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Gallien-Krueger Neo 212-II 2x12" 600-Watt Neo Cabinet w/Horn 8-Ohm Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Gallien-Krueger Neo 212-II 2x12" 600-Watt Neo Cabinet w/Horn 8-Ohm?

Questions about the Gallien-Krueger Neo 212-II 2x12" 600-Watt Neo Cabinet w/Horn 8-Ohm?

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  • from New York July 28, 2016Music Background:
    Working Bassist

    Back saver

    I needed a cab for my GK 1001-RB and being somewhat old school I was concerned about this newer genre of lightweight Neo cabs sounding as good as heavy cabs. I was leaning towards the 410 model with the 115 but really wanted to lighten my rig. So I ordered cab Monday and it came to my door Wednesday afternoon just in time for a beach gig (Thanks Sweetwater's Nich Magnami). Played outdoors 50' from the water and the cab was/is awesome. All worries gone. Punched through the mix but still with nice lows like I was used to with my 15. Now my only worry is how can I sneak a second one into the house without the Mrs. realizing it!

  • from Long Island, NY February 28, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Bass Man

    Little Big Man

    For it's size, weight and cost, this is by far the best and most consistent bass cab that I have played in over 50 years of plucking the strings...and I have played, owned and lugged them all including Sunn, Acoustic, SWR, Eden, Ampeg, Music Man, etc. This GK has a kick-butt low end sound, yet still is tight with a good mid-range, fast articulation for crystal clear rapid sequences and an adjustable high frequency delivered by the P-Audio horn for some crisp overtones and harmonics. I have both Gen 1 and a Gen 2 GK 212 Neo cabs, but this one looks like a Gen 3 with different dimensions. If it's anything like the originals, it should be a knockout. Looks like GK changed its label to "designed and assembled in the USA", which means that the parts might be made overseas. My two cabs are 100% USA manufacture and components, so be advised.

  • from June 27, 2015Music Background:
    Bassist and guitarist

    Great Cab

    This cab sounds great with my GK 1001 RB head. Very light weight for starters. I can carry the head and cab at the same time!! and not be winded! It can definitely handle low end well along with the rest of the sound spectrum. I've played through the neo 410 and it did sound great but I think this sounds fuller.

  • from Central Ohio March 19, 2017Music Background:
    Hobbyist, with a pro attitude

    GK Neo 212 II... Awesomeness continued!

    The need was definitely there for a cabinet with a good pedigree, and after doing my research, my decision was easily made with the Neo 212 II. Great power rating, well made, good portability (50 lbs), decent price. I also decided to try Sweetwater, this time, and couldn't have been more happy, as I netted a great rep, Dan Robinson. Dan not only answered my questions fully, but was also very knowledgeable and patient. I would have given 5 Stars, but shipping box arrived gouged, abrased, and dented, and was noted at both FedEx pickup location, and with Sweetwater... I don't believe the cab was damaged, but handling needs to improve in this area, from both delivery and retail establishments.

  • from Bradenton, FL February 21, 2017

    Works hard

    My papa bear rig is great, and heavy. So heavy I sprained my left arm from bicep to hand.

    I have sought out and found a great mama bear rig, I have paired this GK 212 NEO with an Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 and the two mated nicely. Among several basses, I'm using a Warwick Streamer LX broadneck fretless which is evil on bass bottoms and easily capable of smelling out bottoms that can't deliver punch at volume.

    Hence I approached my specialist at Sweetwater with my goal to get powerful punch in a small and light NEO bottom. We started with a Hartke 210 and it couldn't take it. With Sweetwater's return policy I was able to test whether there was enough lightness in this GK 2x12 bottom and, bingo, found the sweet spot.

    I use it in mid size venues where I'm not DI'ing into mains so I'm pushing it hard - and it delivers.

    Papa Bear is probably angry, and baby bear sits at home..you may soon see them listed..

  • from Charlotte November 21, 2011Music Background:

    Big sound, lightweight!!!!

    Big sound for such a lightweight cabinet. Does not include caster wheels, so I had to install my own for transporting. The tolex covering is cheap & will tear.
    I run with a GK1001 head. Manual says to "BI-AMP" the cabinet, but I found the "FULL RANGE" setting way better!!!!
    Overall: Great sounding cabinet for a working musician. But run it in "full range" mode.

  • from Springfield, IL May 14, 2015Music Background:
    Working musician

    Small and loud

    I got one of these mostly for its light weight, but also for the 12" speakers. I use it mainly with a Mesa Bass Prodigy and the combination is very powerful. The deep bass extension isn't quite what I had hoped for but it's close. The high range isn't as crisp as my Hartke XL cabs but it can be EQd to be effective. The 12s have a distinctly different sound from my 15" or 10" cabs. This is a good alternative for a small room or tiny stage.

Questions about the Gallien-Krueger Neo 212-II 2x12" 600-Watt Neo Cabinet w/Horn 8-Ohm?

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