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Waves Power Pack Plug-in Bundle Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Waves Power Pack Plug-in Bundle?

Questions about the Waves Power Pack Plug-in Bundle?

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  • Mark Bruhn

    If you are a DAW user, you will need plug-ins. The Native Power Pack is an essential bundle of plugs for anyone looking for clean, high quality sound. As a studio engineer I reached for these tools on more than 90 percent of the sessions I did. More than eight years later, they are still my first choice.

  • from Omaha, NE December 1, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Symphony Musician, Bassist

    Native Power Pack

    My first Waves purchase, even though I've been in the audio game for a couple decades. Exceeded my expectations! A lot of bang for the buck, for a lot of people this pack might be all you ever need. Waves quality was immediately apparent. Since this purchase I have upgraded to Gold and bought a few more plugins. I can't get away from my DAW! Very happy with the purchase and Jeff's help from Sweetwater.

  • from Sea coast, NH January 3, 2014Music Background:
    General Bedroom Hack / Hobbyist

    Great Set of Essential Plugins

    I also use the Renaissance Maxx bundle, but these are the most used in my DAW. They're clean, clear, and effective, and they aren't particularly resource-hungry. If you can wait for the usual Waves 50% off sales, they're a fantastic bargain!

  • from United States December 21, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician, Gear Nut

    Great Buy

    More than I could have expected for the price. This is my first waves product and I have to say that I am very pleased. I had heard a lot of good things about them, but figured it would be a while before I needed new pluggins or could afford anything good from waves. Then I noticed this bundle and jumped at it. The clarity, punch, and size that they give my mixes over what I was using previously is amazing for such a small price. Don't forget the ilok though, I was an idiot and forgot it needed one before I downloaded, so I had to wait a little while for it to come in the mail when I ordered it the next day so I could use them. But that's my own fault, so no gripe against waves.

  • from Waianae,Hawaii September 27, 2011Music Background:
    Composer,Recording Engineer,Pro Musician.

    This does everything I needed

    It has a ton of plug-ins for the price.

  • from Las Vegas, NV December 24, 2012Music Background:

    Great set of plugins

    This pack gave my recordings some added dimension with the reverbs. The compressors are very linear and predictable.

  • from Ann Arbor, MI USA July 17, 2009Music Background:
    professional sound recording/mixing engineer and musician

    A Wonderful Addition to Any "In-The-Box" Mixing Collection

    I've been very satisfied with the Native Power Pack. Many of the tools that are included I use by default in almost every mixing session. The C1 is a flexible and musical sounding compressor that can range from neutral to dirty in character. I use it as my standard compressor in virtually every session. Super Tap is a beautiful sounding delay that's simple to use and very versatile. The IR-L is a realistic sounding and easy to configure convolution reverb. The De-esser is simple and intuitive and works without hassle or any obvious audible character. Renaissance Ax is a great character compressor that can help level out dynamics and add subtle fat-ness to an instrument. The famous L1-ultramaximizer is probably one of the easiest to tweak and most transparent loudness maximizing limiters available. The S1 stereo enhancer is also an easy to set up, sonically pleasing stereo widening tool, in fact the only tools in the bundle I don't regularly use are the Q10, Doubler and True Verb and that's mainly because I have other plug-ins that I prefer instead.

    Overall the Native Power Pack is full of easy to use, professional sounding, reliable, flexible and useful signal processors that every studio could benefit from having. I've very impressed.

  • from Jacksonville, Fl June 29, 2006Music Background:
    Musician and home recording enthusiast

    An absolute knockout

    You get 10 tried and proven plugs that have stood the test for years in studios - For the "beginner" there is not a more complete package - Everything one needs to make great sounding tracks. These are my go-to plugs for everything. The IR-L is just stunning with all the impulses that are available. The C1 is a great compressor and more. Trueverb, IMO, is still one of the cleanest verbs out there - Learn to use Super Tap - it is more than just a delay! Enjoy!!!

  • from slaterville springs, NY March 6, 2013Music Background:
    Audio/Recording Engineer

    simply awesome

    really great for beginning your waves plugin armada. it is a must for beginners and engineers like myself that are a bit rusty and trying to shake off that rust.

  • from October 16, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Guitarist

    Great Value!

    This is a great bundle because I didn't have $600+ to spend on Gold or higher but I use everything in here on 95% of my sessions. From the C1 to the L1, the compression is great. Q10 EQ is awesome. The L1 is perfect for the master track or even put it on the bass or kick! I got this with the mindset that I would upgrade for sure eventually but I haven't felt I needed anything else yet. It's been over a year. The True Verb is also a great reverb. This is definitely a swiss army knife type of bundle. Anything more than the Native Power Pack is just icing on the cake.

  • from OKC, OK November 16, 2013Music Background:
    who cares

    Pretty Decent

    Overall I'd say it fits the bill quite well. The only drawback is the fact that this bundle contains very old waves plugins, and what you want are the newer ones. Those are really hot. That being said, this was my first bundle and it works just fine. Not amazing, but certainly not lacking at all. Just a good decently priced bundle that I would suggest a person who is new to waves get for their first bundle.

  • from Seattle, WA, USA November 4, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Only works with 32-bit systems

    The product itself is great; I've used it before and the effects sound wonderful. However, what isn't immediately obvious is that ALL Waves products are ONLY available in 32-bit, and will NOT work in a 64-bit host. Every computer and recording software from the past several years has been in 64-bit, so shame on Waves for selling this and not making it obvious that it won't work in a modern system.

    5 stars for quality, -2 stars for being 4 years behind the times.

Questions about the Waves Power Pack Plug-in Bundle?

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