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Neutrik NYS-SPP-L Reviews

3.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Neutrik NYS-SPP-L?

Questions about the Neutrik NYS-SPP-L?

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  • Customer
    from October 25, 2016


    I have one in my studio and have used several in other installations. The jacks can be finicky and feel crunchy on all the ones I've used. I've seen the screws that hold the front face plate on strip out and then you gotta jerry rig something to hold it together. I had to repair a cold solder joint on one that was practically brand new. I won't be buying or installing any more of these if I can help it.

  • Customer
    from September 8, 2016

    Couldn't be better

    I am new to the ways of the patch bay. This is my second one (the first is a used Furman), and now I know how a good patchbay should work. You can take the cover off even when the unit is in the rack and pull out individual jacks, turn them around and change from half-normalled to split to isolated, simple as can be. I've got my sound card ins and outs half-normalled in the first sixteen and my signal processors isolated in the remaining 8. Good study metal construction, well worth the price. Be sure you have lots of TRS cables. I am using about 36 of them at present.

  • JRAT
    from Chicago March 2, 2016Music Background:
    music lover and long time composer


    Honestly, I haven't even pulled it out of the box yet, and I don't know when I'll get around to it. I'm sure it'll be just fine when I do hook it up. I feel like these Neutrik products are always solid.

    Shipping was super fast as always with you guys. Much appreciated.

  • Nick
    from NJ April 20, 2015

    It works....

    These do the trick. Flipping the cards is kind of a pain. They don't really lock into position, and lining 24 of them up to get the cover back on can be quite tricky. But.....once it is all wired up, I've had no issues. Looks cool in my rack with all the cables hooked up!

  • Mike
    from Seattle, WA March 7, 2015

    What's up with the rear bottom jacks?

    Works fine for what it's meant for, once you can actually get the plugs in the bottom rear jacks. I don't know if this is just a problem with mine, but actually getting the rear bottom row hooked up was one of the most frustrating experiences that I think a patchbay could ever offer. I expected better from a company that's supposed to make a decent connector.

  • Jim Hewitt, Barn Jazz Music
    from Arizona July 5, 2009Music Background:
    Part-time musician and recording engineer, local music producer

    Did the trick

    Really helped clean up my tangle between console, tape, and DAW. Quite versatile with half-normal, split, and isolated modes. Going to order the optional insert channels to make easier connection to console inserts. Excellent value for the money, and well built.

    Minor quibbles, scribble strips should be mountable, altough can be glued on, grounding each channel separately requires some extra work, but tabs are provided.

  • Andy Gagliano
    from December 1, 2005

    Great utility that does a fine job

    When I designed my most recent studio, I needed patchbays that would do the job of routing audio where I needed it with zero effect on the signal. I use these day in and day out to get the job done. Patchbay's increase signal routing flexibility and keep things tidy. I have many of these are reccommend them to anyone who is looking for a great product that stays out of your way.

Questions about the Neutrik NYS-SPP-L?

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