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Behringer iNUKE NU3000DSP Power Amplifier with DSP Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer iNUKE NU3000DSP Power Amplifier with DSP?

Questions about the Behringer iNUKE NU3000DSP Power Amplifier with DSP?

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  • victor
    from November 15, 2016

    Behringer iNUKE NU3000DSP

    Great power amplifier. Have a few of these and with out any problems.

  • terry stone
    from North Carolina July 25, 2016Music Background:
    bass, lead, keys. and sound.


    It's the best power amp I've owned! by far. It runs my 18" subs at about 1/4 volume. and sounds great.

  • jerry
    from idaho July 22, 2016

    Great amp

    I don't have anything negative to say about this amp. Been running it for a couple of weeks in my karaoke outfit. I have it, behringer x-air xr12, 2 15 in behringer speekers, and a bahringer 15 inch powered sub. It sounds great. Plenty loud enough for any medium sized venue. The options on the internal dsp device are amazing. I replaced a crown ce2000 with this and at full volume, it doesn't trip the safety relays for 5 second cutout like the crown did. I did get some clipping at first but I backed off the low end with the internal adjustments and make it up with the powered sub. The light footprint is easy on my back.

  • Eric Hulgan
    from Alabama March 6, 2015Music Background:
    Audiophile and Videophile for 35 years

    Great sub amp at an amazing price

    I like this amp for subs and could not recommend another to compete at this price range. The DSP features are all you need to fine tune the amp to any sound you need. The cooling fan is still too loud but is variable speed which means the fan doesn't get really fast and it's loudest until you really push the amp hard. My A/V equipment is in a rack in another room so I never hear anything in my theater. I am using this amp to drive two Stereo Integrity HT 18 inch subs each in 11 cuft ported boxes I built. The subs are part of my home theater room. The subs are dual 2 ohm wired for 4 ohms each so I run two channels on the amp, one for each sub. I ran a 20hz test tone at about 75% of max power and knocked pictures off the walls in other rooms :-). I would buy this amp again and recommend it absolutely for driving subs. I don't have any experience using this amp for full range sound but it is a quiet amp, distortion wise, so you won't hear hiss or other unwanted noise from the amp itself.

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    from Weeki Wachee, FL February 12, 2015Music Background:
    Lead Guitarist/ Sound Engineer/Band Manager

    OMG!!! Totally Worth It

    AMAZING!!!! Best Amp for the price does exactly what it is supposed to do. and It rocks the house. make sure the specs meets your needs. It is completely programmable and has a built in compressor for a Phat Solid sound.

  • Kooly Chat
    from United States December 9, 2011Music Background:
    DJ and Recording Engineer and sometimes live sound engineer

    I love my iNuke

    I love my iNuke. The power this thing packs is awesome. It may same to do the same like any other amp, but when you factor in that the DSP is built in and it still weighs under 8 lbs. that makes this a definate must have for any mobile dj, sound provider, or band. I have two of these in a small rack and it still is lighter than one of my older crowns I previously had in it. the only flaw (but very minor) was the legs on the bottom made it hard to stack these in a rack, but once I popped the legs off everything was perfect. with this amp you won't be disappointed!!!

  • Brennan Murphey
    from Ranchos de Taos, NM July 1, 2016

    Full-Featured and Light but Noisy

    There is no better value for your money when it comes to amps than these iNuke DSP amps. They pack so very much into a 2-rack unit and they are easy to transport. You can save needing to have a whole rack full of a compressors, EQs, limiters, crossovers, etc. and just have one unit that does it all and sounds great and will not break your back or the bank. You can set up limiting based on Watt output, which is really nice and makes it easy to protect your system from overload, but I don't recommend ever sending more than 75% of the rated peak wattage to your speakers, as you can blow them if you run them close to full peak rating. This model can run speakers in series down to 2 ohms per channel in stereo, which means you can daisy-chain up to four 8-ohm speakers per side or two 4-ohm speakers per side for a massive system of 3000 watts and 8 speakers running off just one amp, though I doubt you'd reach anywhere close to the peak capacity of your drivers if they are newer. Still, 375 watts of output per speaker with that many speakers is going to be seriously loud. I myself use just one in bridge mode to power one single 18" subwoofer (a Behringer VP1800S) and if I put more than 50 watts output into it from the amp, my neighbors will call the police on me. Turned up all the way my whole house shakes.

    The only downside is the noise. The built in fans are loud. They sound like a jet engine or noisy refrigerator running. You can't notice when the music is loud but I wouldn't buy one of these for casual home listening as you have to turn up the volume a lot to overcome the fan noise. That costs it one star for me. But I've heard replacing the fans is a simple fix and makes them nearly silent. I'll be looking into doing that modification soon.

  • Danny
    from Bakersfield CA February 18, 2016Music Background:
    Instrumental organist, hobbiest.

    Great amp

    Using it as an SK2 organ keyboard amp running a home built "stereo" organ speaker system.
    Clean, crisp, light!

  • Bill Griffin
    from SoCal October 3, 2015

    Inuke300DSP for home theater

    I have been rocking the inuke 3000 dsp for several months no driving a pair of diy "marty sub" using 18" Stereo Integrity 18" subwoofers. For home theater use I have not experienced a want or need for more power or any problems with the amp shutting down. I wish I could say the same for music! I have repeatedly had issues with the amp going into shutdown moack on.de and having to turn the amp off then back on to get it to reset and start working again. My use is 60 % movies and 30% music and 10% online content like youtube etc.

    I was told by other experienced home theater buffs to spring for the dsp6000 model but I didn't head their advice and now I am wishing that I purchased the larger amp!

    As long as I don't get crazy it works fine, but as soon as you push it for a few songs, especially some decaf songs, its inevitable that the amp will go into shutdown!

    Please dont get me wrong, This is an operator problem and not an amp problem!


  • Rollie Hallen
    from Clarkston, WA July 22, 2015

    Nice amp!

    I've had my NU300DSP for just over 6 months, it's been used most to power two large stage wedges, overall it's been a really nice addition to my gear collection. BTW, it replaced a 1980s BGW 750 which was a great sounding/working amp that weighed almost 50 pounds more than the NU300DSP.

    I've used it stand-alone with the DSP crossover/EQ to power my stick and sub 'bose' killer and it worked fantastically. It was used for our primary monitor amp at an outdoor praise and worship event twice a day for two weeks. Last Saturday the inuke was on the mains so I used a Carver 1400 for the monitors and immediately noticed that the stage wedges sounded better through the inuke (less harsh high end, i have the DSP programmed with a slight dynamic EQ (cut) at around 3k).

    At larger outdoor gigs (community events we do) we use the inuke to power two 10+ year old Eminence loaded Genz-Benz Triton dual 15" boxes with 1" high frequency drivers, it has plenty of volume (power) and the sound is crystal clear!

    I'm going to knock it down one star for two things, (1) rate it's power correct, it's ~315 watts RMS at 8 ohms etc. peak power ratings are ok BUT list the real RMS ratings first ... and (2) the stupid design of the front of the case ... it sticks way out of a rack case ... if I could have I would have mounted it 1" behind the rails but I couldn't do that with my molded SKB case.

  • DudeManName
    from April 28, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbist, Bass guitar, etc...

    Not RMS but Price is right

    You hate to not go with a big American name brand such as peavey etc... but this gets the job done... it is way over rated @ 3000 watts to my ears in most cases it seems to be about 350 watts rms.... but that's enough to make it candidate for a power amp.... I use it to push two 18" subs with a horn for active bass guitar... the whole rig cost me 500 dollars and a little work... the dsp options are the best part of the amp...

    etc etc.... overall not a bad amp and probably as loud as a 300 watt ampeg svt classic...

  • Bill Griffin
    from SoCal June 26, 2015Music Background:
    I can operate the volume control!

    Inuke Nu3000DSP AVS Forum Recommended Home Theater DIY Sub AMp

    I purchased the 3000DSP from SweeeeeeeeetWater because they had the 2 year warranty and while not the lowest price, they offered the best VALUE. I built a pair of Full Marty sub variants (same volume, different shape) using the Stereo Integrity HT18 Driver (also well recommended by the AVS Forum).The performance per dollar spent is incredible! Anyone know a good drywall repair company in SoCal? Im sure I could have spent a LOT more money and received a LITTLE more performance but I am extremely happy so far! The only complaint is that the fan is exdtremely loud as the amp isnt designed for home theater duty. I have a media closet but have not moved the amp to the closet yes as I have not run the wire to the closet yet.

  • Nick Winnen
    from Wisconsin July 14, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician/Bass guitarist for SKROG

    Power Amp

    Bought this as a back up bass amp to go with my SansAmp RBI preamp and im not impressed with it at all lacks power . Nice for a small set up not requiring real power .

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