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Questions about the ART MyMONITOR?

Questions about the ART MyMONITOR?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Columbus, Ohio September 10, 2015

    Improved vocals

    I'm a vocalist and keyboard player for a couple of bands (jazz & swing primarily). I spent years at the mercy of countless sound techs to provide adequate monitor levels for my voice. At a recent gig, a friend brought his art mymonitor to let me use. I not only had complete control over my level, but I am certain that the quality and the intonation of my voice were greatly improved. It made singing a joy and not a chore!

  • from Lemoyne, PA August 17, 2015Music Background:

    Just get it.

    This must've been the most under-rated piece in my home studio next to the Auralex MoPAD which also is an amazing item. This monitor is now mounted to my mic stand and is by far one of the most valuable pieces I have. It gives the singer, or whoever, a very clear idea of what is going on. I absolutely love and swear by this little box. I can now hear very clearly and loudly what I'm singing.

  • from Oregon August 11, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter and singer, Midi programmer, helped develop Cool edit.

    Art Monitor

    This box with an Art autotune and a SM58 is great pitch training and portable.

    P.S. Sales Rep Lindsey, is awesome!

    Buy something, and see for yourself.

  • from columbus, ohio February 15, 2013Music Background:
    semi-pro musician, live sound, student for life.

    great wired monitor for in-ear solution

    I bought this second unit as a back up. I've been using this MyMonitor for years now, running a decent set of ear buds. I'm a drummer, so positioning a vocal monitor around the kit, in the small corners we get stuck in, just made no sense. So, now I can monitor my voice without the extra grief. No other members of the band are coming through the unit, but I can still hear them enough to keep my pitch etc. I only put in one ear bud, so the other ear is open acoustically.

  • from indianapolis,IN USA March 23, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Live and Studio Musician

    Great in certain uses

    I used this for my guitar amp. My group used wired in-ear system across the board, and I NEVER had enough ME in the mix.

    I mic'd my amp, plugged that mic into MyMONITOR, then the thru to the snake up to FOH. Ran my out from the headphone amp we used to plist the signal to each person into the monitor input on the back.

    During soundcheck, i kept my mic volume at zero, and put the monitor at a comfortable volume.

    Once we started playing, if i needed more me, i could tweak the Mic knob up a little more to give me a bit more of me. Worked perfectly.

    Another guy in the group got it too, and loved it as well.

    Still use it as a backup in my current monitoring situation, but not using it to potential, basically just as a Headphone amp, not a mixer at all.

  • from April 3, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Unit!

    I use it to mix click track with different midi & audio playback tracks in live situations, and it newer let me down.
    If your plugs is solder correctly everithing must be OK.

  • from Indiana April 6, 2013Music Background:
    church sound engineer

    Flexible multi use headphone amp

    I am using these as an inexpensive IEM alternative... and it works great... and I'm 'linking' them - in series and its working fantastic!

  • from South Bay, CA December 31, 2010Music Background:
    Band Leader/Mixer, Home Recordist

    OK product, but a few kinks for poor-man's IEM

    bought this as a first step into IEMS - thought the ability to blend the mic signal direct with the monitor mix would be good. Ability to power via 9V battery or wall wart is a plus.

    First problem - latency from a digital board introduces weird comb filtering; you're better off sending a full monitor mix with vocals into the monitor in.

    Second problem - the monitor in doesn't take a TRS line level signal and send it as dual mono; it only puts it in one ear. You can't use the mic input as it's way too hot even with the line level padded way down. Still trying to wire up a special Female XLR- TRS cable to use.

    Overall, great if you are doing karaoke or are comfortable with soldering cables, but not the answer for a poor-man's IEM at all - better off going with a rack-mount headphone amplifier or the Shure hardwired IEM packs for that.

Questions about the ART MyMONITOR?

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