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Nord Electro 4 HP Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from Southeast Arkansas October 6, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Everything I Needed

    I had been researching this purchase for some time now, and had decided that Nord offered the sounds, effects and simple interface that I needed. When I received this instrument a month or so ago, I realized that it indeed delivered....In spades!!!!
    As a piano player, I needed an instrument with a solid action and great samples. Done. As an organ player, I needed the ability to adjust anything and everything on the fly. Done. As a worship leader, I needed an interface that didn't bog me down while we worshiping, but allowed manual control of anything that might need adjustment on the fly. Done. After a lower back surgery almost two years ago, I needed something that I could actually tote around wherever we travel to lead. Done. This is honestly as close as it gets to having everything in one board!
    Did I mention the KILLER samples in the Nord Library? Grands, uprights, EPs-all of these are amazing-and I can pick and choose what I store in the memory!
    The bottom line is this: this instrument provides everything I needed in one package that I control-and not an instrument manufacturer. Never dealt with Sweetwater before? The service experience ranks right up there with my review of this instrument. They have my business from here on out. If you have been contemplating this purchase, all I can say is go for it! I doubt very seriously you'll be disappointed!

  • from New Jersey August 13, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician


    I just added this keyboard to my arsenal. I already own the Nord Stage EX 76, which is a great board. This one, the Electro 4 HP, has the same piano feel, and has the most widely used keyboard sounds needed for the road. The board has 4 'live' settings, which lets you switch from piano to B3 to Wurly with the push of a button. There are only 2 of these on the Stage, but most importantly, HALF the weight!! I also believe I'll be buying everything here at Sweetwatwer. Brian Rich gave me very personalized service, which goes a looong way!

  • from Santa Cruz, California January 22, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Singer and Pianist.

    Nord Electro 4 HP

    What an incredible keyboard. Have never found an instrument of this size and weight that packs the sound and versatility of the Electro 4. Action is nothing short of excellent, keyboard and organ sounds are superb, and the ease and ability to load sounds from other sources great. This is my go-to instrument from small gigs to large concerts.

  • from Boise, ID USA January 14, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    My take on Nord's Electro 4 HP

    My trusted Korg Triton Pro (having endured countless gigs) has been relegated to studio use, which in turn, created a vacancy in my performance keyboard setup. While the Kronos was tempting, my immediate performance needs hinged on a reliable, yet fantastic sounding keyboard that would deliver on piano & organ sounds. The Nord Electro 4 HP delivers on all fronts, and then some! If you are looking for additional layering, multi-zone splits, etc., you'll need to invest more money into Nord's Stage 2. I can accomplish great layering via the Electro 4's USB connection to my Macbook Pro where Spectrasonic's Omnisphere resides. There is absolutely no lack of layering and sounds when combining the Electro to other sound sources. Back to the Electro 4 HP: The hammer action is "perfect!" The piano sounds are perfect, clear and expressive. The electric piano sounds: they nailed them, as well as virtually every other (clave, etc.) sounds. The organ (B3) sounds are the best I've ever played. Make no mistake: This is a keyboardist's dream performance rig. The onboard effects are excellent. Nord's online Sound Library is free to the user. So, if you feel they charge too much for their keyboards, consider you are buying into a supportive world of technology and ongoing refinements with more sounds than you could know what to do with. This keyboard has the most organic feel I've run across, thus far - not to mention the most organic sounds I've conjured out of a keyboard. The B3 will blow you away! As always, my Sweetwater Representative, Mike Arrango needs to be recognized for his knowledgeable and timely service - he's always there for me. Nord & Sweetwater - you guys rule!

  • from Waco, Texas January 28, 2013Music Background:
    Professor of Keyboards and Songwriting, McLennan Community College

    Most Portable and Best Sounds Available...

    I'm the old dude who still loves to gig but got tired of dragging around a "hernia-in-a-box", namely my older Nord Stage 88 with a heavy duty case. I debated for quite some time between the 4HP and the Piano2, leaning towards the Piano2 because of its weighted keybed. However, after taking the plunge on the 4HP I couldn't be more pleased! The action isn't "wooden-weighted" but after twenty minutes on my first gig with the 4HP I felt very comfortable - by the end of the night I found myself playing more dynamically than I would have thought possible! The sounds are SO superior to my older Nord that my bass player kept wondering what I was doing differently (didn't bother to tell him I was using a new axe until after the first few tunes!) and that was with stock factory patches. My game plan is to tweak the memory using the incredible patches available through the Nord sample DVD's included with the axe, so in the end I might only have 20-30 patches onboard instead of 128, but I prefer a smaller number of higher quality sounds for use on the gigs. Yes, folks, the acoustic pianos are mind-blowing, the updated organ will rock your socks, and how cool is it to have access to all those old Mellotron sounds (and that's just for starters!). But the ultimate compliment for me on this keyboard is the weight - never did I imagine being able to lift my primary keyboard under one arm for the easiest load-in and load-out possible while having those killer patches! Personally I would have preferred the use of patch names as opposed to the two digit number system (so very 1994, you know) but that issue will be moot after I get my preferred patches set up. Nord scores a home run with this keyboard, and so does Chris Lewis for his advice and patience with my incessant yammering!

  • from Bowling Green, KY July 23, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Worship Pastor

    Nord Electro 4 HP pretty good

    Sounds amazing. If you purchase, pay attention to the "split keyboard" description. There is no way to "combine" sounds, like if you want to play a piano with strings in the background, which is pretty much standard on any other keyboard out there. I think that is a major oversight with Nord on this particular model. Other than that, it is a great keyboard for our application.

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