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iZotope Nectar 2 Production Suite Reviews

4.0 stars based on 22 customer reviews
Questions about the iZotope Nectar 2 Production Suite?

Questions about the iZotope Nectar 2 Production Suite?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Customer
    from April 27, 2017

    Nectar 2

    Love It! It is easy to use.

  • Phil
    from August 17, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, voice trainer, music producer

    Love nectar 2!

    Virtually No need for parallel processing of your vocals with this high quality plugin.
    Harmony module is a great training, as well as production tool ... If you're careful enough, very convincing vocal harmonies are within your reach

  • Mason G. Senft
    from New York August 17, 2016Music Background:
    Music Producer

    Nectar 2 Production Suite

    I have always found iZotope plug-ins to be essential to my studio's needs and expanding from Nectar Elements to Nectar 2 Production Suite has given me even more capabilities. I'd be lost without these plug-ins.

  • Kyle Ruiz
    from Longview, WA July 27, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Songwriter, worship leader, intermediate home studio

    A must for vocal recording

    This product is an absolute steal for all it does. Easy to use with lots of presets to find the sound you want and tweak it to your liking. It sounds excellent and doesn't seem to use too much processing power. I find myself using it on every vocal track. So inclusive, intuitive and versatile.

  • Odee
    from Chicago May 21, 2015Music Background:
    project studio, songwriter, singer

    They've done it again!

    iZotope can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned, and with this new release of Nectar, they've raised the bar again! This is one of the best vocal processing tools out there. Yeah, I can do all of the things that Nectar does with tools from my Waves Mercury bundle, but with Nectar it's so much easier to achieve the same thing and it's actually more fun doing so. Bravo to the iZotope engineers!

  • jesse allen
    from Saylorsburg pa February 3, 2015Music Background:

    izotope nectar 2 production Suite

    Yes I Love this item

  • Gerald Kumpf
    from Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA December 3, 2013

    Plug-in Audio Tech

    Easy to use. Great set of presets. Starting from an appropriate preset I can tweak a tune to perfection quickly and easily. Best compressor I've ever heard, and a really sweet de-esser.

  • Customer
    from September 14, 2016


    Easy to use. Great results.

  • Madmike
    from South Carolina July 20, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, studio owner

    Worth the 200$

    First off the folks at Izotope are awesome !! Just recently purchased ozone 6 and found out after that it was not compatible with protools 9 & Mac osx 10.7 !! My mistake which izotope handled without a hitch !! They gave me an ozone 5 license and said enjoy !!!! Now back to nectar 2 !!! I love it after just a few weeks of using it !!! It gets you right in the ballpark with just a quick look through the presets !!! Listen to the ones that closest represent what you are working on, and then fine tune the one that sounds the best !! As some have said, this really is s great way for beginners to learn how EQ and compression work because they can look at the settings on the presets and begin to hear how they effect the signal coming in !! TJ Walstrom, my Sweetwater rep was the man as usual, answering any questions and checking to make sure I was a happy customer !!!!

  • Zionstrumpeter Studios
    from Pinellas County, Fl. October 20, 2014Music Background:
    Recording/Mix Engineer, Horn Arranger, and session player.

    Nectar right on!

    Simply a remarkable vocal processor for sure. The presets are a great starting point to embark on fully customizing vocals to sweet perfection. Harmonizer is extremely tweak able and is a bonus if you do not have someone for that job. I have utilized this plugin on horns as well and let me tell you it did a wonderful job (soul-style horn section). Izotope is a company that does so well with their software and this is definitely no exception!!

  • Kenneth Gholson
    from Lawton OK October 15, 2014Music Background:
    Singer, songwriter,musician, and studio owner

    The iZotope Nectar 2 Production Suite

    work with it some all preliminary indications are looking great

  • Bones
    from Akron, Ohio August 22, 2016Music Background:
    50 years pro musician and recording engineer

    All in one

    It replaces all the usual stock plug ins with one multi-tasking device. Very well laid out with each process having it's own precise set of parameters. I especially like the compressor and brick wall limiter, the eq is also very well designed. I am only now getting into the doubling and harmonizer. Also the pitch correction seems to work very well for quick fix's.. It's got everything you could ever need for vocals, ( I have also used it on acoustic guitar with stunning results). Over all a great plug in and a must have for vocals ETC..

  • Brad
    from August 20, 2016

    iZotope Netar 2

    Actually I may end up with an even higher rating, I'm still getting used to the software. In both intensive and extensive terms this is very good software, it does a lot and does it well. Our music is chiefly vocal oriented
    and the Nectar 2 allows us to really bring that out without losing the naturalness of our vocalist's talent, she doesn't need improvement, only showcasing and the Nectar 2 is able to provide this without any sense of artificiality.

  • Customer
    from August 17, 2016

    Nectar 2

    I love my new nectar 2 . I'm so glad Zach emailed me on this special . It's the best $ 99 I've spent . My vocals are sounding better that ever and just the quality of the eq I'm also using it on instruments .

  • Juan
    from New York April 14, 2016

    iZotope Nectar 2

    Great! Just what I needed to work my vocal tracks

  • Joe MacLeod
    from November 20, 2014Music Background:
    Musician (keyboards, guitars, vocals)

    First Look At Nectar 2 Production Suite

    I will never be a mix engineer. I'm a retired musician who just likes to track and mix my music now and then. iZotope Nectar 2 offers me the opportunity to mix vocals like a professional, while disguising the fact that I don't know a mix bus from a snow shovel. The mix suite allows me to simply select a preset, and as I learn the function and effect of each of the rack items, I can tweak to my heart's content.

    I would probably rate the suite at 5.0, but I simply don't have enough experience to know that yet! I work with Cubase Elements 7 and Nectar integrates beautifully, although it is rather a CPU hog. However, when I finish each track with Nectar I bounce it to disk and import it again, and everything stays manageable.

    Although I have not used the harmonizer yet (and I'm looking forward to it) I have used the Pitch Correction add-on most effectively. I thought at one point that I would have to purchase an Auto Tune or Melodyne add-on, but it is becoming obvious that the Nectar Suite does it all for me.

    Now if I ever get one of my mixes out the door, you can bet that iZotope's Ozone Mastering Suite will be my next purchase!

    One more thing... iZotope's Trial model is perfect. You get 15 days to test the product, after which you get drop-outs of a second or two every 15 seconds or so. No loud noises, no horrid sounds in the mix. Very nice.

    My experience with Sweetwater has been stellar. Helpful and friendly staff, efficient order processing, fair price, and a most helpful and informative web site. Thank you Sweetwater.

  • Michael Anthony de Marco
    from Wappingers Falls, New York November 3, 2014Music Background:

    Nectar 2 Productionn Suite

    For an excellent approach to getting your vocals to shine in the mix you cannot miss with Izotopes Nectar 2. This software is on par with any high end gear out there as it features all of the essentials (including an impressive pitch correction and harmonies!) and the sound is excellent. It offers a quick setup approach which any engineer or musician will greatly appreciate along with easy parameter editing on the fly.
    It is now one of my main 'go-to's when tracking vocals.

    This Plug-In has lots of depth. Hats off to the Izotope crew and to Jeff Holman at Sweetwater for turning me on to Nectar2!

  • Customer
    from December 8, 2013

    Great Plug In for vocals

    Go to plug in for vocals. Can't get the pitch editor to capture all of vocals, or I would have given this 5 stars. And the breath control is a hog, too much latency for online use.

  • Robert Parker {was gift from my father George}
    from Florida November 20, 2013Music Background:
    Compose, Engineer, Produce all Genre's

    A perfect product for the niche between professional and experienced serious amateurs

    A excellent product and nice that 3 separate engine included, I have not tried the breath remover, the tune repair tool works very well, I have not as yet used the harmonizer as of yet either, and the main program engine allows for the full spectrum of music genres and can be tweaked as needed. I would definitely recommend this for the artist and studio owner who is starting and those more seasoned and mature, who want excellent modules, and ease of use, as well as the ease of finding the sound you want or close, and then if needed one can tweak it to perfection, and learn at the same time. A benefit to any studio, Izotope has never ceased to impress and as always a tool that gets you where you need to go and efficiently and get professional outcome.

  • James
    from Australia August 12, 2015Music Background:
    DJ Producer

    Doesn't work for me

    Most off the presets need serious tweaking to get an Ok sound, This plugin does a lot but some of the modules are not that Brilliant I don't like the delay, I find The waves Vocal plugins Cla, JJP, and Maserati
    Sound amazing on my voice and the presets need little tweaking.
    I know the waves plugs don't do as much, but they have are more superior sound in my opinion.

  • Thomas Howard
    from Ohio July 27, 2016

    I will stick with melodyne

    After trying this out for 2 weeks.
    I can not find anything good to say about it. A toy?

  • Tom
    from September 21, 2015Music Background:
    53 years

    Not even Close

    The harmonies are just....... Not Good.
    I have Melodyne Studio. And While it is a lot more work to do Multiple Harmonies. It is well worth the extra time and effort.
    I tried 5 different vocal tracks with no effects. I could not even get a sound close to a TC Helicon pedal. Let alone what Melodyne does.
    The rest is just Vocal Strips. There are also way too many good vocal strips out there. And a lot are Free with DAW's. So I see No Value in this product.

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