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Nord Electro 4D Reviews

5.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from New York, NY November 7, 2014Music Background:
    Music Director/Supervisor, Keyboardist, Composer

    Game changer

    Been waiting to procure a Nord for a long time, and it was worth the time spent wishing... On the first gig out it proved its worth. Easy to use, ridiculous fun to play with/explore, and the list of choices keeps expanding as I get to know it better. I do a lot of gigs with piano and a supplemental keyboard, and I've found my new performing partner.

  • from California September 6, 2014Music Background:
    Pro audio manufacturer, Foote Control Systems

    Nord Electro 4D

    I received my Nord Electro 4D last night and hooked it up.
    I can not believe how well this thing delivers tonewheel organs and electric pianos.

    I have tried for years to use samplers, analog and modeling synths to get organ and piano sounds. That activity is most definitely a thing of the past now!

    I also LOVE the keybed!
    That aspect alone makes the experience of playing this instrument more musical, especially after using common MIDI keyboards.
    You can totally forget that you are not playing a B3 or Wurlitzer thanks to that keybed.

    It is also great to have Mellotrons, Chamberlins, Fairlights etc at your fingertips.

    The presets are completely playable as is, so you get to playing right away instead of fiddling with synth parameters until you get what you want sound wise.

    And that sound! Sound quality is top shelf.

    In a nutshell, the Electro has become the most important tool in my rig overnight. And what a tool!

  • from Barbados April 15, 2014Music Background:
    Keyboardist, Drum Programmer, Ableton Operator, Writer/Producer, Musician

    Best bang for your bucks....

    After researching in depth I was totally pleased with my choice. Great gigging keyboard, at only 15lbs what else could you ask for. Enough sounds and effects to keep any listener interested, nice feel and touch with the waterfall keys as well. Good sturdy power cable not an ac adaptor so very practical when on the road gigging this is virtually the dream keyboard of keyboards to maneuver with , we'll done Nord, well done .........

  • from Georgia March 19, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Amateur Musician, Live sound tech, studio tech, Played in several local bands over the past 5 years.

    Save your money. Buy one.

    This this is a beast. I needed a new board to get me realistic Rhodes, B3, and clav sounds to accompany my Kurzweil Pc88, I narrowed my search down to the Korg SV-1, the Hammond sk-1, and the Nord Electro 4. All three are very impressive boards, Korg has the best Electric pianos, Hammond had the most realistic organ. But neither impressed me in both areas much as this thing does. This thing may not be as good in those certain areas but it is far more balanced and far more versatile. I've had it for about a month now, and im still just as exited as the first day I got it.

    I play a little more Rhodes then I do organ, so that was my first priority. It was hard to find demos of Its electric pianos online, so i was kinda skeptical on those samples. But after the first day i was hooked. It can go from really clean R&B style to a supper aggressive crunchy deep purple style with its amp drive. Though the effects go well any sample you put them through, I feel like the effects were designed around getting good Rhodes sounds, What i mean is chorus, tremolo, pan, wah they all can compliment the E. Piano section well. (The e.piano sounds are very very dynamic)

    Next I needed a good B3 Emulator. But i was not worried since that's the NE semi weighted boards are meant for. Supper realistic. Love the physical draw bars. Its Chorus/ vibrato section make you think your playing the real thing. You can change the key click volume, you can change the percussion volume for its soft and normal settings (kinda loud by default so i turned them down a little bit and now they sound perfect for me), can also change the percussion decay time. The Leslie is good (i cant say great because ive heard and had better emulators). Its definitely usable and highly enjoyable. I think it sounds more realistic then my last keyboards Leslie sim, its just that my last keyboard could fine tune the slow and fast speed and it could get a lot faster (I like it more because Icould really dial it in every song to make it match the feel better). That's my only complaint to Nord (needs a slightly faster top speed, and more then three speed settings). But like i said overall this one's still very realistic sounding.

    The Clav is really fun: get it an octave lower, turn on manual wah (or auto wah), and start rocking the expression pedal. I can play that sound all night or until my friends get annoyed with it. But for the most part I get lots of smiling faces when I mess with the clav. Ive never had a wah that clean sounding before. plugging a normal wah pedal into the output of any keyboard and you get a thin quacky sounding Wah Wah, but with an expression pedal there's no hurtful treble spikes, no volume increase, no added color. Just trust me its really clean.

    Now that im done rambling about the sounds. The build is defiantly road worthy. Mostly aluminum (im just guessing) outside shell, Stiff knobs that dont budge, and some sweet red wood sides. Im guessing and kinda assuming that this will last me between a decade or two as long as i take care of it. It probably will move an average of once 1-2 times a week unless i start gigging more. The semi weighted keys on this thing are the best ive ever felt on a SW board. It was kinda surprised to find that the keys are an off white cream color. But they give it a nice vintage organ look (no complaints).

    The weight and portability of this thing make me want to sell my Kurzweil. But since its only semi-weighted thats probably not a good idea. If your more of a piano player and less of an organ player get the weighted version(but hopefully you already know that). I liked the default piano settings despite what alot of people are saying. some are almost surrealistic (almost too realistic). I dumped the defaults and went with 1 Grand lady Large and 1 saloon upright large. I would love to play them on a nord piano, They would definitively surpass My kurzweils pianos on a good key bed. But since there's less dynamics I only use them when necessary (when im too lazy to lug around another 60 pounds).

    All and all Im blown away by the build and sample quality this thing has. Even though ive heard better leslie sims and i wish it was multi-timbral. I still give it 5 out of 5 because everything on it is top quality. The perfect instrument for any gigging Rhodes/Organ player.

  • from October 22, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging Rock Keyboardist, Jazz Student


    The Electro 4D is an excellent option if you want to sound great and be extremely mobile. The Hammond emulation sounds extremely accurate to my ears, along with a very detailed and tweakable Leslie simulation. The Vox and Farfisa models are fun to play and they are a great option if you want to adjust the drawbars to create cool new organ tones. Splitting the keyboard is quick and easy to do on the fly and that makes this keyboard a lot more versatile.
    The pianos are, in my opinion, the weak link on the 4D. I had to download a different piano tone from Nord's website to get one with which I was satisfied. After some EQing I was able to get a decent grand piano sound out of it, but I still like the pianos on my Yamaha M08 better. The waterfall keyboard action takes a bit of getting used to if you want to play highly dynamic piano music on the Electro 4D.
    Some of the Rhodes electric pianos on the 4D also sounded less than satisfactory to me. They are all very different tonally from each other, so I suggest listening to them yourself, you may find one you like. My biggest issue with some of the Rhodes tones on the 4D stems from their individual "clicky-ness" and the tinny "bell-like" overtones present. While these may be faithful to an original Rhodes, I still prefer a warmer, rolled-off tone, which is easy to achieve by utilizing the 4D's fantastic built-in EQ, and Nord has some warmer sounding Rhodes samples available on their website. I guarantee you will find a tone you will like, however it may not already be loaded on the board, so I suggest going to Nord's website and having a listen.
    The one Wurlitzer sample on the board sounds great to my ears, and I enjoy playing it. I especially like to run it through the onboard "Twin" speaker cabinet simulation and put some drive on it.
    The clavinet samples are by far the best I've ever heard, and they are awesomely tweakable with the onboard effects. I particularly like using the wah effect which is controllable via an expression pedal (auto-wah is also available.)
    While the orchestral and mellotron samples may be great-sounding and useful to another player, I deleted all of them to make way for synth samples downloaded from Nord's website. The synth samples sound great, but this is the one area in which I think the hardware of the Electro 4D fails; there's no pitch or mod wheels. Say goodbye to awesome synth-pad filter sweeps, or funky pitch bending solos. That said, the synth tones available from Nord's website are still top-notch and extremely varied.
    The onboard effects on the 4D sound great. The tremolo, pan, phaser, flanger, and chorus all have three depths available, and can be adjusted via the continuously variable rate knobs. Some players may complain that two of their favourite effects are relegated to a single knob, and therefore can't be used together, but I think those same players are the type of who think having a bunch of effects on can mask their inability to actually play music. Not having phaser and chorus on at the same time doesn't bother me at all.
    The onboard delay and reverb sound excellent. They are both highly adjustable, and the tap tempo button is a great feature for adding some last minute delay to a sound while on stage.
    The speaker cabinet emulations and drive are very useful and sound great. The different speaker cabinets are all suited to different tastes, so while you may hate one, you may love another. The Leslie simulation is excellent, and I particularly enjoy using the "Twin" speaker cabinet with electric pianos, or if I want to get a Machine Head era Deep Purple Hammond sound (tip: If you're looking for Jon Lord's Space Truckin' solo sound from Made In Japan, the onboard ring modulator, combined with some drive and reverb, will take you Space Truckin' and then some.)
    The build quality of the Electro 4D is astoundingly good. The buttons feel good, the knobs feel amazingly tight and sturdy, the drawbars have a satisfying stiffness and click to them. The waterfall keyboard feels awesome, although it may take a pianist a while to get used to the different feeling action.
    I found Nord's sample manager software to be reliable and user-friendly, and I had very little difficulty in dumping sounds I didn't want and loading sounds I did want without reading any manuals or instructions.
    All in all, the Nord Electro 4D does a fabulous job at recreating classic electromechanical keyboard instruments, and it is a gigging keyboardist's dream weighing in at around 15 pounds. If you want to sound great, and be able to make it to every jam session and gig without having your back give out, the Nord Electro 4D is for you.

  • from Ridley Township,Pa July 27, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Keyboardist

    Perfection at its finest!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought I was set for life with my Diversi organ but due to health issues and the Diversi organ weight which is over 40 pounds. I knew I had to make a major bold move that I wasn't ready for at this point. I started to research into what keyboards that were available on the market that would do the trick well the Nord 4D at a slim 151/2 pounds was a no brainer it is the total number one answer for my musically needs.The authenticity of the legendary Hammond sound and the realism of the unmistakable122 leslie simulation is off the hook!!!!!! The onboard stocked pure sound library is second to none.Nord really stayed in school and got this right on the money for the pro musician.It is a winner without a sticker price shock it is well within reach. I can say with true conviction this is and was my last organ keyboard purchase.I can't say enough about Sweetwater as a company and staff department they get a A+++++ grade. Thanks for all your hard work Dave Hess you are the best!!!!!!!!

  • from June 20, 2013Music Background:
    Professional keyboards player and producer

    What a buy....

    This keyboard is simply amazing!
    I purchased it about a week ago, and already had a chance to use its B3 sound in a recording session. Honestly, i couldn't believe how great the result sounded. So musical, so full of body and details...so punchy...the Leslie sim gave me just the right kick i needed...those drawbars (at last!!)...!
    And all that sweetness comes in such a light and easy to carry package...

    As an old B3 freak, I went through so many clonewheels over the years, and none of them was that fun to play and listen to.

    My only comment: effect amount knobs....how come you forgot all about it?? c'mon...seriously??

  • from Como, Italy February 19, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician

    Great instrument!

    Great waterfall keybed, perfect for piano and organ sounds; excellent new generation B3 with the 122 rotary; physical drawbars for a real organ sounds control. Therefore, a great instrument for electromechanical sounds with a total live performance control. Brava Nord!

  • from February 4, 2013

    Nord Electro 4d

    The Sounds and the Functionality are top notch on the keyboard. It's everything I wanted and more.

  • from Franklin Ky December 21, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Bad Ass

    bought this for B3 sounds and not disappointed, I had the electro 3 and wasn't impressed, the drawbars, new organ(c2) and the new leslie make it sound great. The piano sounds are real good too. Didn't even have to use my ventilator. Can carry this 1 keyboard to a lot of gigs.

  • from Old Lyme, Connecticut March 10, 2014Music Background:
    Player, Instructor and Producer - Pro Musician

    NORD Electro 4D - Near Perfect!!

    I have finally been able to sell my other Nords and Hammond Clones and now have the new Nord Electro 4D. First off - thank you Nord for the sliders with the Hammond Style tips on them - so much better to work with in a live setting. The B3 is fatter and the new 122 Simulation is spot on when played thru a stereo system. I will NOT use my New Ventilator on this one. The acoustic pianos are just so so and I guess I will download something better - Nord acoustinc pianos still sound too digital to me. I will replace some of the sample patches with more usuable sounds like a good string ensemble - always lacking before. I love all the other sounds. My one complaint is that on the organ side there is no 8 Pin leslie output for just the organs alone. I still love playing these clones thru a real vintage Leslie 122 on some shows. That small addition would make this the new perfect Nord for me. I was going to buy the new Nord Electro 4HP but when I saw those digital draw bars, I passed. Nord should stick with the drawbar sliders from here in. For what this has to offer, I highly recommend the 4D for your 2nd Tier Keyboard. If you just want an organ as your 2nd Tier Instrument - I would recommend the new Hammond XK1C (which does have a slightly more authentic edge over the Nord 4D). However, I am hooked on those electric pianos and the clavs and those easy to use effects. I would really give this a 4.8 instead of a 4.5. Nord - please work on getting the very best acoustic pianos on all of your keyboards

  • from January 8, 2013

    4D: a Vision

    What a fabulous gig monster this is! Great sounds, great layout, great programmability(settings), and great color of course. The last half star is reserved for durability, and only time will tell...

  • from La Grande, OR USA May 1, 2013Music Background:
    hobbyist, obscure music radio

    Christmas present to myself

    I bought one because I wanted a solid unit with programmable sounds and wanted the portability so I could leave the Mellotron and the tube organs at home. Only wish it had a pitch wheel! Amazing snarling Leslie effect and battleship durability

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