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Rode NT4 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Rode NT4?

Questions about the Rode NT4?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • AJ Becerra

    The NT4 is a great solution for drum overheads where space is at a minimum. I have personally used this mic for overheads and it sounded great! Since it is configured in a fixed X/Y pattern, there are no phase issues between the two capsules, and it is very easy to get the right sound within minutes. This mic can also be powered via a single 9V battery, which is perfect if you don't have phantom power available or if you want to do a stereo field recording. The included stereo cables and 3.5mm adapters make this a VERY versatile mic at a KILLER price!

  • from Pittsburgh October 5, 2015Music Background:
    Sound engineer for over 20yrs, musician for 12

    Used for Choirs

    Incredible!!! I bought this about 3 months ago, Ive used it on the road doing sound gigs, mostly gospel event with choirs. I use this in conjunction with 2 nt5 matched pairs. Just Awesome!!! Very durable, soinds amazing!!!! I have used all the norms, Sennheiser, Shure, etc. I love the Senn E835 for stand alone vocals, but for small to medium area pick up - this is the ticket. One word of advice - if the choir loft or stage isn't padded, make sure you have a downward enough angle toward the choir to reduce reflection - this mic will pick up everything, And I mean everything - so keep in mind thats whatever is even whispered. Hope this helps.

  • from NJ March 22, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter/ Composer

    Perfect for room and acoustic guitar!!

    This mic was the perfect addition for my home recording setup! This gives my acoustic guitar the full sound I was looking for with an easy setup!! Especially since now I have it going through my Apollo quad I have my presets saved. I can focus on being creative while still engineering! Thanks again Sweetwater!

  • from Yardley, PA September 24, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    I love this microphone

    I bought this to improve the quality of my H4N Zoom recordings. The Zoom does a great job but I wanted to try something better. Several people, including an audio engineer, recommending this mic for my application and price range. They said that if your final product would be an MP3 listened over the internet that the X/Y pattern single stereo mic was a better way to go then a matched pair of stereo mics.

    It really exceeded my expectations. I got a significantly better recording in terms of dynamics, range, and clarity. And it was really easy to set up. No guessing about phasing and placement. It was really plug and play.

    FYI, It does require power. The H4N does have phantom power, but you can also put a 9volt in the mic, which is what I did.

  • from Australia June 7, 2006Music Background:

    It's a RODE what could possibly go wrong.

    This mic loses 1/2 a star because it's a fixed X/Y configuration and that means reduced flexibility of placement. However, then again, if you buy a NT4 then you know that this is what it is and you have a need for a no-fuss quality piece of kit.

    I have been using this mic for field recordings (9V internal power) for film FX/ambient sound and foley (48 V phantom). In both cases it positively shines. The sound is silky smooth and there's plenty of high end detail. The mic does lose some sensitivity on 9V internal power, however it's so quiet that the required make-up boost on the pre-amp doesn't bring in a lot of extra noise.

    Make no mistake, this is a pro piece of kit and I am about to buy a pair of NT5s (same capsules) on the basis of my experience with the NT4.

    Downsides? It's uggly, it is silver and shiny, largish and quite heavy - so not very stealthy...I wish Rode had a matt-black model.

    Conclusion? So easy to use, so well thought out, comes with great accessories (clips, wind screens, cables and a case), buy!

  • from Harlingen, Texas November 25, 2011Music Background:
    Assistant Band Director/Sound Engineer/Performer

    Very Natural Sound

    I flew the NT4 over the conductor of an All-City Middle School Concert Band. I was impressed with the the very natural sound of the ensemble and the conductor's voice during the rehearsal/sound check.

  • from Rancho Santa Fe, CA January 5, 2012Music Background:
    Recording engineer

    Good microphone, bad cable

    I have been using NT4 together with Marantz PMD661, when I take videos. The sound quality is good. One bad experience I had was the cable lost continuity in the 5 pins connector ( one of wires broke ) during the field video taking. So, I lost sound recording.

  • from St. Lous March 25, 2006

    Rode NT4 Live

    I used this mic (s) to record my son’s jazz combo in a loud club 5 hours after the Fed Ex guy delivered the mic from Sweetwater. If you record live music and want a natural live sound vs. a close mic multi-track sound, this is one mic you must have. A very loud rock band came on next and I had to really pot down the inputs on my Edirol R4. This mic has a hot output and I may test an attenuator next time.

  • from Orlando, FL November 1, 2005


    Just used this to record an orchestra and choir for a TV Christmas special. It wasn't the only mic used, but the mix was MOSTLY this mic with a couple of spot mics for dramatic effect. Everyone in the remote truck commented on the richness and warmth of the sound, as well as the pleasant width of the resulting track. Even the orchestra conductor was impressed with the results (and he's a PRETTY hard guy to impress!!) I HIGHLY recommend this mic for ensemble recordings, etc. This weekend I'm planning to try it as an audience ambience mic for a live DVD recording for a musician client's concert recording.

  • from New York February 1, 2005


    Great bang-for-the-buck! Makes for a very nice acoustic guitar. Sharp high end without being crunchy or overly edgy, good transients. Definately worth the $$$. Comes with 2 cables: 5pin to dual XLR and 5pin to 1/8 mini stereo. Useful for location recordings, especially with the 1/8 and 9v battery. I'm taking it up on a mountain soon!

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