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Rode NTK Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone Reviews

4.5 stars based on 31 customer reviews
Questions about the Rode NTK Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone?

Questions about the Rode NTK Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Derek Senestraro

    The NTK delivers the smooth sound of a tube microphone at an outstanding price. For anyone looking at condenser microphones in this price range, this is the perfect way to get into a warm sounding tube for vocals and many acoustic instruments as well.

  • David Stewart

    While most would understandably be interested in the NTK as a vocal mic, and it is a good one, it makes a great all-around mic for many purposes. Recently I used one on a bass guitar cabinet. After trying several other high quality dynamic and condenser mics first the NTK was the one that brought the proper balance of articulation, low end, and warmth to the track. Great all around mic.

  • from Puerto Rico June 2, 2016

    Rodé NTK the champion in voices

    This microphone has a warm, silky and extremely clean sound, there is no doubt that voices can compete with much more expensive microphones, I'm delighted with him.

  • from Oakland June 24, 2015Music Background:
    Studio owner

    Excellent & Very Useful

    I've owned this mic for over 10 years. This mic has found a special place in my studio. I've used it on vocals, drums, and acoustic guitars with impressive results. The tube gives this mic its unique character and provides a wealth of warmth to recordings. Rode has built a workhorse and this mic has lasted the test of time. This mic has been bumped and banged and still works just like the day I pulled it from the case. I'm very pleased with this mic and I recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and dependable condenser microphone.

  • from Denver, CO May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Performer, Producer, Arranger. Pro Musician.

    Amazing Mic for the Price!

    Based on the price, I was prepared to receive a pale imitation of a Neumann $3,000 microphone, even though the reviews were excellent. I was wrong. This mic is simply fantastic. Not only is it precise and immaculate, but the singer I'm recording (a loud soprano) can't over-modulate it (with proper technique of course); and it carries her vocal dynamics perfectly. I want another one!

  • from Redondo Beach, CA December 14, 2013Music Background:

    The Acoustic Microphone

    I put this mic six inches away from the 12th fret on my Taylor GA5 and heard the most brilliant steel string tone. The perfect balance of wood and metal. As I slid my fingers from fret to fret, the sound was crisp and alive.
    When I sang vocals into it the lows were super beautiful. Although I was converting the audio with a digital interface, when I played back the track I felt the mic sounded like it was recorded straight to tape.
    I recorded "Sarah" on soundcloud only using the Rode NTK, you must buy this if you are an aspiring acoustic artist

  • from Houston, TX USA August 12, 2013Music Background:
    Recording engineer, producer, artist

    Studio must

    First thanks to Joe Milne for putting on to the NTK. I was looking for a mic that sounds like the voice you hear in your head and have a warm tone to it. Plus it has that sizzle on the top end. This was a hard decision because it was my first big amount of money spent on a mic. But, I am feeling this mic. Rode makes great mica and they are upgradable. For the price it will quickly become your go to mic.

  • from Boulder, CO July 20, 2011

    Fantastic Service and Support

    I won't spend a lot of time discussing what a great mic this is. The praise it has earned is very well-deserved, and it's an outstanding sound for the price.

    What I really want to address is how unbelievable the tech support and warranty have been on this mic. I was fortunate enough to by my NTK when the company was still offering the 10 year warranty, which I'm not sure they still do. But after purchasing the mic, I was concerned by a loose input jack on the power supply that would occasionally cut the signal from the mic. It didn't impede the mic's functionality very badly, but I wanted to make sure this problem wasn't a risk for damaging the mic. When I called Rode's support line, I didn't just talk to someone in a call center, I spoke with an actual engineer from the repair shop. After learning that the problem wasn't going to damage the mic, I continued to use the unit until the jack finally gave out completely about a year later. I had to send the mic in for the repair, and assumed it would be at least a month before I was able to use the mic again. But Rode had my mic fixed and returned in two weeks exactly, which in the world of instrument repair is almost unheard of--especially since the mic had to be shipped from CO to CA and back. The only cost to me was $10 for shipping.

    I was understandably frustrated for receiving a defective unit, but Rode has more than made up for it with their outstanding dedication to customer service. In this day and age, many companies offer no warranties of any kind and/or little to no support for their products. Rode, however, have proven themselves to be different. This is a fantastic mic for a great price, backed by outstanding support.

  • from Sacramento December 16, 2009Music Background:
    Amateur recording engineer

    My favorite condensor mic

    I love this mic because it sounds AMAZING! It can take a beating from loud guitar or vocals and it delivers a smooth warm tube sound to your mix. Outstanding mic, if you want to sound legit....buy this bad boy! ;)

  • from Chattanooga, TN May 16, 2009Music Background:


    I've used this mic for about 5 years! I have been blown away ever since. I record rnb & pop vox on it, but will say its also great for acoustic guitars too. I use it with the presonus Eureka preamp. Great combo & the Heart of my Studio

  • from Youngstown, OH November 22, 2008Music Background:
    engineer/producer/studio owner

    Wanna get personal?

    I don't have a huge budget so I can't always get the mics I want. I admit I settled for this but I'm glad I did. This thing is warm and fuzzy all over. It really brings out the personality of the voice. Every detail is there, crisp and airy but still full-body. And when you push it, it pushes back perfectly. I highly recommend the NTK.

  • from New York City June 17, 2007Music Background:
    Hypnotist - Voice Over and Fromer Guitarist - CBGB era

    It's Sizzles !!

    This is one warm, sizzling microphone. It oozes sensuality in the right hands like no other microphone. In my huge arsenal of 25 years of microphones, I constantly come back to this one when I want to bring out that intimate sound ...

    Lets just say ... on the outside ... it may be metal ... but inside ... it just blows in your ear.

  • from Cape Town, South Africa May 9, 2007Music Background:
    Composer/Violinist/Pianist/Record Owner

    Lets Be Brutal

    I was amazed by the clarity and warmth of the NTK.Lets be honest, most well known microphone brands trade on their name.I have auditioned most brands out there, and can say with the greatest of confidence that you dont have to spend $7000 to get a good sound.

  • from NYC April 8, 2014Music Background:
    pro drummer, brasilian percussion, keyboards, composition, home studio.


    This is a superb LDC(tube) mic, especially at the more recent price(orig was around $700). Like all Rode products, very well and durably constructed.

    Fantastic for mid and highend sources. Was recording some Brasilian tropical bird whistles the other day and the NTK reproduced the sound superbly, beyond what I would have expected--they really sang. Real good for vocals as well, IMO, and also low end sources that are not high SPL.

    Some guys are into changing out the tube, but I dont think you have to, it's fine as is.

    Deep, rich sounding mic. I don't particularly desire a more expensive LCD mic at this point, the NTK serves my purposes, quite well, and the good thing about Rode is you often get the 5 year warranty.

    I also have the Rode NT2-A, which is probably more all purpose than the NTK, but for richness and depth, the NTK is definitely a click or 2 above.

  • from Auburn, NY October 28, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician, Amature recording engineer

    Better than higher priced mic

    I purchased a much higher priced mic for vocals from Sweetwater. Their service is always great. I tried different NOS tubes in it.I tried recording different locations,filters and instruments. Finally, I sold it and bought this mic. Took the poorly made chinese tube out of the mic and put in a NOS 6922 Mullard. It sounds phenomenal for my vocals, and male voices in general. The cheap chinese tube misleads you on the sound of this mic. Take it out, throw it over your shoulder and spend your money on a good tube.

  • from van nuys, california, June 12, 2012Music Background:
    studio owner.pro musician

    vocal mic excellence

    excellent vocal mic.

  • from Detroit, MI February 25, 2009Music Background:
    28 years musician, recording, engineer, club owner

    Great Mic

    If you think this mic has too much high end, every recording chain has some sort of eq. If you say it's no good, you don't know how to use it. If you just don't care for the sound (flavor), then that's ok. But for the money, it's an awesome tool.

  • from Merrillville, IN October 10, 2008Music Background:
    Drummer/Recording Engineer

    simply awesome!!!

    simply awesome mic! very warm and soothing. Tube is definitely a great way to go for vocals. For those of you wondering if a mic in this price range can handle it, stop searching! Just get it.

  • from October 4, 2006

    A must for vocals

    Another great mic by Rode. This company continues to surprise me with their affordable great sounding microphones.

    This mic may not fit every singer, but it will sound fantastic on most. If your looking for 1 decent mic for vocals and don't want to break the bank check out this mic first. If your looking to expand your collection with a tube mic this is a perfect addition.

  • from January 31, 2012Music Background:
    Sony Artist, Producer/Audio Engineer, Musician, Songwriter

    Well Worth it

    I love this Mic, and for the longest time was all I used for my vocals. Like about all tube mics, it gives that good warm tone to the sound. I think this model is a good one for the fact it is crisp, and sounds very professional... However, since todays new trend is home recording, my criticism would be... you might want a nice little vocal booth for this baby. It picks up a good amount for room that some higher end vocal mics don't, at least thats something I noticed while compressing a vocal recorded with it. Before my I stepped up into a better studio, I was using this in a bedroom sized room, and doing vocals without a booth... very clean vocals, but when I would go to compress... the room sound got loud. If you have a vocal booth, and are looking for something amazing for a low price, I say get it. It's very good quality.

  • from PA March 23, 2007Music Background:
    Home Voice-over Studio

    My New Favorite Vocal Mic

    This mic has replaced my Shure condenser for almost all my voice work. I do a lot of spoken word production which requires an intelligible mic with a distinct presence. The NTK has both. My production now stacks up better on-air against the bigger studios. I also record rock and folk vocals and again, the Rode does very well in these applications. I use the Rode through an Aphex 207 pre, an ART Pro VLA compressor, and then an Aphex 204 Exciter (w/big-bottom) before the Presonus Firebox takes it to digital. A little tweaking has enabled me to manage the high end fizzle associated with the NTK and proximity effects are very workable with this design. If you need a quality vocal mic and can't afford a Neumann, this is an excellent and affordable alternative.

  • from Lexington, Ky February 28, 2007Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, pro musician, and Independant producer.


    I don't really use this mic for vocals much, but It makes a fantastic mic for drum overheads(I've got two), Guitar and Bass cabinets. Great all-round mic for studios on a budget.

  • from Seattle, WA USA December 30, 2006Music Background:
    Little bit of live sound and recording, guitarist, beginning bassist and keyboardist, digital music creation (Reason!!!)

    Tasty Tube Vocals

    Tube Mic on a budget. Great for adding some warmth to project studio recording. Worked well on vocals and acoustic guitar. Might have rated it higher, but I don't have too much mic experience. But I got the sounds I wanted out of this mic, and that's good enough for me. Let's hear it for Rode!

  • from New Jersey October 16, 2006Music Background:
    Home Recordist

    I still love the NTK

    I bought an NTK back in 2003, not too long after they were released. I had read several great reviews, and it seemed like a good purchase for $499. I can honestly say that all the hype that surrounded this mic was well deserved. I have used it on female and male vocals with great success. It can get overly sibilant, but with careful placement this can be mitigated. I have also used the NTK on acoustic guitar in a pinch, and hand percussion.

    Last year, I purchased a second NTK for use on drum overheads. I love the sound. Again, placement is critical (but when is it not?). Surprisingly, the two NTKs are matched pretty well, considering they were produced several years apart. Interestingly, the first NTK I bought had the serial number written on it with a marker, and now they actually have it printed on the casing, which is much better, since that marker wiped off quickly under normal use.

    One more thing: let these mics warm up for at least an hour. They just sound better.

    Overall, a great buy. Highly reccommended.

  • from Michigan July 11, 2006Music Background:
    Artist and producer engineer

    great sound

    just a beautiful sound I just love it, it sounds so warm and smooth and this mic is just "wow" it will open up your eyes and ears.

  • from Manhatten,NY August 8, 2008Music Background:
    Prducer,Engineer for 34 years

    Not Bad for the Money

    The NTK got a little too much high end edge. The mic's output is a little too much in the 6khz and 12 khz range, which gives the mic kind of a tinny sound. With the use of a good preamp like an Avalon VT737 the sound can be normalized resulting in a pretty good vocal sound without alot of sibillance. These days ,It seems like alot of the less expensive condensers do have much more treble than what's needed. On a positive note the mic is wonderfully built allowing easy access of the twin triode vacuum tube simply by unscrewing the bottom half of the mic. Overall for 500 dollars it's not too bad a tube mic for vocals.

  • March 25, 2006

    NTK great for project studio use

    I use the NTK in my project studio. Works greats for vocals and acoustic guitar. I'd recommend it to anyone needing a LDC mic for this capacity.

  • from August 1, 2005


    What a great mike - not just for the money. This mike is a clear example of why you do not need to mortgage your house to get absolutely pro sound- Rode has done the recording musician a huge favor. If you want warm and clear vocals and acoustic guitar, this is perfect- buy one and set the mike up and play and sing. You won't be sorry.

  • from Brooklyn, NY April 1, 2005

    Big Sound Small price

    Last year I got some great vocal sessions to track and I needed a new vocal mic. I wanted a tube mic and I couldn't afford a Neumann. Most of the other tube mics were way our of my price range. After trying about 3 different mics in the same range this one blew them all away. It sounds Warm and rich. I've had artists who brought their own beats track vocals over their stuff with this mic and I had to bring the fader down because the sound was too big for their track. It comes with a great case too.

  • from Memphis Tn May 1, 2004

    Rodes Ntk Tube Mic

    Great mic sounds silky smooth... No harsh hi's like the audio technica....Sounds warm like no other mic i have heard.. will make anyone sound like someone...Best Mic Under 2000 by far... If you want better get a Sony..

  • from Toronto April 1, 2004

    Damn Good

    This mic is GREAt for Vocals! I did vocals with it, using only its power Supply, No preamp. and It sounds soooo good! CLEAR, AND BUTTER WARM! I used the neumann TLM103 and this mic is way better!!

  • March 1, 2004

    NTK mic of a different color

    I recently added an NTK to my color plate. Many ask me if it's "good" or "bad". There is no good or bad with most microphones. That's like asking if blue is good or orange is bad. This mic is built like a tank and sounds GRRRRRRREAT! What amazes me is the clarity. It is fairly bright yet smooth and not strident like most bright mics. When cutting vox is simply track and compress.....NO EQ needed. YMMV

  • February 1, 2004

    Great mic, great price

    I've become a big Rode fan in just a short time. My first taste of Rode was the NT-1, and recently added a pair of NT-5s. Both are sweet mics at killer prices. But the NTK was the holy grail for me of sorts. A little more pricey than I thought I could afford, but when I compared, it blew me away how much quality I could get for such a low price. I haven't been at all disappointed. I've worked with and lusted over some great mics from some great names, but I've never been happier with how my voice sounded than with the NTK. Don't let the low price fool you... this one could easily sell for twice as much and still be a great deal. This mic also look great. Put it in front of a vocalist, and it seems to bring out the best.

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