Movek myMix

Networked Personal Mixer and 24-bit/48kHz Multitrack SD Recorder with 2 XLR/Line Inputs and Stereo Outputs
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Movek myMix image 1
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Movek myMix
Special Order

Musician-friendly Personal Mixer That Records Too!

Hear your gigs and rehearsals more clearly than ever before — and record them too! The myMix from Movek gives you the power to transform those loud, hard-to-hear practices and performances into clean, clear, customized mixes that help you play your best. You're in complete control of your headphone or stage monitor mix — and so is every other band member who has a myMix unit. Here's how it all works.

Have each band member plug a mic or instrument into a myMix, then network multiple myMixes together (as many as you have Ethernet connections for!). After that, you're in the driver's seat, with 100% control over how much you hear of each signal coming through your myMix. Hearing the entire band clearly has never been so easy! The musician-friendly myMix lets you name each channel, so if you want to adjust the level of your guitar or the vocalist, you don't have to memorize a channel number... just look for the name. To get the sound just right, you can solo and mute channels, adjust the tone, pan the signal from left to right, and of course control the volume. You can even choose how much reverb or delay you give each signal!

And if you like what you hear, make sure you have an SD card handy, as each myMix has an SD card slot available (it accepts standard SD, microSD, and SDHC cards). Just push the record button and you can capture multitrack audio of the whole band at full volume for mixing later. At the same time, you'll also be recording a copy of your customized myMix stereo mix. Connect the SD card to your computer after the show and mix down all the tracks using your favorite production software — or find the stereo feed you already dialed in and quickly share it with fans on your website. In fact, every myMix can record at the same time, so you have multiple stereo feeds to choose from. Plus, you can name your recordings, right on each myMix, so it'll be easy to find the one you want. Why not use a myMix as your regular mixer, and have the person running sound at the gig use the myMix to feed the main PA, while recording exactly what the audience heard coming through it? You have a lot of possibilities with myMix.

And remember, if you love the mix you have going on, you can absolutely save it and recall it. The myMix lets you store plenty of user profiles, so if you play with multiple bands throughout the week, you don't have to waste time resetting your mix every time!

Let's take a look at the inputs and outputs on the myMix, so you know just what you have available. On each unit, there are two combination microphone/line inputs. For example, you can run two microphones over the drum kit, plug in a stereo feed of your keyboard, put a microphone or two on your guitar cabinet, or use the latest amp modeler to get your tone into myMix. Thanks to the available phantom power, you can use dynamic and condenser microphones with myMix. By the way, you can tell your myMix whether you're using the inputs as dual mono or stereo, so your bandmates can control how they hear you more easily. As for outputs, the myMix has two 1/4" outputs — left and right. Use these to feed your wireless in-ear system, a wedge monitor, or the main PA. When you're feeding headphones, you'll love using your myMix to keep the noise down at rehearsals.

The last two connectors on the myMix are Ethernet and power. And believe it or not, you can even power your myMix over Ethernet using the right switcher and cable. That way, you can avoid using the included power supply and use just one cable to power and network your myMix. For total convenience, Movek included a microphone stand adapter with every myMix. Just connect it to your myMix and you can put your personal monitor control system within easy reach onstage and at practices.

Every musician who practices and performs deserves to hear clearly — and with myMix, you get to steer that personal sound toward perfection. Get started practicing more effectively and get used to performing with the kind of confidence only a clean, clear monitor mix can give you — transform your performing experience with the Movek myMix!

Movek myMix Networked Personal Mixer and Multitrack Recorder Features at a Glance:
  • Personal Mixer with Network Support for Multiple myMixes
  • Slot for recording to SD media — microSD, SD, and SDHC cards
  • Musician-friendly design lets you name each channel
  • Save user profiles for instant, easy recall
  • Can control level, pan, and effects for each channel
  • Records up to 18 tracks of 24-bit, 48kHz time-stamped WAV files
  • Features two mic/line inputs (dual mono or stereo operation)
  • Features two 1/4" outputs for feeding an in-ear system, stage wedge, or PA
  • Built-in headphone jack
  • 4-band Master EQ for fine-tuning overall sound
  • Network multiple myMix units via Ethernet
  • Can be powered over Ethernet or via included power supply
  • Includes a microphone stand adapter for easy mounting
Transform your onstage performances and rehearsals with a Movek myMix!

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Form Factor Desktop
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Customer Reviews

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One of my favorite purchases

We purchased 4 units for our project studio and it's one of the our best decisions ever. Each performer can hear exactly what they want with no effort on anyone elses part. They are loving the ability to take mixes home to work on before returning to the studio.
Music background: Pro Musician

My mix.

This device sounds really great! I'm a drummer that's been using in ear monitors for 8 years and have had a great mix for a while but, with this my mix has become really good. Recently I switch to a different sound board, I went from a presonus 16.4.2 to a Tascam DM3200 and love the Tascam but I wanted to control my ear buds from the stage"with the presonus I could use my ipad" now with this I can and it sounds awesome. Also I could use this on any sound board, at any show, which is great because a lot of times if we're playing at a gig with multiple bands using someone elses PA, I can't use the in ears, which sucks, I love my buds. But, now I can!
Music background: I've been a drummer for 36 yeas, 33 playing gigs.

Stone-age to sci-fi

I use this in my production studio, and so far it's been great! We have one unit in the control room and one in the booth, both connected to an IEX16. We run Cubase 6.5 and use an SSL Alpha MADI AX to convert. We have used myMix while tracking drums, guitars, and vocals, all with much success. The ability to record sessions is awesome, and the sound quality is great. I give the unit 4.5/5 because the gain could be more sensitive, it comes in quick and loud around 45%. Other than that, we love it! The use of profiles is awesome, and the ability for a singer to control his/her own levels AND fx is super. We almost purchased Aviom, but now we see that would have been more suited for the Flintstones... myMix is the future of monitor mixing!
Music background: Producer, Recording Engineer, Musician

very high quality

these units are awesome. the preamps, ad converters, built in reverb and eq are all top notch. much more than I expected. I am using this unit on tour with in ear monitors and I am thrilled with the sound quality. the only reason I give it a 4.5 instead of 5 is that the microphone trim pots are very hard to control. there is no smooth gain increase...from no sound then too hot . just make sure the units are stand mounted and not on the floor. we learned this the hard way the first time we used the units. a cable must have slightly bumped the trim pot after soundcheck... the first song was very painful. I am using a neumann105 on the vocals and a 185 on the guitar. Josh at movek ( great guy by the way and very helpful ) seems to think that is related to a dc offset. that being the only negative, I highly recommend this product .
Music background: professional musician ,recording engineer
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