D'Addario NB1253 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Strings .012-.053 Light

0.012-0.053 Acoustic Guitar String Set with Nickel-bronze Wrap Wire, NY Steel Cores, and Plain Steels - Light
D\'Addario NB1253 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Strings .012-.053 Light image 1
D\'Addario NB1253 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Strings .012-.053 Light image 1
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D'Addario NB1253 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Strings .012-.053 Light
In Stock!

Promotes the Natural Sound of Your Guitar

Acoustic players who take pride in their instruments will appreciate the pure, unhyped tone of D'Addario nickel bronze strings. This string set is designed to amplify the natural overtones and unique characteristics of your guitar for an organic sound with clear projection you can take to the stage and studio. Strings in this series feature D'Addario's NY steel cores for lower string breakage and greater tuning stability with age. Sweetwater guitarists recommend D'Addario nickel bronze sets to players who want minimal coloration from their strings.

D'Addario Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Features:
  • Premium string set
  • Made from uncoated nickel, bronze, and steel
  • Highlights your guitar's natural balance and harmonics
  • Crisp, clear projection
  • High tuning stability
  • Nickel-bronze wrap wire for enhanced resonance
  • NY carbon-steel cores for 13% lower string breakage
Get low-breakage, low-colored acoustic tone from D'Addario nickel bronze premium strings!

Tech Specs

Guitar Type Acoustic
Number of Sets 1
Number of Strings 6
Coated No
Gauges .012, .016, .025, .032, .042, .053
Core Material Steel
Winding Material Nickel-bronze
Manufacturer Part Number NB1253

Customer Reviews

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I have always been a fan of D'Addario nylon strings. I have been using them for well over a decade on the classical guitar. Recently my wife bought me my Forever Acoustic - a Taylor 414ce. Not being as familiar with acoustic strings, I took a shot with this set and I'm immediately hooked. Nobody else has mentioned this but the all silver strings LOOK awesome when installed. This guitar has a killer tone but it is truly completed with these strings. These will sound better in time as will the woods of the guitar.

WOW!! What I have been looking for!

I've primarily been a vocalist for 30 years and have been content to let others play. However about 3 years ago I picked up the bass and about a year ago I picked up the acoustic guitar. I bought a Seagull SWS Rosewood because it had decent bass and a literal flood of overtones with excellent sustain. Perfect for my voice. My Seagull came with Cleartone PB 12s and it sounded good albeit sometimes twangy and a little light in the middle. When they finally went dead on me I decided to get into the string game. So far I have tried D'Addario PB 12S, D'Addario EXP 12s, and the D'Addario Nickel Bronze 12s. Both PBs made my guitar completely disappear. I couldn't hear any of the soft natural character and overtones in my guitar anymore. It was punchy, brash, and much brighter. Thinking I was upgrading from Cleartones I was extremely disappointed and it honestly hurt my feelings that my Seagull was gone and some strange rude loud lady was in my hands. In fact I was so disgusted after about an hour I just cut them off. I never wanted those things on my guitar ever again. So head hung low I thought I would try the NPs after going ahead and ordering some Martins to sample and Cleartones as backup. I then strung up the D'Addario Nickels. I cannot use the words that truly describe my joy in polite society! WOW!!! My Seagull Rosewood BLOOMED like I had never heard it. No twang, no over powering, and strong mids that I had been missing...and my overtones were back in a big way. I seriously feel like I hit the jackpot and the anti-corrosion properties of the nickel is just a nice bonus. Note: They arent as loud as any of PBs and I suspect they arent for every guitar but if you have a rosewood I would give them a shot. I cancelled my other order. I think I found what I'm looking for. Thank you A'ddario!

Great strings!

I put the D'Addario NB1253 Nickel Bronze strings on my Fender GC-42SCE yesterday afternoon. After the initial stretch/tuning as I was installing each individual string, I tuned up with my Boss tuner app and then spent probably the next 2+ hours playing without needing to retune. Those are some great strings! I went down this morning, after letting the guitar sit overnight, thinking things would probably "settle in" a bit, but it sounded just as in tune as when I put it down last night. I picked it up this afternoon when I got home from work and STILL didn't need to tune before practicing some music for my church worship band. Man, these strings can hold their pitch like nobody's business! I'm also very pleased with the sound/tone of these strings. With my brass bridge pins, this guitar has a tendency to have a very bright sound, especially with 80/20 bronze strings, which is fine most of the time, but I was looking for a slightly less brassy tone, which these NBs seem to be delivering nicely. They sound very clear, with bell-like harmonics, and they project well, but with deeper, richer overtones than the brighter, brassy sound of the 80/20's. I look forward to trying them out in an amplified venue sometime soon. I may add to this review then... Keep up the great work D'Addario, and thanks to Sweetwater for awesome customer service! You guys are the best!
Music background: Bass & acoustic 6-string player and vocalist for church worship band.

Great strings

I have been playing my George Washburn D-26s since I bought it new in 1980 and have always played with PB strings. Casey, my rep at Sweetwater, suggested I try these after being disappointed with another set of strings I had just purchased. I put these on, and and am blown away by the quality of sound coming out of my Washburn!

Good strings with good tone and projection

I've always used D'Addario Phosphorus Bronze on my acoustic. My Sales Rep Joel Helton suggested I try these out. First, once I put the strings on and after about 2 hrs of playing, they were still in tune. Could be the combination of the strings and my Ovation Celebrity Elite tuners. Second, these project both the highs and lows without being overpowering. The PB were more mellow. They also sound very good when plugged in. All in all a very good purchase. Don't know how durable they are, but I usually change strings every 4-6 months(matter of preference)due to playing style and the strings simply being on the guitar. The only downside I can see is the price. I always buy my strings at Sweetwater and can get a 3 pk of the PB for the same price point as these. But as they say Good quality is worth the price.
Music background: Over 40 years on Bass,acoustic and electric guitar. Play for pleasure now
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