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Rode NT2-A Studio Solution Reviews

4.5 stars based on 21 customer reviews
Questions about the Rode NT2-A Studio Solution?

Questions about the Rode NT2-A Studio Solution?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Steve Ploense

    When looking for a microphones for my project studio, I had two requirements: It needed to be both versatile and affordable. The Rode NT2-A exceeded both those qualifications! With three polar patterns, pads, and a high pass filter, I can record everything from voice to guitar cabinets to drum overheads. It's made in Australia, and the manufacturing is top-notch. It comes with a shockmount and pop filter which are also phenominal. In this price range, it's difficult to find a better value.

  • from March 9, 2017

    Great sounding mic

    What can I say sweetwater always delivers on time and has great products.
    I was looking for a mic for my studio that wouldn't break the bank but still be a great mic and the rode nt2a is just that. I love how the lowes sound lush and full and the highes are smooth without the harshness that some of my other mics have. I am a happy customer!

  • from Tyler June 22, 2016Music Background:
    Ac Gui

    Rode NT2-A

    Absolutely satisfied!

  • from Ohio December 14, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Engineer in training

    The next U87ai?

    Okay, it doesn't sound exactly like a U87 but it's pretty darn nice for the money! It sounds really good on male vocals and it's very smooth sounding without being harsh. I can usually run this mic though a SSL Alpha Channel with no EQ and get the sound I'm looking for.

    It's a pretty flat responding mic with the only exception being maybe a small boost (maybe 1 db) at 5k. It may be a little dark and dull for some people if they are looking for a mic that colors the sound.

    If color is what you want this isn't the mic for you. If what your after is a mic that is true to recreating what it hears, low noise, and great build quality that's going to last, you need to get one of these. I must say this is quite possibly one of the most versatile mics that I've ever owned!

    The Shock Mount is actually made very well and is a great improvement over the plastic ones Rode has shipped with their mics in the past. As a added bonus, the Rode K2 will fit the shock mount as well! The pop filter works just fine and I rather like the idea of integrating it into the shock mount since it frees up space on the mic stand.

    All in all this is a great mic for someone that's just getting started into recording but is equally at home as a spare mic in a professional setting. We use one here in the studio for a lot of things along side some very high $$ mics. As I said, while this mic isn't a U87 it can and does hold it's own against the big dogs and that says something about Rode!

    Great product!

  • from Puerto Rico July 2, 2015Music Background:
    Music and technical recording

    One the best in the price!

    This is one the best mic in the range, great to vocal an instrument , l m loved !!!

  • from Buford, GA, USA April 13, 2014Music Background:
    song writer, recording hobbyist

    The Rode NT2-A Experience

    Having narrowed my search for a LDC mic to three, I contacted Sweetwater for input. Nate was super in evaluating my choices. His was familiar with all three. He was aware of my intended use--studio recording, vocal and instrument, and noted that the choices were good ones, but that the Rode would probably be best for me. He was right on. I'm extremely pleased. Tucker also contributed with his handling of the shipping. I'd called to place the order mere minutes before the FedEx pickup time on a Thursday. Tucker whizzed through the paperwork, completed the order, and the mic arrived Saturday at noon--a day and a half later. Outstanding! Thanks, SW.

  • from San Diego, CA January 7, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer

    I love this mic so much, I bought 2nd one.

    Years ago when I first started pursuing the home recording thing, I knew I wanted a "studio mic". The Rode NT2a fit the bill perfectly having lots of versatility with the polar patterns, pads, and High Pass Filters.

    So here it is 5 or 6 years and several thousand dollars in toys later, and the NT2a is still my favorite mic. In fact I just picked up my 2nd one last night. I can't wait to try them out as drum overheads!

    If you are looking for "that one mic" to start off your studio right, the Rode NT2a deserves a spot on your short list, if not on your mic stand. =)

  • from Staten Island New York December 29, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, producer, engineer, songwriter and arranger… I've been in the music for 40 years and my experience has led me to seek out the best sound possible for my recording studio.

    Great Mic

    Hey I really enjoy this mic, thats why I have "TWO." The frequency responses are really smooth and deliver outstanding results. I own about 18 Mic in my studio and must say for the money its really a bargain. so buy one "no" BUY TWO!!!

  • from Staten Island New York October 19, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, producer, engineer, songwriter and arranger… I've been in the music for 40 years and my experience has led me to seek out the best sound possible for my recording studio.

    An excellent studio workhorse of a Mic

    I own many microphones and I have tried them all. I have to say honestly after listening to this particular Mic I am excited to do vocals. I never really found a mic that fits my voice, where I am comfortable singing a song without feeling intimidated by the microphone. This mic seem to capture all the harmonics and I was very satisfied with the sound. I put this particular mic through a universal audio 610 Mk2, I must tell you the sound was astonishing. Another reason that I really enjoy this microphone is, my wife has a very unique voice and it has always been hard for me to capture the true nature of her sound. I was really delighted to hear her voice through this microphone it really made a difference. If you're looking for great Mic that can deliver great sound at an affordable price then look no further, the RODE NT 2A is definitely the way to go.

  • from NEW IBERIA, LA May 4, 2013Music Background:
    Worship musician, occasional gigs

    Great mic! (Thanks, Dan)

    Okay, I don't have the experience that some of the other reviewers have. I wanted a better mic for recording vocals that would break the bank. Dan Van Amerongen recommended this one and another for the same price. The other was more of a "pure vocal mic". We wanted the versatility this offered for recording instruments. So far we have recorded vocals for several songs, and we LOVE the results.

    Great clarity, nice response, pure reproduction of our voices...what's not to like?

    I recommend this mic with no reservations.

  • from San Francisco Bay Area May 16, 2012Music Background:
    Composer, Producer, Keyboards, Voice, Flute.

    Detail, beauty, and precision.

    Presently I produce music for hobby, but I set myself a high standard of artistic quality and I expect to go for sale in the near future.
    Needing a microphone to record my own voice, $400 was the most I could spend.
    I was surprised (blown away) for how "real" and "pro studio" my voice sounded (without using any EQ or processing).
    With great enthusiasm I started recording everything in the house that could produce a musical noise.
    The acoustic spanish guitar was unbelievable (even tough I keep it as a family memory and I don't know how to play)
    The recording of some ethnic drum felt like it could reveal the fingerprints to the FBI in a TV series.
    The flute (I've been recording my flute for 25 years with evolving equipment) sounded like "al last I got it". There was very little or the unavoidable wind noise and so much beauty and detail in the sound.
    Assorted little bells and chimes had the highest high end sparkling with realistic precision and all their magic beauty.
    By the way, while I was doing those recordings there were birds singing outside and jet airplanes passing by... none of the unwanted sound ended up in the recordings thanks to properly pointing the cardioid pattern, I guess.
    The included instructional DVD was very helpful.
    Bottom line, I love it.

  • from Tri-Cities, Washington, USA May 2, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Producer, Recording and Mix Engineer, BS Degree in Music Production

    More than your money's worth

    For the record, I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to microphones. I am always trying to find the best mic for the job. Granted, this does not mean that the best mic for the task at hand is always the most EXPENSIVE mic.

    This brings me to the NT2-A. It is an incredibly warm and surprisingly natural sounding mic. It does not overly boost the presence like some mics, nor does it try to lie to you. It is a very accurate, rich, and balanced microphone. I have used in on vocals, as well as employed its figure-8 polar pattern to mid-side acoustic guitars. However I have used it, this mic has not let me down.

    Now, would I choose it over a U87, or a c414? Probably not! However, I would choose it over an AT4047 any day of the week. My 5-star rating is for this mic as it competes against others in the similar price range. For the cost, as well as its features and EQ response, it is a remarkable product.

  • from Auburn, WA February 16, 2012Music Background:

    Big Bang for the buck

    This is a very versatile mic, and it sounds great to my ears. I use it for acoustic guitar, vocals, mic'ing my amp, percussion etc. It sounds great capturing clean strat sounds on my amp, about 2 inches from the grill. I have also used the multiple patterns for capturing some room reverb (omni) in conjunction with another mic, and the figure 8 pattern for use with another mic to do mid-side recording. Its fun to experiment with. If I had to get rid of all but one of my mics, this would be the one left. I've owned it for about 3 years.

  • from United States April 14, 2016

    Excellent Mic

    I've been recording for almost 20 years. I've owned this mic since 2009. It has great features, the build quality is awesome, it sounds amazing, and the price would be hard to beat. You can use it to record anything you want, the versatility is outstanding. I mainly use it to record vocals and drums. What everyone is saying is absolutely true. You will definitely be impressed by its capabilities and value.

  • from worcester mass. October 25, 2015Music Background:
    project studio owner

    rode nt2a

    awsome mic !! does it all, I have a few blue birds and blue sparks now im all set ! Its a great pkg. deal but be careful !!!! this bad boy is heavy !!! It will tip over most mic stands so double check before you walk away !!

  • from worcester mass. September 20, 2015Music Background:
    I run a small project studio working with top notch acoustic players and writers in my area, I had been using blue bird mics and this is a nice addition to my selection of mics.

    rode nt2A

    got this, this week with a tascam dp-32. Its very well made, but also very heavy!!!. I set it up and did a few tunes on the dp-32. the quality was awsome, it picks up well from a distance, the included pop filter, shock mount and dust cover was a nice addition to this pkg. I will do some more critical recording and report back but from the few tests I did it was very good ! just be careful of the weight when you mount it !

  • from Camano Island, WA May 8, 2016

    It's good for sound design and foley recording.

    I have used this mic pretty extensively before purchasing it myself via Sweetwater recently. Most of what I use it for is recording foley sound effects and occasionally voice over recordings for video games. Since the self noise is so low, I find it an ideal compliment to other handy sfx gathering tools, like a shotgun mic.

    It sounds very on decent when using it in Fig. 8 mode for mid-side recording my Seagull Entourage acoustic gtr. I don't think I would use this as a single gtr mic over, say a nice SDC - but it's only because I'm used to a certain sound.

    I am very aware of reviews regarding this mic as "crispy" or bright in the high-end, but I personally find that it accentuates the sources I use it on, in a flattering way. It is very solidly built and the included shockmount/windscreen is a nice touch.

    I docked it a star, because noth

  • from April 15, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Live Sound Reinforcement, dabbling studio engineer, Big Band singer, Music graduate, rock band

    Solid choice

    I'm really satisfied with my purchase of this microphone because I bought it for what it does best: versatility. As the first Large-Diaphragm condenser in my home studio, and one of the first mics in general, it has to cover a lot of bases, and it does.

    Timbre-wise, it's on the dark side. To be honest, it's not the best sounding mic on my voice (I'm a baritone big-band singer, so think Michael Buble), but it was AMAZING on a breathier female jazz singer I was working with (an alto). I think this mic may be a really great choice, vocally, for those who could benefit from a little more body, but it didn't do me any favors in a heavy texture.

    Besides just not being optimized for my individual voice, I'm really happy with this mic, and I think it will get my home studio off the ground!

  • from Mayslick KY December 12, 2012Music Background:
    Studio Owner, Pro Musician

    Really Nice Package

    I've been recording for over 20 years and have a small arsenal of decent mics. When I saw this on the Sweetwater site I wanted to try it out because I had never used a RODE mic before. WOW!!! This mic is EXCELENT!!!! The added stuff with it were iceing on the cake. I recorded some accoustic guitars, a couple of vocals and the sound quality was just fantastic. I loved it so much I asked Santa to bring me the RODE NT1A package for Christmas. I just hope he does!!!

  • from New York June 17, 2011Music Background:
    basement musician


    I will start off by saying i am completely new to recording in general, and that i have had pro tools for a few months. so after being bored with just recording with my piano, i decided it was time to buy a mic. well, if it isn't appearent i chose this one, and have no regrets : ) it is a good condenser microphone with a ten year warranty. honestly, i have only had it working for a few days, but it sounds crystal clear. too be honest, it is so clear that it makes my bass drum sound bad (unlike the cheap mics that dont show how un-tuned it really is haha). what can i say, great mic, great price, great extras.
    tech support: 10/10
    set up: 8/10 (because im a pt noob and it took me three weeks)

  • from bahia blanca Argentina July 7, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, singer, arrenger, compositor

    it did not fulfill my expectatives.

    I used it with voices, and it did not fulfill my expectatives.
    its too boomy for me.

  • from December 19, 2016

    Polar Patterns Don't Work

    As a cardioid mic, this is a good product. It has a smooth, unhyped tone and is very easy to EQ.

    But the NT2-A is advertised as a multi-pattern mic, allowing the user to select from cardioid, figure of eight, and omni pickup patterns. And as a multi-pattern mic it is awful.

    I tested the polar patterns by producing a constant "Ah" sound while rotating the mic 360 degrees, starting and ending at the front. If you look at the waveform this produces in an audio editor, cardioid should look like a bow tie without a knot, figure of eight should look like a bow tie with a knot that's as big as the sides, and omni should look like a sausage. These are the waveforms produced by my other multi-pattern mics - my (cheap) Audio-Technica 2050 and my (expensive) Blue Kiwi.

    The Rode NT2-A produces three bow ties with slightly varying but still small knots - basically three fractionally different flavours of cardioid. It's as if I bought an RGB screen and then discovered it could only display red, orange and purple. And of course this is reflected in the sound. The figure of eight is far too quiet from the rear and cannot be used for two-sided recording. The omni is also too quiet from the rear and, even worse, exhibits extreme off-axis colouration (which shouldn't be possible in omni).

    I thought I had a defective unit so I took it back to the shop - but the shop owner and I tested my mic on his system, comparing it with his display unit, and both were the same. Apparently, this is how Rode intended the mic to function. I suppose it's possible that both units were defective, but if so, that says very bad things about Rode's quality control.

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