TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive No Longer Available

Dual Engine, Digitally Controllable, True Bypass Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Pedal Based on Nova System's Drive Circuit
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TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive image 1
TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive image 1

Sorry, the TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive
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Flexible overdrive and distortion tones from TC!

The NDR-1 Nova Drive overdrive/distortion pedal continues TC Electronic's legacy of creating studio-quality stompboxes, merging analog soul and digital control. This stompbox offers tones ranging from a mild breakup to all-out tube-inspired crunch. Use the NDR-1 Nova Drive to simply add sustain or drive your amp into a supercharged assault of amazing distorted tones! The overdrive and distortion stages offer three different routing options when stacking the overdrive and distortion, and you can save your favorite sounds inside the pedal. The NDR-1 Nova Drive covers all your overdrive bases.

TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal at a Glance:
  • The Overdrive Section
  • The Distortion Section
  • Flexibility
  • Presets
  • MIDI
  • G-System integration

The Overdrive Section
The digitally controlled analog overdrive section of Nova Drive takes you from a clean boost with a little extra oomph through bluesy sting and smooth tube-like breakup to heavy, all-out crunchy goodness. Nova Drive's overdrive section is the perfect place to find added sustain for your existing sounds and to supercharge your already great sounds into instant classics. Its analog tone will blow you away and it doesn't mess with your original tone.

The overdrive section features a dedicated 'mix' knob that allows you to mix in your original sound as you see fit, preserving the original character of your tone. The overdrive section of Nova Drive also features Level, Tone and Overdrive controls. Add to that, the pre-set and control options of Nova Drive ensure that you don't have to rebuild your set-up from scratch to use it. It integrates with your existing sounds so well, it's like adding another channel to your amp.

The Distortion Section
The digitally controlled analog distortion section of Nova Drive's dual engine design gives you a wide range of distortion tones, from punchy subtle distortion to screaming fuzz. Nova Drive's 2-band EQ allows for precise shaping of your sound and added flexibility. Nova Drive's character is best described as raw,yet refined, preserving the character of your sound. Used as a primary distortion box, it excels at classic arena rock rhythm tones and soaring leads.

Do you have a powerful amp with too much headroom to crank? Nova Drive nails that sweet spot where a tube amp goes from sparkly clean to warm overdrive, minus the earsplitting volume. Maybe you already love your rig's overdriven and distorted sound? In that case the Nova Drive distortion section is the perfect solution as a boost for solos, giving you all the extra kick you could ever need.

Both the overdrive and distortion in Nova Drive have gain ranges that will take you anywhere from creamy soulful blues to a 'chunky face-melter announcing the apocalypse' type distortion. Add the three different routing options when stacking the overdrive and distortion (OD > DIST - DIST > OD - Parallel) and Nova Drive is capable of delivering a very wide range of tones.

With 18 instantly recallable presets Nova Drive is the only pedal on the market that allows for actual use of all the different tones you have so meticulously crafted. Recalling them is easy and done on the fly so they are ready to rock when you are.

The NDR-1 Nova Drive can be fully controlled via MIDI. It is possible to change presets, toggle the overdrive and distortion on/off, change routing and access all parameters in real-time with continuous controllers. This is made easy and straightforward, so that setting up Nova Drive to work in a MIDI-based setup is a breeze. This unique feature makes Nova Drive the perfect fit for any rack- or MIDI-based setup.

G-System integration
A NDR-1 Nova Drive overdrive/distortion pedal connected to a G-System will automatically be discovered through plug-and-play technology. Once they are matched, you get full access to all Nova Drive parameters, preset select and routing from the G-System menu as if Nova Drive was an internal G-System effect. This even includes modifiers, making it possible to control the amount of distortion or overdrive in real-time using your G-System's expression pedal.

TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive Overdrive/Distortion Pedal Features:
  • Analog overdrive and distortion with digital control
  • True Bypass
  • MIDI
  • 2-band EQ
  • Level, Tone, and Overdrive controls
  • 18 instantly recallable presets
  • Full plug-and-play compatibility with G-System
TC Electronic expands the Nova Series into the realm of distortion with the NDR-1 Nova Drive!

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Manufacturer Part Number 960640005

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