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Behringer iNUKE NU6000DSP Power Amplifier with DSP Reviews

4.5 stars based on 19 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer iNUKE NU6000DSP Power Amplifier with DSP?

Questions about the Behringer iNUKE NU6000DSP Power Amplifier with DSP?

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  • from Fairmont City IL. April 25, 2017Music Background:


    I love it I'm going to buy 2 more

  • from Charleston, SC April 6, 2017Music Background:
    Lead Guitar, vocals, bass, sound engineer, studio engineer, and I'm an electrical engineer by day.

    Great powerful and clean amp

    It knocks my QSC PLX (largest models) down a notch...
    Plenty of nice clean headroom. Have plenty of amps and speaker cabs, so I never
    have to push the amps into oblivion at all, but I've run them all hard to give them
    a burn in and see what punishment they can take!

  • from Indiana March 11, 2017

    Very impressed

    Need to check this one out! We have been using a Crown CE4000 for years, it blew and was non repairable so in a pinch picked up this beauty. It has plenty of power and the DSP features are fantastic. We do ministry outreaches using cabinets that contain dual 15's with a horn and 2 18" subs. No worries, clean power with plenty of headroom. In our last outreach we comfortably hit 111.5 db, understanding this is an iPhone app DB meter but has been very consistent. It really is an impressive piece of equipment, we never write reviews however this amp is worth a shot, we would buy another!

  • from Laporte February 23, 2017Music Background:
    Drummer and DJ

    Sweetwater rocks

    Amp works great pleanty of power for a light weight amp not like my crown amps that way 60 pounds highly recommended amp

  • from Bloomfield, CT December 6, 2016

    Behringer iNUKE NU6000DSP

    One of the best amplifier that I have ever bought. Light in weight but very powerful. Using it to drive two 18inch woofers. I am so satisfied. Great price as well.

  • from Planet Earth, East Coast July 12, 2016Music Background:
    Music Lover, DJ for 10 years

    8 Hours In 90 Degree Direct Sunlight Heat

    I used to have dual Crown XLS-402d's bridged driving my subs. Even with 2 different power sources in crazy heat with 2 box fans running on them the breakers popped. Now it seems they don't even want to run, guess they didn't like being treated bad and bounced around in a back of a van. Purchased my first inuke about a year ago to replace the Crowns. Simply accepted the challenge and exceeded all my expectations. I was skeptical abut this purchase being with Crown for years, but I am now a believer. The software download is hidden on their site, took me a while to find it. Worked once was a bit cheesy, sticking with my external crossover. Now software won't even detect amp. No biggie I can live without it and makes changes on the fly with the crossover. Since I upgraded most of my collection to 320bps the bass response difference is amazing. Did a private party in an outside bar in direct sunlight for 8 hours and had all the girlies wiggling, hence is the reason for me ordering another one for my tops. I have read about the nightmares with older Behringer products, but I guess they got this one right. Hell don't take my word for it, Sweetwater has a great return policy, which I am sure after you hear this it will be a keeper.

  • from Ranchos de Taos, NM July 1, 2016

    High Value and Good for Muliple Subwoofers

    There is no better value for your money when it comes to audio power amps than these iNuke DSP amps. They pack so very much into a 2-rack unit and they are easy to transport. You can avoid needing to have a whole rack full of compressors, EQs, limiters, crossovers, etc. and just have one unit that does it all and sounds great and will not break your back or the bank. You can set up limiting based on Watt output, which is really nice and makes it easy to protect your system from overload. That is a good thing, as this amp has a ton of power and can easily blow most passive speakers.

    This model can run speakers in series down to 4 ohms per channel in stereo, which means you can daisy-chain up to two 8-ohm speakers per side or one 4-ohm speaker per side for a very powerful but very simple and compact system of up to 6000 watts and either 2 or 4 speakers running off one amp with all the bells and whistles you could need. Doing this will likely push most passive speakers well past the max power you'd want to run them, so BE CAREFUL turning up the level. Don't use it without setting the output limiter in the software app well to that 75% safe level. You need to use the app over USB to do that because the built-in display does not show the wattage you are outputting, only the app does that. The app is Windows-only with no Mac version.

    1,500 watts of output per speaker is going to be seriously loud. 3,000 watts coming out of one speaker is insanely loud. Good luck finding affordable full-range speakers that can even handle the full peak output of one channel of this thing without blowing. It's probably best for powering subwoofers as there are many affordable passive subs that can handle that kind of wattage but you'd want 4 single 18s or 2 dual 18s running at full blast to take full advantage of this thing. If you don't need that much bass, this thing is overkill. I myself use one of these to power two VP1520 full range speakers in stereo mode and it can easily get uncomfortably loud with amp turned up only half way. I cannot turn it up past half way without risking blowing the speakers. I cannot say it enough - this amp is so powerful that you must exercise extreme caution when using it with most speakers.

    There are three downsides to this unit. The first is the noise. The built in fan is loud. It sounds like a jet engine or noisy refrigerator running. You can't notice it when the music is loud but I wouldn't buy one of these for casual home listening as you have to turn up the volume a lot to overcome the fan noise. That costs it one star for me. But I've heard replacing the fan with a better one is a simple fix and makes it nearly silent. I'll be looking into doing that modification soon.

    The second downside is the lack of bridge mode, which means you cannot put the total output power of the amp into a mono signal to power one side of a sound system or the bass part of your system. You get way more power per dollar out of an amp that way and it's great for multiple-amp setups because you can use one input and get two outputs with more power going to each. This amp is basically two iNuke NU3000DSPs in one 2-space rack box that each run one mono channel and are already hardwired individually bridged. It's nice and powerful, but it only costs $160 more to buy two separate iNuke NU3000DSPs instead, run one bridged for your subs and the other in stereo for your tops and have way more control of your signal by having four channels of DSP instead of only 2. Or you could use both amps in bi-amp mode and have full stereo with four crossovers using the amps in bi-amp mode. You could also power a total of 16 separate 8-ohm speakers that way and have a huge wall of sound running from a 4-space amp rack. With the iNuke NU6000DSP, you can only run a total of 4 8-ohm speakers. I think it is more than worth the extra $160 to have the much better expandability and processing capability.

    This amp also works well in bi-amp mode with one mono input but keep in mind you need at least two of them if you want to use the built-in crossover feature and get stereo output. There are also only two ins and two outs and no thrus. If a multiple-amp system whereby you want the most bang for your buck is what you are building, then the iNuke NU3000DSP or NU12000DSP or even NU1000DSP is the better choice as you will get substantially more total output per dollar spent on those units and more versatility since you can run them in bridge mode with more total channels and more DSP for just a little more cash. That costs this particular model half a star as it makes it less versatile than all the other iNuke amp models. I own an NU3000DSP and an NU6000DSP for my system and I am realizing that two NU3000DSPs would in many ways would have been a better use of money. Then I could expand my system to 16 speakers instead of 12 and would have more total volume output potential and a more versatile setup for less money and amp weight. Since there is no thru signal output on any of the iNuke amps (something that makes running two in a 4-unit rack with a single output source a bit impractical), my current configuration requires I use a mixer with a dedicated secondary sub output so I can run one copy of the signal to each amp simultaneously. I could get a splitter box or a crossover or a 1U rack mixer but then I would need a bigger rack. But if you have two identical iNukes that support it, you can get around the need for a separate mixer sub output when using multiple amps by using both amps in bridge mode or bi-amp mode. This configuration doesn't work with my setup because the NU6000DSP cannot run bridged and when it runs bi-amped it is way more powerful than the NU3000DSP, making it hard to match the output of the side it runs vs the side the NU3000DSP runs.

    The third downside is the lack of 2 ohm support. 4 ohms is the lowest supported impedance rating for each channel with this model. This is lame for people who want to run a lot of speakers off of one amp. In most cases, you can't run more than 4 speakers in total off of this amp, but you can run 8 off an NU3000DSP or a NU12000DSP, or even an NU1000DSP. Given, with the peak watt rating of speakers being so high these days, you may not want to run more than 4 speakers from one amp just so you can maximize their individual output, but it was lame for me to buy this amp and not realize its limitations in that respect. Given the choice, I'll take a less powerful and lighter amp that can run twice as many speakers and can put all of its power into one mono signal than a more powerful, heavier amp that can run half as many speakers and has to split its power into two separate signals. The 440W per side at 8 ohms of the NU3000DSP is more than adequate to drive a pair of single 10", 12" or 15" of tops at quite high volume since high frequencies need so much less power to reproduce than bass, and if you want to drive 8 tops from one NU3000DSP, you can and each one will get 375 watts. That's why this thing makes much more sense for running subwoofers, huge full-range speakers with multiple 15" bass drivers in them, or line arrays. You really don't need this kind of power for single-driver tops and it is a waste of money to buy this to do that.

    So yeah, you are way better off in many ways with two iNuke NU3000DSPs than one of these, but one of these is great if you just want one very powerful amp to power 2 or 4 speakers in total and don't need the capability to expand much by adding more speakers. Anything more powerful and you start needing things like 30-amp circuits with funny shaped twist-lock plugs. This is about the most power you can possibly get in a two rack-space format and is ideal for small and simple passive systems.

  • from La Salle, Co September 15, 2015Music Background:
    Musician/Sound Technician

    Great amp

    Wow this amp is powerful. Very easy to use and I love the punch that it has brought my sound system. I use it for my band and I'm very pleased with this addition to my system. All my band members gave me great comments after hearing it. I would definitely recommend this amp. You can't beat the price!

  • from Arkansas March 29, 2015Music Background:
    DJ and Musician

    Pretty Awesome Amp

    I have waited for some time to post a review. I bought this amp to power my 2 sp3 15's. What I learned was this amp is more than powerful enough to not only power two sp3 15's but both my behringer 18" subs. For the last 6 months I have done 12 shows with this amp. Not once has it heated up and not once have I had trouble with it. The amp stays in a cases and travels from show to show with each gig being 4hr per. I use this amp to Dj mostly. I have only done probably 3 shows with my bad. I love it! The Dsp (coming from an analogue world) took some time to learn. I'm still learning to tweek it. Like many others I have used QSC, Peavey, and now behringer. The Peavey is a work horse but the behringer 6000 is the most bang for your buck!

  • from Grants, NM November 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician, Recording Engineer

    So far, real good...

    Nice and light with lots of power. Small footprint.
    Haven't delved into programming DSP yet, but out of the box amp worked very well.

  • from Brooklyn, NY November 22, 2014Music Background:
    Bassist, musical director, live sound engineer

    AMAZEBALLS (with one minor drawback)

    We got purchase approval for the x32 just a couple weeks ago. Immediately, talk shifted to amps, being that we were in dire need. I started searching various sites when I came across this piece. All of the reviews were through the roof. After more research it seemed the features, coupled with the weight and the price, were just too good to pass on. We ordered 2 of them from Sweetwater. Got them a few days later, installed them, and BAM! Instantaneous difference. The fact that they are just so clean sounding, lightweight, cool running, and are DSP with a built in crossover... Just crazy. The minor drawback?... They are not Apple compatible. Can't really understand why they'd have an app on Mac, iPhone and iPad to control the mixer, but only have their amps be compatible with Windows. I think they might've missed a major opportunity to REALLY corner the market. Develop Mac software for these amps and I'll come back to update the rating to 5 stars.

  • from October 15, 2014

    Excellent power density!

    This is a great-sounding, powerful amp, and the light weight is impressive.

  • from Burtonsville, MD September 1, 2014Music Background:

    Great Amp!

    You don't get any better than these behringer amps! Light, powerful, run super cool and AFFORDABLE! Be advised that the DSP software is for PC only.

  • from Co June 10, 2014Music Background:
    DJ over 25 years

    I love my Inuke DAP 6000

    I love my new Inuke DSP 6000, to bad I can't get another one. I guess Behringer can't make them fast enough at this price. Happy DJ waiting on my 3rd Inuke Sweetwater

  • from Denver/Baltimore May 31, 2014Music Background:
    sound engineer and DJ 25 Years in the buz


    I own them all...QSC's p, Peavey's and Crowns XTI plus many others that I use for my DJ company. Being it's a Behringer I was a little unsure about them. But once I ran it at a gig in the same rack with my XTI's the Beringer iNuke DSP 6000 blew the other amps away without even breaking a sweat! I run my XTI 4000 Crowns just about wide open so they're able to give me what I need when I ask for it. I could only get the iNuke 6000 about half way up running 4/18 inch JBL Subs and with the DSP I WS able to shape my BASS to fit that room of 300 people. I haven't tried it running my tops yet because that's where my Crowns XTI shine, and if something goes wrong with these 12LB MOSTERS I can still move on with the show some what (I do carry one back up XTI'S in my rack. I have 3 INukes DSP 6000 for my DJ company and I will order one more slowly I will move my INuke to my top speakers after really test them on my subs for a few months. Oh I did get the Inuke NU4 6000 to my monitors when we do bands. 4 monitor mix from one 12LB amp, that's an easy call for me. Thanks Sweetwater for standing behind this amp and thank you Beringer for stepping up your game.

  • from Massachusetts November 12, 2013Music Background:
    Disc Jockey

    Great Amp for a Great Price

    I am not normally a fan of Behringer gear, maybe unfairly... but I could not pass up on the potential the iNuke NU6000DSP promised. I am using it to drive 3 subs (2 15" B&C on one channel and 1 18" B&C on the other) as part of my DJ rig at a local bar. I have not been disappointed. I love the built in DSP, allowing me to send only the desired frequencies to the subs. I am amazed how much power such a small, lightweight amp is putting out. This amp has met every expectation and hope that I had for it. I remain impressed every time I use it!

  • from Crestview,FL February 15, 2013Music Background:
    Productions Company

    I Nuke 6000 DSP

    I love these amp perform great use them on my sub just kick,they stay cool out performed my your yorkville 6040

  • from Boca Raton, FL May 21, 2012Music Background:
    Club/Mobile DJ

    Great sound!

    I purchased this amp to get strong power and light weight... I definitely got both! I replaced an older Crown CE 2000 powering a single pair of JBL-JRX100's (15" 2 way). I like to try to over power my speakers because I can then have more headroom and less overall clipping of the signal. This new iNuke was great!! I ran it only at 1/2 gain and it never even got warm at a 5 hour gig playing all kinds of music. I was really impressed how clean the sound was as well and was thoroughly impressed w/ the internal DSP features!!!

  • from Honolulu March 15, 2012Music Background:
    Aspiring sound tech and musician

    Great compact amp does wonders

    Super light with power to spare. I only need this amp to power up the entire PA system.

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