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D'Addario Planet Waves PW-CP-09S Silver NS Tri-Action Capo Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the D'Addario Planet Waves PW-CP-09S Silver NS Tri-Action Capo?

Questions about the D'Addario Planet Waves PW-CP-09S Silver NS Tri-Action Capo?

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  • from Fishersville, VA February 18, 2017Music Background:
    Intermediate player, playing for 54 years

    Happy with Planet Waves capo

    I have to say that I am happy with this capo. I now have 2. I have tried many different capos and this out performs them all. I was really disappointed with the G7 Newport. It was difficult to get it work on B string unless I cranked it down really tight. The Planet Waves didn't require me to do this, cost about half th G7, and doesn't get in the of my fretting hand. I would highly recommend this capo over all of th rest!

  • from Charleston, WV March 5, 2016Music Background:

    Best capo out there

    Best capo I've tried yet. No need for retuning neither of my acoustics when I use this one. I highly recommend it.

  • from United States December 3, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician, guitar instructor, worship pastor

    This is the last capo you'll need!

    I make half my living each year playing live music of all styles with acoustic and electrics of every stripe. This is the only capo I use now. Everyone knows that Kyser capos are not adjustable, and always pull your strings sharp when they are new, and then relax over the years to a tolerable state. But in the mean time, the rubber pad on the back tears, and you're off to the store for another. They are great because they can be grabbed and put into place on your guitar with one hand. Very quick.

    G7s are great, but really expensive, and I keep losing them. Somehow. And if you pinch it too tight, you have to two--handed release (so as not to drop it) and then start over. Oops! What's that? The drummer has already started the next song and you're halfway through the intro. You missed your entrance. If you are working for $$ and a hired gun guess what? You're fired. Pack up your expensive capo and get going.

    Shubbs are awesome because they are adjustable to the tension on your particular guitar. Beautifully smooth action. Wonderful for the studio but require two hands to operate when gigging live. If you are the front man like I usually am leading worship at church, it's hard to do this while doing everything else needed between songs as well as keep the service flowing. BUT - the rubber on them tears. You can buy replacement rubber, but it's frustrating.

    Enter Planet Waves. Somebody was using their head. For years I have been asking for this exact capo. Give me the one-handed utility of the Kaiser, but the perfect tension adjustment for ANY guitar (I use them for electrics to 12-string Taylors) of the Shubb. And oh yeah, please don't charge me $50. I own about 6 of these because once I "loan" them to guitarists in my band or other guys I play with, they are gone. Ha ha! I buy them for all my players at church because I want them to be IN TUNE! Small investment in sounding good. Worship leaders, please take note.

    No matter - I just hope Planet Waves stops messing with the design. The PW-CP-09 is not the first iteration. It's the second or third of about 4 versions I have seen. I am buying up several of them today and just going to put them in back of a drawer. I bought another model the other day, their newest, and do NOT like it because it forces you to put it on at a really awkward angle over the front of the neck instead of from behind like this model.

    Get this one. Get 2 or 3, since the design here is genius. As someone has said, as if Shubb and Kaiser had a baby. It's the only capo I ever use and when it's on, the guitar stays in tune. Simple, I know, but that's what we all want, right? There's no quicker way of shouting "I AM A NOVICE AND DON"T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!" than putting on a too-tight capo (like a Kaiser) and being 10-15 cents sharp north of the piano player. Can't fix sharp. This is the answer. I have been playing these capos for the past 18 months and they are bullet-proof. I get guitar players all the time asking me how I have capo'd and yet stayed in tune. This is the secret. Thank you Planet Waves.

    Is this a long review? Yes. Too long? No - because I was literally frustrated for years. I've been after this exact design for 20 years, and dealing with all the pros and cons of all the other brands. This one is perfect, so just buy it already. I use one for each guitar I use regularly (5 electrics and 3 acoustics), and love that I can set the tension, and just keep it in the case and it's always ready to go.

    So get it already! Get 2-3 of them and use one while hiding the others. Be sure to put your name on it too. These things have a tendency to grow legs and walk away!

  • from Ohio March 6, 2013Music Background:
    guitar player for local church worship band

    perfect blend of to different styled capo's

    If kyser and shubb had a baby. This would be it. This thing is amazing. Always in tune and super easy positioning of the capo on the fret board. I highly recommend it

  • from Windsor,SC December 5, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and recording engineer


    Great design and stays in tune up and down the guitar neck.
    Patrick always the best in helping with orders.

Questions about the D'Addario Planet Waves PW-CP-09S Silver NS Tri-Action Capo?

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