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Behringer iNuke NU4-6000 Power Amplifier Reviews

4.5 stars based on 38 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer iNuke NU4-6000 Power Amplifier?

Questions about the Behringer iNuke NU4-6000 Power Amplifier?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Chicago Illinois May 16, 2017Music Background:
    Latin Cumbia


    we are using it live to feed some monitors for the live performances of grupo Love secreto. So far it has done the job and has blown us away with the results! super nice choice

  • from canseco April 25, 2017

    it really does the job

    this is some really kool preamp. they are way ahead of the ballgame. they are a step up from all other companies

  • from April 15, 2017

    GREAT AMP - Yes Indeed

    Simply put: It delivers the goods.

    Only using this amp (was using 3), I power 4 main speakers (VP1220 and VP1520) each pair is daisy-chained and 2 subs (VP1800S). Once you set the switches on the back correctly the sound is devastatingly good. It powers the speakers with no issues.

    Plan to get one more for the floor monitors.

  • from Florida March 7, 2017

    No complaints yet!!!

    Using this amp in a Home Theater configuration. This power amp is a BEAST!!!! It's currently driving 2 SVS 16-46 (passives) and 2 Acoustic Energy 1512 subs (15 inch Drivers with 2 18inch passive radiators)! Ran the Atmos demo called "Amaze" and this thing allows my subs to literally shake my home...with no clipping!!!! The bass is not only loud spl wise, but its also tight and precise! I used a miniDSP 2X4 along with REW for bass EQ and I've obtained some of the flattest measurements I've ever had ...with no smoothing! How did the amp allow me to do this? Being a 4 channel amp, it means I have identical amplification on all the subs, and I could fine tune them to were they were with in .5db's of each other in volume. Same amp - same variables (only other variables were the subs themselves and the room). Nice even response before I measured the room....killer response afterwards!!!!

  • from SW Va January 18, 2017Music Background:
    Berkley Boston Mad

    Crisp sound

    Just received the Behringer nu-4-6000. I was amazed at the clear crisp sound. Anyone with a studio, who does club work and large venues, who need clear crisp sound, these amps are it. No noise, none. Just clear crisp sound. The girls on stage are gonna love ya. I'm thinking about the nu-6000 maybe (2). Keep the peace and raise h__l. Daddy Goodness

  • from San Diego December 23, 2016Music Background:

    Good work horse

    This amp is awesome, was dj'n a tailgate party, running 2 hi's and 2 low's for a 12 hr gig, this amp was going strong, no heat issues, or clipping, first time out of the box use, light weight and compact, and clean sound, gonna buy me another one

  • from houston September 24, 2016

    this thing is a work horse

    I bought this amp to play around with at home. I have had mine for 2 and a half years and have never had any problems with it. It is unbelievable what this small light weight unit can do.

  • from Dyer, IN September 18, 2016

    I'm a Believer

    Ok, I needed 4 power amps, so I emailed Sweetwater and ordered four Crowns for my 8 JBL subs. I get an email back saying the Behringer's are what you want, not the Crowns. So I changed my order. On the day they came in, we had a benefit to do. There were many veteran musicians in attendance along with about 200 people. I used two NU4-6000's (four subs & four column's) I had mentioned this story about ordering the Crowns. The majority of veterans said I should have until the entertainment started. These power amps had plenty of power, no clipping, ran cool and sounded great. By the end of the night all the Crown people had changed their minds about Behringer. The owner even came up and. said all the bands sounded great. So the next gig was a high profile one outside for about 1200 people, again these amps sounded great. Ok, got a call to do sound outside for the Popcorn Fest in Valparaiso, IN. on the square working with a recording act, 1000's of people. Once again the sound was great, clear and could be heard 2 blocks away, we got comments from people that the sound at other stages didn't sound as good as what we had at our stage. Now I have Crown amps, and I like the heavy power these beast put out, but at 16 pounds and 3000 per channel, I'm sold on the NU4-6000's.

  • from Maryland July 27, 2016

    Solid, no hiccups!

    Been running this for almost two years now, never a problem. Run ~150 person OUTDOOR weddings using this thing for mains and subs. No sweat, no troubles. Running mains and subs that well outdoors from a single amp that costs this little and weighs in at a quarter of what the amps used to? I'm getting a second one.

  • from Idaho June 20, 2016Music Background:
    20 years playing on the road

    Crown XTI 4002 vs. inuke NU4-6000

    Ok, so I know many people who buy a piece of equipment, plug it in and use it once and give 5 stars because, well its new...and may live up to expectations.. I thought about buying this 4 channel amp for about 3 months before pulling the trigger and ordering it. I have been playing live music for over 20 years. 17 of which was over 40 weekends a year. Constant setting up and tearing down got really old. And the older boat anchor amps were a major pain to pack in the effects rack. I own some very nice P.A. equipment. JBL SR series. EV 18" subs etc.. Not some cheap speakers... I run the QSC touchmix digital mixer, Crown 4002 XTI DSP amp... Higher end stuff. When I received this amp I plugged it in at home and did the old A vs. B comparison with the Crown Amp. Probably not very fair to the inuke.. comparing a $900 amp vs. a $300 amp... or so I thought. I plugged half the Crown into a JBLSR4733 and one channel of the inuke into another SR4733. Cranked a drum machine thru the system, (I was by myself) and played with the EQ to see if I could get the amps to clip. I was very impressed with this inuke! I really like the ability to flip the switch and have a built in crossover at 100hz. The fan is a little loud, but I prefer to have a lot air moving across that thing compared to no air at all, and when the music is playing of course you cant even hear it. I would definitely recommend this amp.. even when compared to the higher priced stuff.

  • from seadrift, TX January 13, 2016

    powerful amp

    ive used this bad boy twice and ive only had this amp a month im runnig it 4 ohm 860 x 4 and im only using it at 6 on the volume.. dude that amp rockssounds just as good as my CROWN amp just as clear with more power at a fraction of the price.. behringer hit a homerun with this amp.. i played once for 3 hours and another time for 5 hours with no issues at all never got hot or clipped my behringer b1800 subs thumped so hard stuff was fallimg off the clubs walls.. buy one you go wrong!!!

  • from December 10, 2015Music Background:
    DJ/Live Sound


    I have been using this amp for well over 6 months and have had excellent results. I purchased this amp to run two top cabinets and two subwoofers. This amp gets the job done well, and saves you money and rack space since it is a 4 channel amp. I highly recommend and intend on buying more Behringer iNuke series amplifiers for a larger sound setup I will be building very soon.

  • from November 6, 2015

    Great Amplifier

    Lovely amp and sounds great.
    Fast shipping from SweetWater.
    One of the best.

  • from Oklahoma October 2, 2015Music Background:
    Avid Listener

    Great for the price

    Power is incredible, and I haven't noticed any clipping or distortion.

  • from Philadelphia, PA September 7, 2015


    Love this amp
    very light and a perfect size.

  • from NTHONY NEW MEXICO September 1, 2015Music Background:

    Good Amp for the buck

    as good as my first, this is my second nu4-6000 I use it for monitors no problem so far

  • from SE WI August 8, 2015Music Background:
    Sound Engineer for 10 years

    I'm getting more of these

    Used the for a five day fair 14 hours a day for my double 18s. Worked flawlessly and sounded great through a driverack. 3 easy payments and it was mine. Will get more of these to replace my 55 lb peavey amps.

  • from Anthony NM August 4, 2015Music Background:
    Dj/ Musician sound savy

    Nice Amp

    I bought this amp to power 4 monitors I've had it for over six months now I'm ordering another for a friend they do the job

  • from Ithaca,NY July 19, 2015Music Background:
    Live and Studio Engineer

    Behringer iNuke Yes? No?......YES

    As an experienced engineer I am always skeptical of Behringer products both from experience and reputation. Recently we had a live show and one of our amps was in the shop, so we decided to pick up the iNuke NU4-6000 to use for monitors. It would be running 4 - JBL MPro MP215 15" 2-Way Cabinets - 1 per channel. Before taking it out to the show we set it up at the shop and put it through its paces. I noticed side by side when compared to the QSC PLX2402 the Behringer was a bit brighter sounding (which we corrected via eq)..not as much body, but plenty loud and useable. We took it to the show the next day and it ran from 11am to 11pm pretty much non-stop..no problems and no complaints from the performers. It was solid and did it's job. The build quality is what you would expect for $349 - on the cheap side of things, but if you keep it in a rack and treat it nice, I expect you will get your moneys worth. That said at this price point, I would buy it again and will continue to use it.

  • from Oklahoma City, Ok June 30, 2015

    Inuke NU46000

    My rep at Sweetwater, Ian is always very helpful and that was why I ordered there. The device has proven to be absolutely wonderful thus far! I have used it in a number of situations and configurations and it is easy to reconfigure for different applications! Even though one is more than enough more most applications, I think I WANT another one!
    I do have one criticism, I felt the quick start guide was not complete enough and Behringer has not yet published a true Manual!

  • from Fresno Ca. June 17, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Artist, Studio Owner, & Live Sound Operater.

    Real Good Investment !

    I Did A Concert For 1500 People.... I ran 2 Pairs Of Monitors @ 4 Ohms & A Pair Of F.O.H's @ 4 Ohms, It Was An Ample Application For My Budget ! 4 Amplifiers In One & That Can Be Run Independently. @ 1St I Was Skeptical, & To My Surprise ! This Unit KICKED ! BOOTISIMO ! For The Money & The Power It Packs ! It's Definitely Worth ! It ! Cameron & The Sales Staff Answered All My Questions Thru A Lengthy Discussion Of What Speakersrs I Owned & What Amplifier Was Best For Me, Well The Results Were That I Needed The Behringer iNuke NU4-6000 ! Well Worth It & I Highly Recommend It !

  • from June 5, 2015

    Behringer iNuke NU4-6000

    Great product and customer service!!!!!

  • from Taylors SC April 24, 2015Music Background:
    Musician 40+ years

    Behringer Inuke NU4-6000

    I haven't had a chance to try it yet but I am gonna use it tomorrow so I'll be writing another review. But I just wanted to tell you about Sweatwater I am blown away by their level of customer service, I didn't realize customer service like this existed anymore until I started dealing with these guys. I will tell you this if your looking for a music gear dealer to deal with online don't hesitate contact Sweatwater, you'll be glad you did. I could go on forever about their level of service and commitment to their customers but I won't. Just try them you'll be glad that you did. Thanks Sweetwater ya'll are fantastic WOW!!!

  • from Ohio April 21, 2015

    A good buy

    When you pick this thing up it's so light that it feels like a toy.....that's until you power it up and put it through it's paces. It's not a toy with this kind of power! So far it's the perfect replacement for my 25 year old Crown amps (that served me well) and I have plenty of power to spare. Incredible price/performance.

  • from United States March 13, 2015

    iNuke NU4-6000

    Very quite, pleanty of power, and a price you cant beat.

  • from United States January 3, 2015


    First, a shout to Chris at Sweetwater! He sat down with me, and helped me figure wattage and what this amp could do. Thanks again Chris! Now I have this amp running two Peavey SP-2G and a new Peavey SP-218BX. It was very simple to hook up and adjust the settings. I run the mains off channel A and B, and run the 218 sub in bridge mode off channel C. Seems like plenty of power, and it sounds better than the old Peavey amps I had used. This thing is light, runs cool, no clipping. I'm going to buy another for a spare.

  • from Michigan December 29, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician and Audio Engineer


    I own 3 of these. No problems yet. I know some shy away from Behringer and class D amps, but with the warranty and price these are hard to beat for weight to power ratio. Some gear snobs might poo poo the specs, but in a real world working environment these do the job. My main use is monitors. Being able to do 4 mixes with one 2 space, lightweight low draw amp for a club situation is perfect. Only downsides are Speakon only outputs and the IEC power cable seats rather loosely. I will be buying more.

  • from United States December 10, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician and Audio Engineer

    Swiss army knife amp

    I moved away from Behringer products a few years ago, but this amp intrigued me. A 4 channel, 12 Lb amp? My G/F is a tech and I was trying to lighten her load in/out. I bought two and rigged one for 4 monitor mixes and the other for a small tri-amp PA in one 30 Lb rack. Everything you need for a club, low wall power draw, light weight, and efficient enough to do the job. Oh, and inexpensive too. I have since bought a third for monitors (4 mixes) for another rig. I will be buying a fourth for the same application.

  • from Anthony, New Mexico September 3, 2014Music Background:
    Bass Player, Singer Live Sound Tech


    I own 4 iNuke 6000s Which I use in my band and rental systems and I am very happy with them they can take whatever you throw at them and are very light and economical, when I saw the iNuke nu4-6000 I thought this is ideal for monitors I used them on a gig on an outside gig on Saturday to power 4 monitors they worked pretty good and on sunday in medium club I used it on bi amp mode for main reinforcement I was sold

  • from Orlando, FL June 17, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Latin Percussionist

    Game Changer

    I got this amp because I wanted the ability to feed my four EV floor monitors separate mixes without having to carry an extra heavy amp. I replaced a brand name 28lb, 2 space, 2 channel amp with this Behringer NU4-6000 12lb, 2 space, 4 channel amp. I was a little skeptical that a 12lb amp could really deliver 4 x 440watts @ 8 ohms but I took the chance. This Class "D" technology really works as advertised. I've used the amp for hours in live gigs and the amp runs cool. Since heat is what usually damages electronic components, it should last a long time. I put the amp in a good case to protect it from road damage. The amp is musical and clean. I really can't hear any difference between this amp and a traditional class AB amp. This amp is rated at 4 x 440 watts @ 8 ohms and from what I can tell, it is just as powerful as the 2 channel 500 watt amp it replaced, and it weighs less than half as much! Every once in a while something comes along that is a game changer. These amps are game changers and are a great watt per dollar value.

  • from Illinois March 16, 2016

    Great bang for buck!

    I use this unit for stage monitoring power. No sonic or physical problems. Light weight is important to me and 4 channels at 12 lbs. is just great and only one Edison to plug in.. One annoyance is that the speaker output connectors are so close together it's hard to swap the lower cables without pulling the top row out. Also bigger labels on the outputs would help but I'm just being picky.
    As usual, Sweetwater has been a fine dealer with great customer service.

  • from United States September 17, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Guy for Bar Bands

    Crazy output for the weight...

    Just unboxed mine. My SLIGHTEST complaint... Outputs are true Speakon only, 1/4 inch won't fit, unlike a lot of competitors "Hybrid" outputs. It's a nit, based upon the rest of the features. AMAZING how little it weighs, for what it does...

  • from Union Grove, WI August 3, 2016

    Great for the price

    I have three of these and will probably get 2 more asap. The are hard working amps. I used mine at a fair for 5-16 hour days in a row without a hiccup. 12 lbs? What a lifesaver. Can carry all 3 in their case, where I had to haul 6 40+ pounders before. Only issue is when I recently loaded out for a gig, I noticed some rattling inside case. Upon further inspection, 2 of the 4 heat sinks broke loose during last load in. 3rd one was loose and about to come off. Carvin amp in same case was fine. But Sweetwater came through extremely quickly and, without hesitation, sent me a replacement and return label for damaged unit. If you haven't purchased from Sweetwater before, do it now and continue to do so. You will not find better customer/product service in this industry.

  • from June 5, 2016Music Background:
    Performance, keyboard, vocals, audio tech

    Good Experience

    Very happy with the purchase. I use this to power two or four subs and stereo tops that are all based on horn designs. I don't have to push it hard at all and I have headroom to spare, even out doors.

  • from March 28, 2016

    nu4 -6000

    purchaced used Im doing 4 aux monitors and I can now move the rig myself .I have to say ,its great so far .

  • from March 15, 2017

    Crossover Function has changed

    I have not heard this amplifier through loudspeakers, but I can tell you the crossover function is different than what the pictures show. If you purchase this amp, be sure you plan for channels A and B to either be LP, full range, or HP with the 100hz crossover switch (same for channels C and D).

    The pictures shown are of the older model that was changed around 2014. The old crossover switch puts HP filter to channels A and/or C and LP filter to channels B and/or D. Essentially, this would allow you to send two line level LR mixer outs to the channel A and C inputs, resulting in the L signal routed to channel outputs A and B, with A having a HP filter and B having a LP filter (i.e output channel A goes to your L main, and output channel B goes to your L sub). The R signal would then be routed to channel outputs C and D, with C having a HP filter and D having a LP filter... again C would go to your R main loudspeaker and D would go to your R sub. Of course, the amplifier would have to be in mono mode to accomplish this.

    The end result would have been excellent if they kept the original design... you would only need to send 2 line level LR outs from your mixer, and you can power two subs and two mains with proper crossover AND keep the stereo image intact!

    With the new design, however, all you need is a mono out for the subs and you can pretty much achieve the same result with only adding one extra balanced cable to the system.

    Hope this helps, I had to switch up my design a bit and sacrifice another output on my mixer which I was planning to leave open for other applications. And the extra balanced cable was only $8.

    Good luck!

  • from Philadelphia, PA October 19, 2015Music Background:
    35 years in sound rentals.

    Great, but...

    I've used few of those. Can tell from my own very intense experience. When those amps function properly, they beat any other amps on the market. Really, I mean that. I have high end crowns, QSC's, few more to compare. But! One out of four comes either with one or more channels not working, or completely DOA.
    If you are lucky to get a working one from the first time, you will fall in love with them and immediately buy another one.

  • from Lee MA January 18, 2015Music Background:
    Drummer/Audio Eng.

    To good to be true

    Bought this amp to run 2 18" subs, and 2 double 10 cabs, that is all. Failed miserably,and shut off in mid 3rd set. I have been a drummer for 45 years, and a Audio Eng. for 35. I have 2 OLD peavey amps, that will kick this amps butt, all day long. Thanks to Sweetwater's GREAT return policy, I got a QSC amp instead. Spend the extra money!!!!

Questions about the Behringer iNuke NU4-6000 Power Amplifier?

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