iZotope Nectar Elements Vocal Processing Plug-in - Academic Version

Style-based Vocal-processing Plug-in with Preamp Emulation, Reverb/Delay, De-esser, Gate, Pitch Correction, 5-band EQ, and More - Mac/PC RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, VST3, Audio Unit, DirectX
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iZotope Nectar Elements Vocal Processing Plug-in - Academic Version image 1
iZotope Nectar Elements Vocal Processing Plug-in - Academic Version image 1
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iZotope Nectar Elements Vocal Processing Plug-in - Academic Version
Delivered In Minutes!

Perfect Vocals Made Simple!

Note:This is a specially priced version of Nectar Elements for qualified educational facilities, instructors, and students. Proof of eligibility is required. For more information, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer.

iZotope's Nectar Elements combines 10 sophisticated vocal processors into one easy-to-use plug-in. Unlike many similar plug-ins, Nectar Elements focuses of keeping things simple, eliminating the need to dive under the hood to tweak parameters. Instead, Nectar Elements gives you universal control categories such as level and space as well as character settings that change with your vocal style, all of which help you dial in your sound fast. Other essential processing includes a de-esser, a gate, and automatic pitch correction. Add in an impressive 5-band parametric equalizer, and iZotope's Nectar Elements is your surefire way to polish vocals.

iZotope Nectar Elements Vocal-processing Plug-in at a Glance:
  • Simple style-based parameters make dialing in the ideal sound easy
  • Packed with all of the essential processors you need for studio sound
  • Killer automatic pitch correction onboard lets you polish your vocals
Simple style-based parameters make dialing in the ideal sound easy

Whether you're creating '90s-era grunge, classic Motown, modern metal, or any other style of music, Sweetwater can confirm iZotope's Nectar Elements is ready for your style. Before you start tweaking settings, you start by selecting the style that best fits your vocals. This affects everything from the kind of preamp sound to the flavor of reverb or delay Nectar Elements loads up. It also changes its style-specific character controls, giving you access to settings such as clarity, warmth, sparkle, grit, and other characteristics that can dramatically affect the sound of your vocals. At Sweetwater, we appreciate tools that lead to great results fast, and that's what you get with Nectar Elements.

Packed with all of the essential processors you need for studio sound

On the less glamorous (but equally important) side, Nectar Elements incorporates a handful of iZotope's most effective signal processors, making it extremely easy to smooth out your vocal sound. A de-esser and a gate, each with just a single control, allow you to cut out sibilance and background noise quickly and effectively. There's also a wonderful 5-band parametric equalizer built into Nectar Elements, complete with real-time frequency metering.

Killer automatic pitch correction onboard lets you polish your vocals

Unleash studio magic with iZotope Nectar Elements' automatic pitch correction. With just four basic parameters (speed, range, scale, and root note), Nectar Elements' pitch correction setting can deliver anything from the subtle adjustment you need to pull your notes onto pitch, or create a the full-on hard-tuning effect that redefined pop.

iZotope Nectar Elements Vocal-processing Plug-in Features:
  • A streamlined and highly effective vocal processing plug-in that lets you achieve pro-studio effects
  • Simple parameter controls let you quickly dial in the idea vocal sound
  • Preset styles reconfigure behind-the-scenes processors to instantly create recognizable vocal sounds
  • Amazing onboard reverb and delay algorithms let you add depth and space to your vocals
  • Style-dependent character parameters provide you with simple control over dramatic effects
  • Essential processors such as a de-esser and a gate let you remove unwanted noise
  • Powerful automatic pitch correction lets you go from mild correction to hard tuning
  • Onboard 5-band parametric equalizer ensures that your vocals will sit right in the mix
  • NOTE: Compatible with GarageBand 6 and earlier, REAPER, SONAR, Digital Performer, ACID, Vegas, Sound Forge, Ableton Live, Pro Tools 7.4-10, Cubase, Nuendo, WaveLab, Logic, and Audition. Is NOT compatible with GarageBand X.
Don't struggle to get killer vocals - get a copy of iZotope Nectar Elements from Sweetwater!

Additional Media

Nectar Elements Vocal Processing Plug-in User Manual

Tech Specs

Software Type Vocal Processor
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Academic Version Yes
Bit Depth 64-bit, 32-bit (AAX)
Format VST, AU, RTAS, AAX (32-bit only)
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Multicore Processor
Hardware Requirements - PC Multicore Processor
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or later
Manufacturer Part Number 90-NECTARELEMENTS

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