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Electro-Voice N/D967 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from June 16, 2015

    The best!

    I'm a female singer and this mic gives you such power in low frecuencies. I absolutely recommend it.
    I've tried many other similar brands, but until now none has convince me like the N/D967. You can sing with such ease and the voice sounds huge and present.

  • from United States May 4, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Weekend Warrior

    The Bose L1's Best Friend In Mics!

    My band has been performing with a Bose L1 "PAS" System for a number of years now. Because of their popularity and durability, we've always been using Shure Beta SM58 mics. Due to the fact that we often perform on small and shallow stages, mic feedback with the Bose's arrayed speaker column has been a constant issue.
    At a recent gig, I mistakenly left my mic at home and, as luck would have it, was able to borrow a friend's Electro Voice N/D967 that night. He told me that he swore by these mics for their outstanding feedback suppression quality. He also explained to me that I would need to "get right on the mic" to get the desired performance. Well, I set the mic up, followed his suggestions on how to sing into it and was blown away by not only it's feedback suppression (even when pointing directly at the Bose column) but the way it enhanced the quality of my vocals as well! I was so impressed by how this E/V mic performed that I ordered my very own the following day. I play keys in the band. The guitarist was having the same issues with his Shure mic. His mic used to pick up the drums whenever he was off mic and he had to constantly redirect its position when he walked away from the mic for a solo to avoid that dreaded feedback. After letting him try out my new N/D967 mic at our next gig all those nagging issues he was experiencing became history as well. He tried the mic's "curve" setting like I did and we both loved the way it enhanced our vocals. Well, we had Sweetwater "overnight" an additional mic for an important gig (on a tight stage) we had the following evening. Sweetwater delivered (as always) and the guitarist, as well as myself, are now happy campers!
    My advice to anyone that experiences mic feedback on small stages (and you Bose L1 owners know what I'm talking about), I urge you to give these Electro Voice N/D967's a try. (The Bose T1 Module already has that specific model mic as one of it's EQ Presets too). I refer to this mic as the Bose L1's Best Friend. I bet it'll be yours as well.

  • from Reston, VA July 22, 2014Music Background:
    Square Dance Caller

    A Beautiful Mike for Square Dance Calling!

    I purchased this mike to replace a broken EV N/D267as (which I also loved) based on on-line reviews. For me, it's a great mike - wonderful tone. It is very directional, which some singers might not like, as you really need to sing directly into the end of the mike. On the other hand, I can walk right in front of my Yak Stack speakers with no feedback.

  • from USA August 17, 2012Music Background:
    Lifelong singer/guitarist/songwriter with years of engineering.

    A Perfect Fit

    I've been through a LOT of mics (vocal and other) over the years since around 1968. I've got a 'baritone' voice (actually from bass to part of the tenor range - even before falsetto) with a lot of low mid (220hz) and thick bass; so through many popular mics my voice sounds like mud. While I've had success with some mics, this one - with the bass roll-off switch and sweet presence really lets me get out there the way I sound in studio recordings. Also RBF is wonderful on these - much like the Audix OM5 in that respect, but with a bit more room to work the mic. I can actually dial a bit of bass into my voice on the board now, instead of dumping all of it - so I get a great response in all ranges that I sing... or scream.

    I was in a tough spot when I ordered this mic (was leaving town the next day), and my Sweetwater Sales Engineer (Dustin) jumped through hoops to get it out and to me in time to hit the road. You guys rock ~ and so does this mic. Cheers!

  • from Los Angeles May 1, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Entertainer


    I have been a lead singer for over 25 years... and truly to this day will use nothing but this mic.I own three of them and take them with me when I travel , nothing in my opinion comes even close for my type of vocals.
    Classic Rock and British Invasion music

  • from Knoxville, TN April 7, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound & Recording Engineer, Musician, Tech Junkie

    #1 Go-To-Mic

    Of all the affordable live application vocal microphones on the market this one is my favorite so far! Immediately you will notice a fuller and more enriched tone than a sure sm58 could ever dream of having, even the betas can't do what this microphone does...You get more headroom and the option of rolling off some of those low end frequencies if you so choose, just an added bonus to this mic. so the noise floor, obviously, is less evident in your mix. Nice shape and comfy to hold...more comfortable to hold to your mouth with a flat grill, makes more sense than a round ball...black is classy with a simple gold ring to assure you that you are using a great mic. It's simply a great sounding piece of equipment to add to your arsenal of audio and kind of invites you to speak into it...Great great great!!!

  • from Brookfield, IL March 2, 2012Music Background:
    Cover Band, Church Music, Sub player in many bands

    Great mic for a tenor!

    I purchased an SM58 a few years ago and while it's an industry standard lead vocal microphone, it was lacking. It was lacking bass and presence which is what my voice needs. I have plenty of power, but the SM58 was not relaying that through the PA. Trying this out for a practice or two and then a live gig was like night and day. I use the "voice" setting and all of the songs in my lower register now have more power and clarity that they didn't have. It feels good in my hand, and I do like the grill, I know where to stop so I don't bang my teeth. You do have to "eat" this mic. It works in a sweet spot to avoid picking up other noise, but what it does pick up, it picks it up with presence. I'm kicking myself for not mic shopping a while ago. I never really checked out EVs before until I talked to a sales rep for them about my needs and wants out of a mic. Great microphone!

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