

  • from Murfreesboro, Tn. March 26, 2016Music Background:
    30 + years of fun & games

    Fulltone OCD

    I have owned many of the best overdrive/distortion pedals of the '70's, '80's & '90's. This is is by far the most toneful, touch sensitive pedal I've used yet.

  • from Murfreesboro, Tn. March 8, 2016Music Background:
    'been @ it!

    All killer no filler

    This pedal delivers! I have had some of the so called best in the past 35 years, and sold them. Fulltone has done their homework and given us the OCD! Get the 18 vdc power supply and you'll be in touch-tone distortion heaven!

  • from June 26, 2015

    OCD Best Drive Pedal

    I bought the OCD Pedal to used with my Fender Blues Jr. III and I have not been disappointed. From moderate tone to all out crunch this thing is amazing. I would recommend to a friend.

  • from Clarkston, MI October 6, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    This really kicks! I like the sound and drive it gives to leads.

  • from Mid Michigan April 7, 2013Music Background:
    Lifelong Hobbyist

    great pedal

    I purchased this to play a gibson 335 through a deluxe reverb reissue with some clean to semi dirty blues tones. Also with the bridge pickup and some delay I can get a Brian Setzer type if tone. The pedal sounds great. It can function as both a volume boost, or a gain boost and maintains the picking dynamics so you can get cleaner tones when picking lightly and more distortion when picking hard.

    I am giving this one only 4 stars simply because I have limited experience with distortion pedals and thus cannot accurately compare to others. I will say it is a good pedal. and solidly built...check out some youtube reviews for more info.

  • from December 7, 2011

    Great Overdrive...But...

    I'm going to play devil's advocate here just for the sake of anyone who wants a slightly alternate perspective on the OCD. Let me first say that it's a great pedal for all the reasons other people have listed, but some of the things this pedal has been praised for have actually been drawbacks in my experience. My advice is to beware the "not coloring your tone" aspect of the OCD. If you find yourself favoring American voiced, compressed, or midrange-present overdrives, this may actually not be the answer to your overdrive prayers. This is a huge and saturated overdrive, as many have mentioned, like a marshall half stack, but depending on the guitar, amp, or EQ settings you use, the tone of the OCD can be very hard to use. For instance, the openness of the single coils on my Strat is something that I absolutely love when I'm playing clean. The tone is thick with bass and has a great bell tone chime in the treble. The problem is that the OCD preserves the openness while saturating it with overdrive, and the result is bass undercurrent that is wobbly and out of control and a treble that is far too biting and harsh. So unless I'm very careful about my amp and guitar settings before turning on the OCD, I end up with a tone that's pretty unusable. I think another thing worth mentioning is that this doesn't compress like a lot of other drive pedals until you turn up the drive knob pretty high, so the "fatness" that is often a side effect of compression isn't as present. My point in saying this isn't to bash the OCD because it truly is a well-built, reasonably priced, musical, and versatile overdrive. I also would imagine that the problems I'm pointing out are more prevalent with single coil guitars than those with humbuckers. Still, I think it's worth it to ask yourself whether or not you truly want your guitar's tone replicated in an overdrive. You might actually want your drive pedals to "color" the tone in certain ways.

  • from Houston, Tx September 19, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Active Musician.


    This pedal is outstanding. It does NOT give you a heavy metal pound, but for heavy rhythms and REALLY beefy power chords this pedal kicks ***. as far as soloing goes and single string voicing it is not as effective. If you are looking for a ripping solo you should stick true to the amps distortion for sure. The thing that I simply admire in the OCD is that they took out the EQ equation and leave you with your "True" tone only its now punching you in the face. Killer pedal. Every rock band needs one.

  • from April 3, 2017

    Just Meh

    I guess I'm in the minority here as I consider this pedal very ho-hum and lacking in the overdrive department. I was looking for something heavier for Metallica type music. This OCD pedal is more like an Ibanez Tube Screamer.

    Maybe i'll be better off using it as an expensive boost pedal :/

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